What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation – Traditional ink cartridges always seem to run out of ink the moment you want to print something, and replacing those cartridges can often be pointless. Fortunately, the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 All-in-One SuperTank Printer ($500) is a cartridge-free printer that uses large ink tanks that refill with air. It is an all-in-one system that can print, scan, copy and fax. You can also print directly from your smartphone. It is also a voice-activated device.

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What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

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Using An Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

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What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

Epson is killing its old business model with printers that do away with ink cartridges. But do do-it-yourself add-ons justify the high price tag?

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The Epson EcoTank ET-2550 may look like a standard small form factor inkjet printer, but there is one big difference: instead of the traditional inkjet cartridges that most printers use to put images and text on paper, the EcoTank series comes with a set. Ink bottles can be reloaded on the side to empty into a larger tank.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2550 is an all-in-one printer, copier and scanner that can hold enough ink for two years without a refill. Refillable bottles are much cheaper than traditional cartridges, offering potential savings in the long run.

A printer costs four to eight times more than a cartridge model. It has a much smaller screen and feature set, lacking an Ethernet port, fax functionality, automatic document feeder, and duplex.

With its super-cheap refillable ink bottles, this clever little Epson EcoTank printer does away with expensive ink cartridges once and for all – but you’ll pay a lot more for it.

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The bottles hold enough ink to print about 4,000 black pages and 6,500 color pages, which is roughly a two-year supply with moderate print volume.

With this new ink delivery system, Epson hopes to save users the trouble of running to the office supply store every month to pick up a new set of cartridges: when the tanks are low, you can buy another batch that will last longer. Much lower than standard cartridge prices: $13 for each color bottle (converted, £8.59, AU$17.71) or $52 for a set of four (£34.34, AU$70.84).

The catch is that you’ll pay more upfront for these special EcoTank models that accept refillable ink. The ET-2550 is the cheapest in the range at $399 (£369.99 UK, AU$499), but it also lacks many of the modern features you’d find in a ‘regular’ inkjet printer at the same price: t Fax, there’s no automatic document feed mechanism for scanning batch jobs No, and you don’t even get a duplexer.

What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

However, it prints high-quality documents and images faster than we expected. Along with the EcoTank on the side, the machine has built-in Wi-Fi so you can take advantage of Epson’s free iOS and Android printing apps that let you print from your smartphone or tablet.

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If you ignore the ink tank on the side, the ET-2550 resembles the Epson Expression XP-320, a sub-$100 inkjet printer with a limited feature set. Even with the tank included, the small design doesn’t take up much office space—the machine is 19.3 inches wide, 20.7 inches deep, and 11.6 inches tall, according to the manufacturer.

The front panel features a small 1.44-inch color LCD screen with a directional pad and three action buttons next to it, and the entire console mechanically moves up and down to adjust to adjustable angles depending on your workspace.

The top cover closes to reveal a 2400dpi flatbed scanner, but there’s no automatic document feeder so you can only scan one document at a time. This means that the printer can only accept paper from one source: the input tray that folds vertically at the back.

It has 100 sheets of paper, which is typical for a printer that will live at home or in a small office with light printing needs, but you can also get the advanced EcoTank ET-4550 model that will bring you 150 – input paper capacity. , high ink capacity per tank (approximately 11,00 black and 8,500 color pages), Ethernet port and a dedicated fax machine.

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Finally, on the side of the front panel is a small SD card reader for printing photos and documents directly from an external drive.

Epson gives you the option of connecting the printer to your computer using USB Direct or Wi-Fi via an installation disc, downloadable software, or Wi-Fi Direct if your router supports it. If you don’t want to connect wirelessly, you’ll need to provide your own USB cable as usual.

Establishing a wireless connection between the machine and the computer is a two-part process: Turn on the machine and click Network Settings, then specify your wireless network and enter its password, and that’s it. The entire setup from start to finish took us less than 5 minutes with the connection established to our lab network.

What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

The installation process also includes a step that asks if you want the system to automatically detect and install firmware updates, and we recommend that you click “Yes.” The appeal of such a web-connected printer means you don’t have to wait for Epson to provide software updates, so take advantage of that.

Epson Ecotank Et 15000 Review

Wi-Fi connectivity means you can take advantage of Epson’s range of free mobile printing apps that let you print directly from a mobile device. First, the Epson iPrint app for iOS and Android devices lets you print web pages, photos, documents and anything else from your smartphone directly to the printer.

You can take advantage of remote printing from any Chrome browser window using Google Cloud Print or connect instantly to any iOS device using Apple AirPrint. Check out our how-to page to learn more about cloud printing.

Filling the EcoTank can seem like a daunting task the first time you do it, but if you follow the instructions Epson includes in the manual, it’s a very simple process.

Inside the box, you’ll find four individual ink bottles with printed letters and numbers corresponding to the corresponding silos on the device: one each for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. For this part of the installation, Epson actually includes a pair of plastic gloves that you can wear to keep your fingers off the ink, but if you’re extra careful, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Epson Ecotank Et 3850 Review

When you are ready to fill the tanks, all you have to do is remove the top cap to break the seal, then simply turn the bottle upside down and squeeze all the ink into the tanks until the bottles are empty. When you’re done, the printer will take about 20 minutes to refill the ink to be ready to print.

Thanks to the transparent window on the side of the tank, you can monitor the ink level at any time, which is really useful to know when you need to change the color order. You can also screw on the top cap to seal the bottle if you want to refill on the go.

Epson says it will take about two years for medium-sized printers to run out of ink bottles that come in retail packages. When you’re ready to refill, each colored tank (including the black bottle) costs $12.99 (£8.52, $17.70) each, or $52 (£34.35, $70.84) for the entire set.

What Is The Best Epson Ecotank Printer For Sublimation

Using the page yield provided by Epson (4,000 black, 6,500 color), I calculated the costs for black-only pages and color pages to be 0.3 cents and 0.2 cents per page. Both of these figures are well below the average cost per page of a typical inkjet printer, and Epson even sells XL-sized ink bottles that are lower.

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