Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

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The Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 wide-format AIO prints well and affordably, and comes with two years of unlimited free ink, making it excellent value for small businesses and workgroups.

Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

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The flagship of the new EcoTank Pro brand of small business and workgroup inkjet printers, Epson’s EcoTank Pro ET-16650 ($1,129.99) is a large-format printer (AIO) capable of printing pages up to supertabloid size. size (13 to 19 inches) as well as standard tabloid size scanning and copying (11 to 17 inches). As the company’s most ink-intensive EcoTank AIO, it prints color pages at a very low cost per page. Like the competing wide-format MFC-J6945DW INKvestment and the HP PageWide Pro 750dw (both Editors’ Choice models), the ET-16650 prints at a nice, reasonable clip. For the first two years of owning an Epson machine (or other EcoTank Pro) you throw away as much ink as you can eat. It’s an excellent value, with its relatively large size and capacity rating and robust feature set making the ET-16650 our Editors’ Choice for midsize large-format AIOs for offices and workgroups.

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As mentioned, the ET-16650 is the top-end model in Epson’s EcoTank Pro line of business-oriented machines. The brand currently includes two wide-format AIOs (this one, and the ET-16600), as well as three letter-sized machines, all with progressively increasing feature sets and capabilities, starting at $799. We’ll take a look at them in turn over the coming weeks.

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Meanwhile, the ET-16650 measures 13.8 by 20.3 by 19.7 inches (with bearings off) and weighs 46.1 pounds, making it the lightest and most compact of its large-format competitors, especially if you don’t consider most of them. Help supertabloid page size. Brother’s massive MFC-J6945DW (prints, scans, copies, faxes 11- to 17-inch pages), for example, is slightly longer and taller, and weighs more than seven pounds more than the Epson.

And yet another Epson wide-format favorite, the Workforce Pro WF-C8690 A3 Color MFP with PCL/PostScript, which also supports supertabloid-sized media, spreads a few inches longer than today’s EcoTank models. It weighs twice as much.

$499.99 Check it out at Dell Technologies (opens in new window) View all our printers Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

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$1,800.00 View at Amazon (opens in new window) Read our Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C8690 A3 Color MFP PCL/PostScript review

$2,400.00 at Amazon View (opens in new window) MFC-J6945DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer View

What sets any printer apart is of course its scanner, and in this case, it’s a 50-page auto-duplexing (automatically scans both sides of double-sided pages) automatic document feeder (ADF). It is capable of scanning, copying and faxing single- and double-sided multipurpose documents.

Of the machines mentioned so far, the MFC-J6945DW and WF-C8690 also come with an auto-duplexing 50-page ADF. The HP 750dw, on the other hand, is a single-function (print-only) device that ships with a scanner and ADF. (I refer here and only for comparison.)

Epson Ecotank Et 3830 Wireless Color All In One Cartridge Free Supertank Printer With Scan, Copy, Auto 2 Sided Printing And Ethernet

As with most business-oriented AIOs and single-function printers today, you can do a lot from this model’s control panel: configure the AIO, monitor supplies, generate usage and other reports, and run errands. These functions include making copies from the cloud, printing or scanning, and configuring and monitoring security features. The ET-16650 control panel is shown below.

This flexible and easy-to-use control suite contains several buttons, such as job status and paper settings, and a number pad – all connected to a 4.3-inch color touch screen. You also get (as with most business-oriented AIOs these days) an onboard web portal that allows access to all operational and configuration functions from virtually any computer or mobile device web browser.

That said, the ET-16650 prints pages from 13 inches to 19 inches, and it copies and scans up to 11 and 17 inches, both single-sided and double-sided. It can also print unlimited pages up to tabloid size, which I’ll talk more about in a moment.

Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

The ET-16650’s paper capacity is 550 sheets, split between two 250-page cassettes and a 50-page multipurpose tray that extends slightly from the rear of the machine. Brother’s MFC-J6945DW, by comparison, supports up to 600 sheets from three separate sources, and the Epson WF-C8690 supports 330 sheets from two sources, expandable to 1,830 sheets from four sources.

Epson Ecotank Et 2850 Wireless Color All In One Cartridge Free Supertank Printer With Scan, Copy And Auto 2 Sided Printing

The ET-16650 has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 66,000 pages, with a recommended monthly print volume of 3,300 prints. That’s more than half its sibling’s maximum, and its recommended yield is 1,300 pages less, while the WF-C8690’s duty cycle and recommended yield are higher at 9,000 and 1,700 prints, respectively.

Given the ET-16650’s long list of interfaces, I doubt there are many devices that can’t connect to it one way or another, be it desktop, laptop or handheld. The hardware interface is Ethernet (up to 100Mbps), connected to a computer via USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Light Edition). These last two provide peer-to-peer connectivity that allows you to connect your smartphone and tablet to the printer, even if they are not part of the same network.

Other mobile connectivity options include Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and email printing, cloud scanning, a remote printer driver, and multiple options via Epson Connect. You can also use the Epson iPrint mobile app to print and scan directly from your iOS or Android handheld.

Epson rates the ET-16650 at 25 characters per minute (8.5-11 inches), or ppm, which is about average for a typical AIO. I tested it over Ethernet with a standard Intel Core i5 Windows Pro. . It’s 9.2ppm faster than its sibling the MFC-J6945DW, 0.8ppm slower than the Epson WF-C8690, and 8ppm behind the HP 750dw.

Epson Rapidreceipt Rr 600w Wireless Receipt And Desktop Document Scanner B11b258202

For the next round, I timed the ET-16650 as it chewed through our collection of complex, colorful business documents. These include Adobe Acrobat documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (with accompanying charts and graphs), and PowerPoint handouts with complex graphics and fonts of different types, sizes, and colors.

Then, I combined these results with printing a 12-page text document and came up with an average of 17.9ppm. Here, the ET-16650 beat its sibling, the WorkForce Pro WF-C8690, by 0.8ppm, or perhaps a tie.

Finally, I determined and averaged the ET-16650’s results as it printed our colorful, busy 4-by-6-inch test screenshots. Each scored 11 seconds, which is about average among the printers shown here (and others).

Epson Printer How To Scan To Email

Like the company’s Workforce Pro line of printers, EcoTank Pro models feature Epson’s PrecisionCore 4S printer, a small, compact, dense cluster of dual PrecisionCore heatless ink chips that produce detail and color accuracy. It’s true that all inkjet printers today produce respectable images, but few do this well, especially when it comes to fine-tuning grain and detail.

Epson Workforce Pro Wf 3820 Wireless All In One Printer C11cj07201

The ET-16650’s text easily resists laser printing, down to the smallest font we tested, a score of 4, which is more than acceptable for printing business documents. Additionally, the full page graphics and handout pages I printed came out with minor errors. I didn’t notice any color shift, and details finer than 1 point didn’t break from end to end. Upon closer inspection of the output, I found several cases of dark fills and banding in gradients before finding specific ink delivery defects. I emphasize

Photos looked good, too, and unlike the Epson WF-C8690 and HP 750dw, the ET-16650 supports unlimited (known as “bleed” in the document design world) photos and tabloid-size documents, allowing you to use your printer is

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