What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

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Did you know you can use an Epson EcoTank printer to downsize? Converting this inkjet printer to a sublimation printer is really easy. Best of all, it is the best way to start using dye sublimation printing at home. So, if you’ve ever thought about adding sublimation to your workspace, this post is for you!

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

First, let’s talk about the supplies you need and what NOT to buy to make a printable conversion.

Best Sublimation Printers For Beginners…and Why

I have done a lot of research on this and can only recommend the Epson EcoTank line as an alternative. There are ways to replace their other editions but they are more difficult and expensive. I use the Epson Eco-Tank ET-4700 and you can find it here on Amazon or here I buy it at Target. I decided on this EcoTank model because it was in stock. You can shop for other models so make sure you mention the EcoTank above!

I would like to buy a new printer for this process. There are online tutorials for cleaning old used ink prints and then adding sublimation ink. This seems to work most of the time but the failure rate is high. If you contract with EcoTank, definitely give it a try but remember you either do it or you don’t.

You will need sublimation ink to transfer. I used Hiipoo Sublimation Ink and everything you need comes in the box including syringes and gloves. I will say that it is difficult to change signs online so I would pick a sign and post it if you can.

Now that you have your equipment, it’s time to replace the printer itself. You can watch my YouTube video on turning on the printer below.

F Series Custom Products

Once you take the printer out of the box, you can throw away and donate the ink that came with the printer. You will fill the EcoTank printer cartridges with premium ink. Ink cartridges are located on the side of the printer.

Just open the top and you will see every box. They are marked with black, yellow, magenta, and cyan colors.

Each box has a lid that opens only to reveal a hole and that’s what we fill each one with.

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

Open your Hiipoo line and you’ll find syringes and gloves. I hope you wear gloves when working on this line.

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Just attach the syringe to the bottle and release the tube. Once you have the ink in, insert the syringe into the fill hole and gently press the ink cartridges. You have to put a little because the ink will flow.

Pay attention to the windows in the foreground as they show how much ink you have added. You don’t want the line to go past the top line.

Once you’ve done one color, repeat the same process with your other colors. Use a new syringe for each color. One thing to note is that it only takes 1/2 bottle to fill an ink cartridge so you have ink in this cartridge to begin with.

Then, when the ink cartridges are full, you can move on to setting up the printer. NOTE: Do not plug in your printer until the ink is full!

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When you have finished filling the tanks, air through the syringe to get rid of all the ink. I like to make this in a baking dish. Store the ink in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Now that the ink is in the printer, we can start the setup. Here is a quick breakdown of the steps, however, there is a printable card with the details for you. NOTE: This must be done the first time you turn it on. You don’t need to do these steps every time you print.

If you like the unicorn image I used here, click here to download it for free! Another great source of images for projects like this is Yay Day Paper Co!

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

So, now that you’ve converted your Epson EcoTank printer to take it down, let’s talk about using it to create projects.

Epson Ecotank Et 1810 Review

Look at the picture below because the left is a post-printed shirt, and the right is a sublimation printer. What a difference a push makes!

So, are you ready to use the Epson EcoTank printer to slow down? I hope you like the result! If you want to try sublimation yourself, this is a great way to do it!

For over a decade, I’ve been sharing Cricut tutorials and craft ideas here and on my YouTube channel. My passion is teaching others to think and learn as many new things as possible.

Just to start with sublimation? Struggling with your plans? Learn more about sublimation from start to finish in this free course! You’ll be making beautiful art in no time! In today’s tutorial I will teach you step by step the easiest way to turn your Epson Ecotank 2720 (ET-2720) into a sub printer!

List Of Epson Printers That Can Be Converted To Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printing is a very neat way to make prints that you can transfer to a variety of sublimation blanks, such as t-shirts and mugs to name a few. I’ll show you how to change your printer and then two test prints I made with a cup and a lid.

The Epson Ecotank 2720 printer comes with 4 ink bottles: Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. Each bottle has a unique top that fits the correct ink tank, as you can see in the picture below. You empty each ink bottle, clean it, and then fill it with the corresponding sublimation ink.

Remove the cap from the original ink bottle. Open the cap slowly while holding it up. You will hear some clicking sounds, but the lid should open immediately.

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

Pour your line into an empty bottle if you want to store it. You may run out of this ink, but I have a regular Ecotank printer that I use.

Convert An Epson Inkjet Printer To Sublimation

You want to make sure the water is flowing and that you use as much ink as possible. I had a small seat in the hood, but I wasn’t worried about that.

The bottles will be completely dry. I sped up this step by using my dryer on low.

Fill the ink bottle with the corresponding sublimation ink color. The sublimation ink is stamped with Jack Printer’s and then it has an internal seal that you need to remove.

Fill each bottle to the top. You can gently squeeze the bottles on the Printer Jack to remove the line.

Steps To Set Up An Epson Printer With Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Once you have filled all 4 bottles of sublimation ink, you are ready to fill the cartridges.

This process is similar to the instructions that come with your printer for refilling with regular ink. Open the cap of one line, open the cover of the corresponding line tank. Place the ink bottle over the fill port and keep it upright. You will hear ink start pouring into the cartridge. Do not squeeze the bottle! Wait until the tank is full; It will be stopped immediately when it is full.

You can see from the picture below, the black box is full when it reaches the top line. Open the black ink bottle and close the cap.

What Epson Printers Can Be Converted To Sublimation

All of these steps are the same as the instructions that came with your printer. Check the product to complete the installation.

How To Convert An Epson Printer For Sublimation

Once you have completed these steps, your Epson printer is ready to go and print with high quality ink.

I did a few test prints to test the new sublimation print. I used copy paper for these prints, but sublimation paper is preferred.

Be sure to use sublimation blanks OR Cricut ink blanks (Infusible Ink is Cricut’s version of sublimation.)

First, the bowl lid. I designed this on my Cricut Design Placement and then printed it out. *Remember that sublimation prints must be aligned before printing so that they come out the right way.

Sublimation Printers For Crafters

I used a Cricut Mug Press to press my cutouts onto the mug. See page below I am very happy with the results!

Next, I tried a print to go onesie. Again, I used Cricut Design

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