Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer – Q:- I am using a Canon mx922 printer and it is not printing on my Mac. It says the Canon printer is offline but it is connected to my wireless router. I tried to add the printer again but the same message and “Printer is offline”. I restarted my Mac and printer but still, it says that the Canon printer is not connected to the Internet. I don’t know why it’s offline and how to fix the Canon Printer Offline error on my Mac?

Let me explain you in simple terms when your Canon printer and Mac are not connected properly and Canon printer shows you offline message on Mac. There are many reasons why Canon printer shows you offline error while printing on Mac.

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

If you are using a Mac computer, you can connect a Canon printer in two ways. But in both cases, the Canon printer is offline and stops printing. So these steps will help you fix offline printer error on Mac computers.

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If your Canon printer is wireless and connected to your Mac via a wireless network, try these simple steps.

Note:- Canon Printer continues to show you offline message, and you can chat with support team or contact Canon Printer Support for more help and support.

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There are various reasons why your printer is not working. These problems can be caused by incorrect wiring, driver problems or network problems. Before attempting the following repairs, make sure your printer is turned on and properly connected to your Mac. To rule out other hardware problems that may require hardware repair, perform this initial check before moving on to specific problems listed in this guide.

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The Mac may not recognize the Canon printer if you have installed the wrong driver for your printer model. On the other hand, if your Canon printer suddenly gives you error messages or stops working, it’s probably time to update the driver.

If your Canon printer driver has been updated, but you still receive print errors on your Mac, try resetting the Mac’s printing system.

This clears up all possibilities of other conflicting application processes that could be interfering with communication between your Mac and your printer. Once you have restarted both your devices, check again if you can continue your printing activities.

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

If your Canon printer is having trouble printing over Wi-Fi, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your Mac and printer.

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If your printer has a weak signal, increase your wireless router to reduce latency and ensure that your printer has a strong Internet connection. Sometimes, a slow Internet connection can cause work processes to stop, resulting in printing errors.

If you are connected to the Internet through a VPN connection, you may receive error messages. Your VPN may be blocking your connection to your printer or vice versa. Try disconnecting from the VPN and try typing and see if it works.

Some print jobs may be temporarily suspended due to an application timeout, or the printer has not responded within a certain time. Stopping a print job on top of a print queue may cause other pending print jobs to accumulate and block your print queue.

If you are using a Canon printer that supports wireless printing, you may experience print errors because it is not properly connected to your wireless network. Your Mac cannot recognize your printer over the Internet if these settings are not configured correctly.

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Before proceeding with this application, make sure that you first install the correct driver for your Canon printer model installed on your Mac. This is necessary because your Mac needs to recognize your printer before you can successfully add it via IP.

The most likely causes of printer errors are due to driver incompatibility with macOS Big Sur. Some older printers may not work with updated Macs because printer manufacturers have yet to update their printer drivers with macOS Big Sur support.

If you are using an older printer and have recently upgraded your Mac to Big Sur, check Canon’s support page to see if your printer has an updated driver that supports Big Sur. You can also enter your Canon printer model here and check for a driver update compatible with Big Sur. If Big Sur is not listed in the list of applications under Drivers and Downloads, the particular model does not support macOS Big Sur.

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

GoodenPrint is free software that provides support for printers that are not supported by Mac OS X. If you have an unsupported Big Sur printer, you can probably fix this problem by installing Gutenprint for your Mac. This applies to Canon PIXMA series that are not supported by Big Sur.

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If you upgraded your Mac to macOS Catalina, you may encounter driver incompatibilities when using older Canon printers. This is because macOS Catalina finally dropped support for 32-bit apps in favor of 64-bit apps to prioritize faster performance and memory management.

Because of this, if your Canon printer suddenly stops working on your Mac after updating to macOS Catalina, you may have been using the 32-bit version of your printer driver.

Check Canon’s support page if your printer model has released a 64-bit driver and install it. Newer models have a higher chance of getting 64-bit driver support. If not, you may need to replace your printer with a new model.

If you continue to receive print errors when printing after installing the correct drivers for your printer, check the following methods to see if they fix your problem.

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Creating a new user account can help you reset the settings and start the drivers from the new configuration settings without other application settings conflicting with your printer drivers. Once you have created a new user account, log in with that account and try to make some test prints to see if the printer works properly this time.

If you’ve followed the steps above and can’t find a fix for your Big Sur and Catalina problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer driver.

Sometimes it is possible that the driver was damaged during installation, or you installed the wrong drivers that make some features not work.

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

If none of these solutions work and you don’t want to replace your Canon printer soon, you should downgrade your Mac to macOS Mojave. This will eliminate any incompatibility issues you experience with Big Sur or Catalina because Mojave still supports the 32-bit programs your printer has.

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Before powering down your Mac, make sure to back up your data because powering down your Mac will erase all data on your computer.

You can always use Time Machine backup for your files, but I strongly recommend transferring your files to a dedicated external storage device to make sure all your files are protected.

Also, make sure your Mac is connected. Once you finish installing, please do not close your Mac lid or put it to sleep. Any interruption could cause all your data to be corrupted.

If you bought a Mac with macOS Mojave pre-installed, you wouldn’t have any problem when it comes to downgrading to macOS Big Sur or Catalina. Canon Pixma Mg Series All In One Color Inkjet Printer, 3 In 1 Print, Scan, And Copy Or Home Business Office, Up To 4800 X 600 Resolution, Auto Scan Mode, With 6 Ft Neego Cable :

If you saved a Time Machine backup before you upgraded to macOS Big Sur or Catalina, check if you have a backup made in macOS Mojave. You can use the Mojave backup to downgrade your Mac to Mojave without reinstalling macOS Mojave from scratch.

First, you must have a complete macOS Mojave download file on your Mac before proceeding with the downgrade process. Then, follow the instructions:

Downgrading your Mac to macOS Mojave may not be an effective way to get your Canon printer back to working order.

Canon Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

You should only consider doing this if you are still using a discontinued Canon printer that is not supported by 64-bit installers and you want to continue using it, but your Mac is running macOS Big Sur or Catalina.

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