How To Change Co2 Cartridge

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How To Change Co2 Cartridge

How To Change Co2 Cartridge

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Whatever the reason, it’s time to stop fearing CO2 and start making your life easier.

First, let’s talk about the pieces. A ‘correct’ CO2 setup consists of two parts – the inflator (aka nozzle) and the cartridge. Here are the inflators:

Inflators come in two basic flavors. Those without flow control (capable of releasing pressure) and those with flow control. Obviously the flow control of the Pro is that you can stop/start the cartridge after you stamp on it. The consensus is that their price is higher (although, as of this writing, flow controllers are sold without them at a cheaper price). If you don’t have flow control – it’s a one-shot deal. You can do it all right the first time, or you’re down and out of cartridges. Tip: Buy one with flow control. (Although technically you can control the flowless type of control by carefully tightening and lowering the cartridge from the booster, it seems a little tricky and a little risky)

How To Change Co2 Cartridge

Cartridges come in different sizes – 12g, 16g or 25g. Small tires are designed to be inflated to about 90 PSI. Larger tires are designed to fill up to 120+ PSI. This corresponds to low pressure tubes such as cleaners (typically 90-120PSI) and tubes (140-170 PSI) such as racing wheels.

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What is the difference? Well, humility (and stomach). The threads you have are less likely to break, so I only use those. They cost just a few cents more. Make sure if you buy an inflator and cartridges that don’t come in a small kit that you buy matching items (threaded, and/or non-threaded).

Last but not least – think about how you want to carry the cartridges. If you have a seat bag, make sure you have room inside. If you have a tail system on your tricycle you can style something creative or buy something. I actually use the bag that came with the little kit and find it fits perfectly on my water tail. From there, I’ve made a small zipper loop that attaches to my velcro strap for my spare tube. It works great!

(Note: If you get this set like I have, throw away the tire inserts, they are junk and will actually bend on their first use)

(Above: Side view of the small bag inside the Hydrotail, containing two tire levers, two cartridges, a valve/nozzle, and a bicycle wrench set. Below: A view of the same item from the seat above)

G Co2 Cartridge: A Perfect Liquid And Gas Equilibrium

After walking down the street while participating in a “good thing…” that passed by the M/F 20-29 age group.

*Okay, now comes a change from the usual. At this intersection we need to inject air into the tire to keep it level on the rim. There are two ways to accomplish this. The right way… and the wrong way. Let’s start with the wrong way.

However, if you haven’t purchased a flow control unit – then using that beautiful thing known as your mouth and tongue – press down on the top of the valve stem and blow air into it. It’s really not that hard. Seriously – try it. Now go to your dead or new pipe pile and try it. You’ll notice that it gets close enough immediately to form something like a pipe.

How To Change Co2 Cartridge

(Yes, I just press the valve with my tongue using my mouth, it takes a few seconds)

Pnk With Pressure Gauge Co2 Cartridge, Black

So – we’ve got things down to where the tube is inside the tire, and the tire and tube are close to the rim. Now, let’s ‘clean’ it all up and make sure there are no shiny corners or anything funky. Clean lines all around, no bumps or unevenness.

Now that everything is ready for launch, let’s do a Hail Mary first. So out of the way – it’s time to hope for the best.

Step 1: If you don’t have a control valve – then take a breather and connect it to your pipe valve first. Do not connect to the first cartridge (unless you have a control valve). You can of course, but it increases the possibility of early deletion of valuable content of your little friends (just ‘…).

Step Two: With the nozzle on the tube valve and ready to add air, it’s time to unscrew the cartridge. It should be easy to touch at first, and then come to a small obstacle. It is at this point that you break the seal on the cartridge and release the CO2 into the wheel.

Avengers Portable Co2 Cartridge Charger (model: Standard), Accessories & Parts, Bbs & Gas, Airsoft Gas & Co2

Once you do this – it will burn your tire in 1.5 seconds. It’s fast. soon

Depending on whether you have a high pressure tire (such as a racing wheel), you may need to do one more cartridge to get the full pressure. Remember that running a low pressure flow will only get you flat again – so make sure you get as much pressure as you can without exceeding the tube/tire limits.

Complete with everything – tire inspection. Make sure everything is still ‘clean’ – all smooth lines around. You don’t want to go flat a few yards down the road because of a uneven tire.

How To Change Co2 Cartridge

Put your little workspace on the road – cartridges, tubes, Dunkin’ Donuts leftovers, etc… and pick it up. Don’t be the cyclist who leaves his waste around. Additionally, leaving things behind will earn you a well-deserved penalty on the race course.

Co2 Cartridge Pack Of 5 At

So there you go – that’s all. I know I made it sound long, but it’s actually pretty quick. When you do it for real it only takes 2-5 minutes to climax – even less if you really practice it. Here is a 10-step recipe for you:

Now – one last very important step! When you get home, you must deflate your tire and refill it with normal air (just by using a simple brake pump). CO2 diffuses through the rubber as quickly as gas and you lose half your PSI by the next day. Here is a post that explains it all in very scientific terms. Just trust me on this one – I learned this first hand too. 😉

That’s it – there to go! Now go buy yourself a small CO2 kit and save yourself the trouble of a pump in the frame. If you buy now, you will only buy these things. If you would like to receive additional items that you have selected to qualify for this offer, close this window and add those items to your cart.

Brand new, unused item with very little signs of wear. Something can be

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