How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge? – 1 / 2 Show caption + Hide caption – A crane engineer adjusts the control board at the white phosphorus conversion plant during the pre-operational process. The plant converts white phosphorus materials into phosphoric acid, which is widely used in agriculture. CAAA … (Photo credit: USA) FIRST RATING

2 / 2 Show caption + Hide caption – A crane operator checks the color and quantity of phosphoric acid in a CAAA conversion plant during the pre-production process. The plant converts white phosphorus materials into phosphoric acid, which is widely used in agriculture. CAAA is the main… (Photo Credit: USA) SEE FIRST

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

CRANE, Ind. – Crane prides itself on reducing its environmental impact. The organization considers it a great responsibility to manage the land entrusted to it.

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To better protect the air Hoosiers breathe, the water Indiana drinks, and the land children play in, the CAAA uses closed systems for the degradation or environmental sound disposal of unused ammunition whenever possible.

White phosphorus is a hazardous chemical used in explosive shells dating back to World War I, but is largely banned today because of the health and environmental risks associated with its use.

“White phosphorus will burn as long as oxygen is present,” Wright said. “It can literally catch fire in your hands. White phosphorus is toxic and highly flammable. It burns everything it touches and causes chemical burns and frequent burns to people exposed to it.”

“White phosphorus cannot explode or burn openly because you can’t guarantee that it will all be destroyed,” Wright said. “Some can be inhaled and people can’t breathe. It can contaminate land and water. White phosphorus burns any living thing.”

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Without a safe and complete disposal method, the white phosphorus weapons are stored in the CAAA storage facility, using space that could be used to store useful weapons of war.

The innovative Crane Operators have found a safe and complete way to destroy. CAAA mechanical engineer Sonny Dant explained the process.

“White projectiles filled with phosphorous are loaded into a press that punches a hole in each metal body,” Dant said. “After the white phosphorus is combined with oxygen, it begins to burn. The projectile is then fired into the retort, a large cylindrical element 5 to 6 inches wide and 30 feet long.”

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

White phosphorus does not burn at all. The projectile moves from the retort via a conveyor belt to speed up the process.

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“The retort is heated to about 1,000 degrees to help the white phosphorus burn faster,” Dant said. “When the projectile reaches the other side, the white phosphorous disappears. The exhaust fans capture the phosphorous fumes so that nothing is released into the area.”

“The smoke is sprayed with water and forms phosphoric acid very quickly,” Dant said. “The water stream is recirculated until it is 75 percent phosphoric acid. The waste material falls on a conveyor belt and is sent to a recycling center.”

Phosphoric acid is sold for agricultural use. The entire project not only generates revenue for Crane, but also replaces deadly chemicals with beneficial ones.

“We’re taking weapons, something that was designed to injure, destroy and kill people, and turn it into something that can be reused,” Dant said. “And we do it without letting anything toxic get out.”

Waste Services For The Energy Industry

CAAA’s program to eliminate indoor white phosphorus is a source of pride for an organization that strives to protect natural resources from harmful chemicals like white phosphorus.

The Crane Ammunition Activity produces and supplies conventional ammunition requirements to support the U.S. and joint Army readiness. It is one of 17 installations of the Joint Munitions Command and 23 active industrial bases under the US Materiel Command, which include weapons, storage facilities, operations, and munitions plants. It was established in October 1977, based on the Naval Support Activity Crane. Businesses and large loads: Please bring large loads directly to the Lake County Landfill Recycling Center. Read this leaflet for more information.

When in doubt, keep it out! Placing the wrong (or dirty) items can mean the entire load goes to landfill. If you’re not sure about something, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help!

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

Wash reusable items carefully. Make sure they are clean! Recyclables and bins that are dirty enough can be marked as dirty and each item will be emptied.

Ecfr :: 40 Cfr Part 82 Subpart F Recycling And Emissions Reduction

Electronics > televisions and computers are NOT electronics – see Electronics and Computers (below) for information on these. Washers, dryers, refrigerators/freezers (fee applicable), water heaters, dishwashers, garbage disposals and microwaves are accepted at the Lake County Landfill and Recycling Center for a $12 fee (residents). Any device that is about 80% metal can be recycled as scrap metal.

Batteries> True Value in Leadville accepts FREE home batteries and electric batteries. Car batteries are accepted at the Lake County Landfill and Recycling Center for a $5 recycling fee.

Building Materials > Contact Summit County Habitat ReStorein Silverthorne (970-423-7445) or ReStores in other nearby locations; they can accept building materials. Unfortunately, our society does not have many options for choosing used building materials in good condition.

Cell Phones>Lake County Landfill and Recycling Center accepts these for $1 through the electronic recycling program. These items should not be thrown in the garbage because they contain toxic substances that are harmful to people and natural resources. Check electricity prices.

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Christmas Trees> We currently do not have a Christmas tree for recycling. Want to see something where Christmas trees are torn down and reused? With us.

Goods> Recycling is not accepted at any Disposal Center. Community Threadsat 504 Harrison St. for donation details. Contact (719-486-4000).

Incandescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)>Real Value Leadville accepts these FREE. All fluorescent lights, including CFLs and tubes, contain small amounts of mercury and must be handled with care and recycled.

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

Structural Lumber>District Scrap Material Separation Park (SCRAP). There should be different payments for lower rates. Raw gauge lumber only – structural wood does not contain creosote, painted, stained or sawn lumber. No plywood or OSB. No trash or other construction waste. No metal hardware. Contaminated cargo is charged per empty bin, with applicable surcharges and additional handling fees. Slash and stumps should be separate loads on low grades (no dirt, stones or debris in the load). For more information, contact SCRAP at 970-468-9263.

Edmund Landfill, Transfer Station And Compost Facility

Electronics, Computers, Electronics Recycling>Lake County Storage and Recycling Center. As of July 1, 2013, Colorado residents will no longer be able to dispose of large amounts of electronic waste (e-waste) in their household waste because Colorado landfills will no longer accept e-waste. This change is the result of a new law, the Computer Recycling Act. These items MUST NOT be disposed of in the trash because they contain toxic substances that are harmful to humans and natural resources. Check electricity prices.

Fluorescent tubes > Fluorescent tubes also contain mercury and should be disposed of properly. The real price in Leadville takes 2 feet of pipe FREE and charges $1 for 4-8 feet of pipe. Lowes in Silverthorne also takes pipes up to 4 feet FREE. The Summit CountyRecycling site accepts small and large cubes for one price ($1 per 8 footer cube, $.50 per 4 footer cube).

Ink jet and Toner cartridges > The manufacturer is your best bet for recycling these items. Many toner and ink cartridges (such as Dell and Hewlett Packard) come with pre-shipment labels required to send old cartridges directly to the manufacturer. Bunny Taylor in the Lake County School District will also receive some of these. 719-486-6800

IPod, iPhone and other iThings>Lake County Disposal and Recycling Center now accepts iPods, iPhones and cell phones for a small fee. Apple stores sell old iPods and more. Accept FREE recycling and you’ll get 10% off merchandise. You can also go to Apple’s website and request a FREE postage label to send your Thing back to them. This is the best way because when a manufacturer is responsible for recycling, that manufacturer can start making products that are recyclable and less toxic.

Used Cooking Oil: The Journey From Fryers To Fuel

Mercury thermometers and switches> These are probably the least toxic. As we know, mercury is a powerful neurotoxin and must be handled with great care. In the meantime, you can take these materials to Summit County to drop them off any day. Bring up to 4 of these mercury-containing materials to the Sixth Annual Household Waste (HHW) Summit program at Simmit County Resource Separation Park (SCRAP). Commercial businesses, please call SCRAP at 970-468-9263 x 0.

Oil>Lake County Tip and Recycling Center. You can bring up to 5 gallons FREE. More than 5 liters, call for an appointment and prices. Oil filters cannot be taken to the Lake County Landfill at this time.

Paint>Lake County Landfill and Recycling Center is a Paint Care collection point. They will accept up to 10 gallons per day and process it for FREE. Find out more about Paint Recycling.

How Should A Technician Dispose Of An Empty Inkjet Printer Cartridge?

Pharmacy > Leadville City Hall Lock Box at 800 Harrison Ave. Thank you City of Leadville! Safeway Pharmacy and St. Vincent Hospital will not refund these items. Never flush medicinal products down the toilet. Washing away or throwing away unused or unwanted medications can contaminate our lakes, streams and water supplies.

The New Collections

Plastic Bags/Film>Safe Partners with NexTrex accepts a variety of soft products

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