How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer – You don’t need to install any special apps to print from your iPad or iPhone with AirPrint. Here’s how to use it.

Apple AirPrint lets you print photos or documents wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad. If you come across a photo or article that you want to share with your roommate or loved one, AirPrint lets you create a hard copy of the article with just a few taps on your screen.

How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

AirPrint requires a compatible wireless printer, but most relatively new printers these days support the feature from Apple. As long as your printer has already enabled wireless printing and is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple device, it’s really easy to send a file to print directly from your iPhone or iPad. For more tips on using AirPrint or AirPlay, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

How To Print From Your Iphone Or Ipad: A Simple Guide

That’s all we can say about it. AirPrint is extremely simple and does not require any special settings to be configured on your Apple device. With this Apple feature, printing from the iPhone or iPad is easier than ever.

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How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

I know iOS 4.x now includes the ability to print, but this feature only works with certain HP Airprint compatible printers. If you don’t have one of these HP printers, like me, you’re out of luck printing from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. When I recently received Epson’s press release for the announcement of the new printer that I posted earlier today, I saw a mention of their printing software for iOS devices. I was very interested to see that their Epson iPrint app for iPad and iPhone now allows printing to Epson printers on the same network as an Apple mobile device. The iPrint app is free, so I downloaded it to my iPad and got to work.

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The iPrint app is a universal app that works with iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. If you expand the app description, you can see a list of printers that will work with the app. Even though my Epson Workforce 610 is a few years old now, it was on the list, so I installed the free app. It downloads quickly on my iPad.

The first thing I had to do was go to the setup option to select my printer. I forgot to screenshot this first step, but it quickly found and displayed a list of available printers – just the Workforce 610, in my case.

After selecting the printer, the setup option showed the name of the printer, its status (ready to print), and the amount of ink in my four cartridges. It even has buttons to perform a nozzle check or head cleaning.

The Workforce is an all-in-one that can print, scan and fax. I don’t have a landline so I don’t mind that fax isn’t an option. I was happy to see that I could print documents (from a variety of sources) and photos, print web pages, or even scan directly to my iPad 2.

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With the Photos option, I can browse the photos stored on my iPad and select a photo or queue photos to print. I could rotate a photo and move it to the center of the desired section of the page to be printed. We can even change various printer settings before printing: paper size and type, print quality, number of copies, etc.

When I pressed the print button, my Workforce 610 immediately started making clicking noises when it started printing. Within seconds I had a beautiful copy of the hammerhead shark that Rachel had drawn me!

Much nicer than having to email the photo to my laptop and using a program there to print the photo!

How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

Printing using any of the other options described below allows me to make any changes to the printer configuration, or even the printer itself when more than one is available on the network. I will not show these options nor discuss them in detail for each of them.

How To Print From Your Iphone

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I had a little problem with the Documents option. This allows you to print files that are on your device. I have Pages on my iPad 2, so I created a test document to try printing. The Modify button at the bottom left lets you specify a directory, but it doesn’t display a list of possibilities. Unfortunately, I can’t find where the Pages documents are stored on the iPad 2 to point to the iPrint app. I had given up using this option until I tried to store a scanned image (Panera cup holder). After it was scanned and stored, I realized I now had a marked folder in my Documents list (shown above) and my scanned file was there. Printing the document worked like printing photos. I selected my document (pdf, in this case) and was able to rotate the image and set printer configuration options. By pressing the Print button, you get a nice print in seconds.

You can print documents stored in online storage, but only a few locations are available. You can only print from Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox and I was disappointed to see that Amazon Cloud storage was not an option. I have access to Google Docs, so I copied a test file. Naturally, you must have an account in one of these services and you must log into your account to view your documents. My test file was a Word file created on my Mac and I was warned (when opening the file) that the file might not display or print correctly. It was not printed perfectly; the title line used a fun font, but everything was perfectly readable. It also printed an extra blank page. I don’t have accounts in the other services, so I can’t test them all.

Printing a web page requires you to enter the URL of the page to print. I was able to navigate the page normally. The controls to the left of the URL line are used to navigate forwards and backwards, store bookmarks, and retrieve bookmarks. After finding the information I wanted to print, I pressed the Print button in the top right. The page has been formatted for printing and posted for my approval. Be warned that some websites with long pages will produce large documents. The Gadgeteer homepage led to a 13-page document. Like before, I could rotate the image and change the printer settings. Still as before, touch

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