How Long Does Canon T3i Battery Last

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How Long Does Canon T3i Battery Last

How Long Does Canon T3i Battery Last

If you didn’t think the 60D was overpriced when it shipped, you will be now. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i (aka EOS 600D), the 60D’s smaller and cheaper sibling, offers the same basic camera with some corners cut – notably a slightly less polished body and burst shooting speed (on purpose?). You may also think that a

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The T2i is more expensive, with an articulated LCD and some features for the automatic are always more expensive. Either way, the T3i remains a solid if insipid follow-up to its predecessor, albeit one that still seems to cater more to videophiles than shooters.

If you take photos and videos, the T3i’s controls can be frustrating to operate, and it’s not fast enough for sports shooting bursts, kids or pets.

For the money, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i dSLR is a good choice for videographers – although the cheaper T2i may still suffice if you don’t need a clear LCD – and it’s a good choice for creative shooters. But while image quality and general shooting performance are top notch, if you upgrade to shoot sports, kids or pets, the T3i may not be able to keep up.

This does not mean compromising on photo quality. Overall, the T3i has an excellent noise profile, similar to the 60D. JPEGs look very clean through ISO 400, and even at ISO 800 you really have to test to see the beginnings of detail degradation; Noise becomes more pronounced at ISO 1,600 but still isn’t too bad.

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ISO 400 is my point sensitivity; For action outdoors, I usually have to push the setting to at least ISO 400 to reach a fast shutter speed. And since few consumer cameras are fast enough to shoot raw + JPEG bursts, the in-camera JPEG processing should be good too. The T3i excels in these conditions. Overall, I think the shots are good enough to use in this setting, but I still wish I had taken it raw to clean it up.

Canon’s JPEG processing remains excellent. Even at ISO 1,600, I couldn’t get better results processing raw–Canon seems to optimize exposure at the expense of sharpness, and I couldn’t get sharper results without losing some shadow detail (you better can). At ISO 3,200, I was able to reduce color noise significantly without losing shadow detail. And at ISO 6,400, I started seeing hot pixels as a side effect of in-camera noise reduction (those white dots) in JPEG.

On all other counts, the photo looks good at the default setting, though the setting is preferred with Canon’s neutral model in which the sharpening is bumped up a few notches. Colors appear relatively accurate and saturated; Measurements and exposures are consistent and predictable; And the dynamic range is wide enough to allow a fair amount of highlight and shadow recovery.

How Long Does Canon T3i Battery Last

As always, the video looks great. There’s some moiré, but not too much rolling shutter, and moving edges look surprisingly sharp. At high quality, it seems to deliver an average bitrate of around 45Mbps. It offers the same set frame rate and manual exposure controls as the 60D, including highlight tone priority for adjusting high-key exposures. Although the microphone is built in mono, it sounds surprisingly good, and has an air filter with the same 64-level volume control. Canon has also included the camcorder’s Video Snapshot feature – allowing you to snap up to 8-second clips – and some special effects filters into the camera.

Long Term Comparison Review: Nikon D5100 Vs Canon T3i

I don’t like the new 18-55mm IS II lens as much as the old kit lens; Unfortunately, I don’t have the older lenses available for direct comparison, but the newer lenses seem to have more problems with fringing than the older ones. The new lens claims additional image stabilization, but I don’t find it to be any more impressive (of course, it’s always possible that I’m moving more than the year). The 18-55mm kit lens exhibits asymmetric barrel distortion that is noticeable but not terrible at its widest. In shots with the previous version of the lens, the distortion seems more symmetrical, but I don’t have exact comparison shots – they put up scaffolding last month, which prevented me from duplicating my test shot.

Camera performance remains fast, but surprisingly in some cases not as fast as before. It powers up, focuses and shoots in about 0.3 seconds with a quick 0.3 second shot lag in good light and a solid 0.6 second in dim light (slightly slower than the T2i). JPEG shot-to-shot time is also good at about 0.4 seconds; Raw takes a little longer at around 0.5 seconds. Increase the flash crash which increases by another couple of ten seconds. Its burst rate is essentially the same as the T2i, but both are what I consider to be the slowest acceptable continuous-shooting speeds for a dSLR and slower than less expensive competitors like the Nikon D5000 or Pentax K-x.

With a few exceptions, the body and interface of the T3i is almost identical to the T2i. It’s a bit bulky (but not bulky) thanks to the bright, flip-and-twist LCD. It feels sturdy, and although the rubber grip texture feels cheap, the camera is comfortable to hold and shoot with one hand, and it holds up to a decent lens weight. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Rebel series viewfinder, and this one actually has slightly less detail than the previous model. I don’t know if I notice the difference, but something is better. Also, I don’t like very small, bright AF points.

Canon retained the control layout and user interface from the T2i, although it has moved the View button from the top and replaced it with Info. Live camera operation. On the back are direct access controls for live view / video recording, exposure compensation, white balance, autofocus method (single, AI focus and AI servo), drive mode, picture style, AE/AF lock, and focus area (single). . -point manual or all-point automatic). You can also change these settings, as well as metering, flash, image quality, and more, through the usual Quick Controls screen. My one quibble here is that all the buttons feel a little too flat.

Canon T3 Review

Dial modes include a set of manual, semimanual, automatic, and regular scene modes. It doesn’t lock, which might bother some people (not me though). As with the 60D, however, I found the placement of Movie Mode – on the opposite side of the dial from Advanced Mode – very disappointing. I actually missed a video opportunity because I had to scroll from shutter priority mode to video. Ironically, this design is better suited to professionals who plan to use the camera as a low-cost video dSLR and never tweak the video settings than to the consumer it’s aimed at.

Canon’s version of Easy Mode, Creative Auto, has what it calls “mood selection” — standard, vivid, soft, warm, intense, cool, bright, dark, and monochrome — which can be set to one of three levels. , works by Scene Mode also uses the Atmosphere Selection option, making it more flexible.

While Canon offers some options for video shooters, it doesn’t have much more than the basics to inspire or streamline shooting for still photographers. The T3i provides basic Wi-Fi wireless integration–you can turn the card on or off and the camera tells you the strength of the connection. As for bracketing, you’re still limited to a three-shot bracket and a two-stop range around the middle, though the full range goes up to seven stops in either direction. And it supports wireless flash. But there’s no way to save custom settings, no creative features like time-lapse or multi-exposure shooting or filters (only some post-processing effects). Plus, with the increased resolution, the ability to shoot raw plus small or medium JPEGs–as opposed to full size–isn’t just a Pro requirement, especially if you plan to send it wirelessly. . For a complete account of the T3i’s features and operation, you can download the PDF manual.

How Long Does Canon T3i Battery Last

For the money, the T3i dSLR is a good choice for videographers – although the cheaper T2i is still sufficient if you don’t need a clear LCD – and a solid choice for creative shooters. But while image quality and general shooting performance are top notch, if you upgrade for shooting sports, kids or pets, the T3i may not be able to keep up. New 1500mah Lp E8 Lpe8 Battery Pack For Canon Camera Eos 550d 600d Rebel T3i T2i

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