How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge

How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge – We get this question all the time at Ink & Toner Solutions. It is very frustrating for a customer to buy an ink cartridge and have no idea what they are getting in terms of how much paper they can expect to get from it. Unfortunately, that’s what consumers face when they buy their ink cartridge.

When you buy an ink cartridge and take it home, you will notice that there is no information on the box that tells you how many pages you can expect to get from the cartridge. Asking a salesperson will often provide (pun intended) very little information. You can go online and try to find what the site manufactures for your cartridge, sometimes you can find it and sometimes you don’t. But in my opinion, this is the kind of information that should be written in that box for all to see. Why can’t developers do this?

How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge

How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge

When you’re looking for a new printer, wouldn’t it be nice if this information were printed in a box in big letters? In this way, the customer can make an informed decision about which type of printer best suits their needs.

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There are times when you find that a website can be very misleading. Let’s say the production on the site is 600 pages, the buyer thinks to himself, well, I’ll get 600 pages. Error! You may get less than 200 or 300 pages. Let me explain.

Imagine you’re writing a short letter with a subject line, a paragraph or two, and a signature. Think of this as 5% on a standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheet. Here’s an example of what 5% looks like:

Believe it or not, this is what developers do to set up a Harvest site. There are several problems with this. The main thing is that if the yield of the leaves is not printed anywhere, how will the buyer know how many leaves he will get? If it says vegetable yield, it doesn’t say it comes from just 5%. In this example, let’s say you find that your cartridge should hold 600 pages. You have printed media with images and text that cover the entire page. Good luck with your printing and your cartridge will run out after just 200 pages. What happened? Your website is about 75% mobile. What happens of course is that you have a problem, the cartridge is not full and you want your money back, good luck with that.

If the cartridge is “remanufactured”, the cartridge buyer immediately jumps to the conclusion that the refilled cartridge is not filled with energy. Because the consumer doesn’t have the right information they need, it creates a lot of confusion. Ink & Toner Solutions sees this all the time, which is why we keep examples of what 5%, 10% and 40% pages look like, I’ve included pictures of these examples so you can see for yourself what different coverage looks like. looks like.

Hp 65 Black Ink Cartridge (n9k02an)

This helps to clarify the product yield, but the default response is “why the hell don’t they just put it on the box”. Good question and I don’t have an answer except the boxes are too small for the article. Maybe that’s why?

Although New Jersey issued the necessary rules for the manufacturers of ink cartridges to show the number of prints that each cartridge should get that failed because they did not include in the rules that should also add that the page yield comes from the 5% learning standard. Manufacturers fail because in my opinion they should not be told to add this information to their products.

If a potential buyer only prints short text or letters, the system works and you get what you expect. But what about the customer who prints a lot and fills each page with text or images? So this plan makes no sense at all. We need manufacturers to step up and fix the lack of concern for people who buy their products. Think of any other company that doesn’t tell you what you get and how much you can expect to get out of it? What about paint companies, where the label says how much paint you buy, that’s just common sense.

How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge

Could it be that the manufacturers do not want consumers to know this important information? Could it be that they make so much money selling ink after buying a printer that this kind of information could hurt them?

How Many Pages Will An Ink Cartridge Print?

Even the 5% standard is difficult. Different fonts can produce different pages. For example, if you take the 5% example above, but change the font to bold and increase the font size, you still won’t get the specified page yield.

One way to get more prints out of the cartridges is to use the Calibri font,  (available with most versions of Windows from Vista and up and some modern versions of Microsoft Office) because it is smaller and uses less ink per font.

There is also a company called Ecofont that has software that will save ink and toner when printing in its own font.

As Paul Moriarty State Assemblyman from New Jersey said, “Printing ink can be more expensive than Dom Perignon Champagne or the most expensive perfume in Paris because you get less printing ink in the cartridges, but sometimes you pay $50 for less than an ounce.”

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Consider this the next time you’re looking for a new printer. Ask the question, how much does an ink cartridge cost and how many pages can I expect to get from each cartridge.

Another way to save on ink costs is to look for high quality remanufactured cartridges. Always buy from a reliable company that keeps track of what they sell with a 100% guarantee that you get an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compatible cartridge. By going this route, you save yourself money and at the same time you help to recycle and reuse things.

Wherever you buy your ink cartridges, be sure to check the page capacity so you can match the printer and cartridges to what you want to print.

How Many Pages Printed Per Ink Cartridge

We want to hear if you have encountered this problem and what you did.

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When inkjet printers chose a marketing strategy known as offering razors to sell the pages, they probably didn’t expect customers to complain about the price of ink any more than the best champagne. In response to these complaints, today you can buy a cheap printer that uses expensive ink cartridges, or pay more for printers that have the same features and functionality, but with less ink. Here’s what you need to know about money when choosing between the two, and how to figure out which one will be the better buy.

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Printer Blockbuster in the early 1980s!), pouring ink from bottles became so messy that the convenience of cartridges made them more popular. This began to change in 2015 with Epson’s EcoTank line, which also introduced bottled inks that flow in tanks or reservoirs.

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