Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer

Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer – I have been using the HP Envy 5530 e-All-in-One printer for the past two months. I’ve been stuck on printers in the past, and the all-in-one is one of those types. Fast forward a few years and my faith has been restored. I fell in love, and NOT just because I had a printer to test. Every time something needs to be printed at home, the children will roll their eyes, say, “Okay, I’ll print at school,” and it’s better than anything to make their mother calm down.

When this printer arrived, it only took a few minutes to plug in and go. Literally the hardest part of the setup is getting it out of the box. Setting up your home electronics to print remotely from this printer is a simple matter. Only one computer needs an installation CD (alas, not mine!)

Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer

Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer

This printer has a lot of power for such a small box. It produces lab-quality photos and sharp, laser-like documents – wherever creativity strikes. Print from your smartphone, tablet and more. It checks directly to your mobile device for easy storage and sharing.

Hp Envy 5530 Won’t Enable Eprint

The first thing I printed with the HP Envy 5530 was my son’s Eagle Court of Honor invitations. I am a picky person, and the quality of the images, printing and speed surprised me. I was literally WOW’d.

I want to thank HP and Mama Select for this wonderful opportunity. Next? I will share how I captured special photos of my nephew from overseas to share with his grandparents, and how I captured and shared photos of my loved ones long ago!

Disclosure: I may have received money, a product, or a gift card for this review. This is just my opinion. The reviewer is compensated in the form of a Best Buy gift card and/or receives the product/service at a discounted price or for free.

Lord knows, as a blogger, mom of 2 boys in school, and wife of a principal/teacher, we print a lot of stuff in our house – or did I say a TON?! Not to mention that our printer is so old that it’s hard to try to print or scan anything because it’s so damaged, so we desperately need to try a new printer. I’ve been drooling over wireless e-All-in-One printers for the past year or so since we’ve been on the road a lot, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this HP ENVY 5530 Wireless e-All-in-One – One printer at Best Buy. Not only can you send an email to yourself (which is wonderful if you’re on the go and using other devices for work), but you can even scan a document and send it directly to your email without typing! (which even helps me sign contracts and send W-9 forms!!)

Eprint From Anywhere

Okay, so the printer itself isn’t the only thing I’m excited to check out, I’m also intrigued by the HP Inkjet program, which lets you get a constant supply of ink for just $2.99 ​​a month. Trust me, WAY better than running out of ink all the time (guilty!) and then running out because you need ink now (guilty again!). Your printer automatically tells HP when it needs more ink, and HP delivers it right to your home! Just sign up online (ink, shipping, and cartridge recycling included), choose a monthly plan (I recommend the $4.99/month plan for moderate printer use or the $9.99/month plan for heavy printer use!) and VOILA!

Billing and service will begin after you install your first HP Ink Cartridge!! PLUS, instant ink cartridges hold more ink than standard HP cartridges, which is a plus. And get this – this performance is NOT based on the number of cartridges you use – it is based on the number of pages you print, so you don’t have to go “cheap” when printing pages or photos by trying to use less color.

You can print to your printer at home from almost anywhere! When I’m out of town or just running errands, I can quickly write an email or use the HP ePrint app and print something at home while I’m away! It also makes it great for sending notes to your kids at home when you’re out of town! And it works the other way – you can scan your kids’ notes, photos, etc. without printing them out – it will be sent directly to your mobile device!

Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer

Additionally, I really like the ‘PRINTABLES’ feature on the HP ENVY digital touch screen – you can scroll through multiple pages of icons where you can print pages directly from each icon! That way, without having to pull up the internet on your computer and look things up, you can just go straight to your printer, find the “app” you want to use (like Crayola, Highlights, Education.com, etc. ), and select pages to print directly from your printer on your printer! This definitely makes it great for those “quick chores” you need to keep your kids busy around the house!

Hp Envy 4502 E All In One

The ENTIRE system (Printer AND instant ink system) takes us less than 15 minutes to set up and start using! The monthly plan is a really great deal ($9.99 per month for 300 printable pages) – you definitely can’t beat that price anywhere else, trust me – if you print as many pages as we do per month is a great savings. PLUS this particular printer retails for around $129.99 (although it retails for less than $100 at the time of posting), which is a fair price for a printer! For an inkjet printer, the quality is really great and it prints much better pictures than our old printer! It’s a nice slim design and not as bulky as others we’ve used. PLUS, the printer DOES have a slot where you can add a memory card if you need more memory, which is a new feature!

Check out the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Wireless Printer at Best Buy for more specs or to buy! Save time and money with the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One, HP Savings Center and HP Instant Ink! #HPSavingsCenter @HP @HPPRINT

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Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in the program on behalf of HP and received an HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer and HP Ink Bundle Instantly as part of my participation.

Hp Envy 7645 E All In One Printer

It’s the new year and you’re trying to save money and use more coupons. You plan a shopping trip and go out to print coupons, only to find you’re out of printer ink. Or when the kids have an important report to print for school, and of course they wait until late Sunday night to print, and yes, it’s out of ink. HP Instant Ink can help you. With this great system, HP ships the ink BEFORE they run out. I am very happy to share not only this system with my readers, but also one of their amazing printers, the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer, which is one of their compatible Inkjet printers. You need an Instant Ink compatible printer to be able to use the Instant Ink system.

The HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer is very easy to set up and I was ready to start printing within minutes. I took the printer out of the box, connected it to the network and followed the instructions. The printer prints an alignment page to get the correct settings. I checked the alignment page after it was printed and it was good to go.

The first time I set up a printer was not for home use or for this review. I volunteer at my daughters school for the PTO and we need to check and print some forms for a fundraiser we are doing. We sat in the portable car at the back of the school and it was difficult to get up to the reception and back. Especially because the teachers are also copying and typing at the same time, so it takes forever to get what we need. I decided to run home and grab my new HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One printer. When I got to school and set up the printer, I was disappointed at first because I didn’t have Internet access, access to the school campus, or a USB cable to connect my computer to the machine. printing. Then I remembered that the HP ENVY 5530 can connect to my computer wirelessly by itself. It’s very easy to turn on the printer’s wireless network, get its password, and connect the computer

Hp Envy 5530 E All In One Printer

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