How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge – Printer cartridges are incredibly expensive. Alternatively, it can be refilled at the store. The cheapest and most efficient way is to fill it yourself. All you need is a bottle of printer ink and a syringe.

1. Printer ink. You can buy it from a computer store. In Bangalore, you can buy it from an ink refill shop at the SP Road entrance near City Market.

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

3. Your printer cartridge. My printer uses the HP56 cartridge. But the filling method is the same for most ink cartridges.

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There is a black stain on the white label that covers the top cover of the cartridge. Underneath the black spot is a hole where ink can be inserted into the cartridge. The label can be removed to locate the hole. Or pierce the dark area with a needle (as shown in the picture).

1. The needle size is too small. You can draw ink from a syringe very quickly

. Air holes can clog the ink cartridge. So make sure there are no air bubbles before injecting the ink into the hole.

2. Refilling is dirty work. Make sure there is no paper/cloth waste. The image has a clean background just to make it look better!

How To Reset An Ink Cartridge [regardless Of Brand]

And it is not complete. that is, the volume of my cartridge is 19 ml. I filled it up to about 13ml. Maybe it’s to prevent leaks.

4. After the cartridge is filled, it should be allowed to sit for several hours. This allows the ink to sink to the bottom of the sponge. The sponge is located inside the cartridge and is not visible.

P.S. We apologize for the poor quality of the images in this guide. I messed it up by placing the camera too close to the subjects. This is a tutorial on how to refill the HP 802 Tricolor (color/color) ink cartridge, which comes in two versions — HP 802 Tricolor Small and HP 802 Tricolor Large.

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

Also, the difference between them is the size of the sponge body and of course the price. For this color version, the larger cartridge will cost you more because there are fewer updates and less work.

As 61 61xl 4c Ink

Therefore, the filling process is the same again with black, but now you need to use three colors: cyan (blue), red (red) and yellow.

Get any good brand ink like InkTec. I like to use ProMax Ink in color cartridges because they produce quality prints with vibrant colors.

I) 3 syringes – one for each color. DO NOT use the same syringe for all three colors

Fill the syringes with three colors in order – 2 ml if you want to fill a small cartridge and 4 ml if you want to fill a large one.

Refill Hp 802 Cartridge: Refill Hp 802 Tricolor Cartridge

Pay attention to the numerical values. This picture was taken with the chain (gold bar) facing away from it.

• Do this slowly and make sure there is no ink leaking from the bottom of the print head. If so, clean it with a tissue until the ink stops flowing.

Clean the head with isopropyl alcohol using a paper towel. Leave the cartridge in the printer for a few hours and then it is ready to print.

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

NOTE: Do not expect the SMALL 802 refilled cartridge to have the quality of many photos (excellent quality) because there is very little ink for each color. If you want to print pictures, get a large and pigmented version of high-quality color inks, because the difference between cheap and high-quality inks is very visible in the pictures. If you buy it now, you will only buy this item. If you would like to receive additional items of your choice to qualify for this offer, please close this window and add these items to your cart.

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Ink Cartridge 802 Refillable Compatible Hp Deskjet 1050 Set

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This cartridge is available for use in three printer models in India HP 1050, HP 2050 and HP 3050 wireless (may be others).

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

Many people are hesitant about refilling printer cartridges because manufacturers have extensive claims about quality, printer failure, warranty voiding, and many other reasons. To get a logical answer to all these reasons, follow the blog till the end, we will start the process of filling the impatient ones first. But make sure that the process is completely safe.

Hp 802 Tri Color Original Ink Cartridge (ch564zz)

*These yields are measured using the ISO test set (a set of pages printed repeatedly until the ink runs out) under normal conditions, and these yields are based on only 5% of the paper.

Do you want to print images and high density text? You may run out of ink sooner than you expect.

The way these cartridges work is that they have a sponge inside the cartridge (and what takes up space inside the cartridge, there is no heavy duty cycle). When the printer sends a signal to the cartridge through the contact pins, parts of the head heat up, forcing the ink from the inside onto the page (hence the term “thermal inkjet”).

This sponge (small black color) is about 3.5 cm * 1.5 cm * 1.5 cm in size and is inside the cartridge and is the one that works when you fill the cartridge.

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Now you understand that increasing the performance means increasing the size of the sponge and injecting a few ml more ink – for which the HP guys charge us a fortune.

After all, what we need to do is insert the sponge needle and inject 1.5ml (small black) or 4ml (large black) ink.

Remove the black cartridge from the printer and remove the top label from the cartridge to expose the refill holes. [Don’t worry if you mess up the sticker label because you don’t need to put it back after filling it]

How To Refill Hp 802 Cartridge

There is a sponge under holes 1, 2 and 3 and this is one of the three holes we use to fill the cartridge. DO NOT use holes 4 or 5 as this will drain the ink directly from the container and may damage the cartridge.

Hp 962xl Ink Cartridge, Black (3ja03an)

A 250 ml black branded ink bottle should cost anywhere between Rs. Up to 250 rubles. 350. 250 ml of ink is enough for more than 2500 pages.

3) Ink sponge S-L-O-W-L-Y. Make sure you take 20-25 seconds to inject this 2ml of ink as it needs to spread through the sponge. Doing it too quickly can cause the ink to run out of the head, which can damage the circuit. MAKE SURE you put a tissue under the cartridge as the ink will definitely leak when you refill.

5) Clean the cartridge head with a tissue paper from the overflowing ink. [Don’t use too much force, the head is a soft part]

6) Return the cartridge to the printer and let it sit for 5-6 hours before continuing

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