How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

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Will work for almost any pleated cartridge pool filter on the market. This can also be done for Jacuzzis and hot tubs with the same type of filter. Let’s discuss which are the best and cheapest off-the-shelf filter cleaning products. Read on to learn how to keep your pool in top working order without having to spend a lot of money on new filters! Additionally, this guide may receive updates from time to time. To see the latest version, click here.

How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

This was DIY done with the Hayward C3030 SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter (click here for Owner’s Manual) which features four cartridge pool filters made from pleated reinforced polyester. Either way, you can still follow the guide regardless of your brand. Just skip the model-specific details. The products and overall process will be almost the same as almost any other cartridge filter on the market. However, it will best feature the following Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter models:

Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Most of them you probably already have, but maybe not all of them. Here is a list of things and tools I use.

Honestly, many of them can be more than TSP and don’t need additives or fillers. Or they just use acids. Unless the filter manufacturer requires a specific product (and probably even does), the TSP should be the most versatile and cheapest solution. After all, a manufacturer can never claim to have a “premium, durable reusable filter” if it can be easily removed with a diluted cleaning product.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably come across pool filter cartridge spray cleaning tools made specifically for, well, you guessed it, cleaning cartridge pool filters. If you already have one, by all means use it. But otherwise, I don’t see it’s worth the extra cost. It’s just another hose accessory to damage or lose.

Your medium multi-purpose hose nozzle can also be used for many purposes. Just make sure you have lots of water patterns. I use this “Thumb-Control” spray nozzle which I think is perfect for the job, mainly because of the different patterns and not having to keep the trigger continuously pressed while washing the filters.

Pool Parts & Supplies

When it comes to deciding how often you should clean your filter, luckily you don’t have to guess. Look at the gauge on your cartridge filter – it will actually tell you. In the case of this filter, it should be cleaned if the pressure increases by 8 to 10 PSI from the pressure initially measured with a clean filter. Typically, your meter should have two arrows telling you when to clean it (provided it was set up correctly when installed). In my case, it took almost 2 years of cleaning (although I know this might be the exception rather than the rule). I purposely oversized the pool filter accordingly to allow for longer intervals.

If your cartridge filter is small or your environment is very dirty, I recommend installing pool skimmer socks or washing the cartridges (without chemical cleaning) every few weeks or months if necessary.

Also, to help extend the intervals, I recommend periodically opening the drain valve at the bottom of the cartridge housing and then closing the pump outlet to eliminate any debris inside the housing. That way, you can prevent sludge or other dirt from accumulating on the bottom. It is best to do this at least once a month.

How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

The first step is to turn off the pump (especially if it is running on an automatic timer) and close all inlet and outlet valves if possible.

Pool Filter Pressure Problems

Then use a socket and ratchet to remove the screw holding the clamp. You will need a 19mm or 3/4″ socket. Once removed, you may need a rubber mallet to loosen the clamp if it sticks. It will fall off when the top is removed. To prevent a vacuum from being created, open the breather valve at the top (the orange handle) OR empty the filter compartment first.

Remove the Upper Manifold and then the Filters. To help remove the filter cartridge elements, make a slight rocking motion when lifting.

In my case, the air relief filter screen was damaged and needed to be replaced. For any of these Hayward SwimClear filters, the screen is the same size regardless of size. If your filter is at least two years old, you can order the part to ensure it arrives before assembly to minimize downtime. To see if Ebay is cheaper, click here.

As soon as possible after removing them from the water, wash the filters. Use moderate pressure from a regular garden hose (no pressure washers!) Emphasize washing debris between the pleats. You can also carefully brush the pleated surface to remove small particles and debris.

Pool Filter Cleaning

You can get a lot of dirt from the filters, maybe more than you think (image attached for illustration purposes). Filters are actually lighter after cleaning, ironically. Select the area where you want to clean the filter completely to minimize cleaning afterwards. I recommend the herb. Only the leaves, silt and fiber rot, so it is non-toxic. It’s just irritating.

You want to fill a bucket (or trash can, in this case) with water and use approximately 1 cup of TSP per 5 gallons of water. I used about 2 pounds. Immerse filters completely and leave overnight if possible (minimum 3 hours). Regarding using TSP substitutes instead of TSP, some users report lukewarm results compared to using the real thing. Given how clean the filters are, I’ll try to find the real thing.

One cup of dishwasher detergent to five gallons of water can also be used, but remember that dishwasher detergent (for machine washing) is not the same thing as dishwasher detergent (for washing your hands). hands). Dishwasher detergent is designed not to foam, and there are many substitutes for TSP.

How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

While the filters bathed in their TSP, I took advantage of the wait to clean the filter housing.

How To Clean A Pool Filter

Clean the inside and wash any dirt built up under the outside through the drain. So I put a cup of TSP in here too, to really clean the inside. I also cleaned the outside of the housing and the clamp support surface to reduce downstream work.

Finally, I reassembled the box and filled it to the brim with water to get the degreaser to work. I use a bamboo stick to make sure it’s mixed well and dissolved. After a few hours, I drained the fluid and sealed it. So I can let the pump circulate (without filters) to keep the water chlorinated.

Since the filters had been clean for a long time, I gave them a second bath of TSP. Everything is the same as before.

If the filter is covered with algae, calcium carbonate (calcium hypochlorite residue), iron, or other minerals, a muriatic acid bath can help clean it. Personally, I think if you’ve made it this far, you can do it even though the filter looks clean for good measure. However, make sure all oils and cleaning solutions are removed before soaking filters in acid as this can permanently damage the filter. Even if you clean the filter as described here, there’s little to worry about.

Green To Clean: How To Clear Up A Green And Cloudy Swimming Pool

You want to use 1 part muriatic acid for every 20 parts water. As for the aspect ratio, some recommend as high as 1:1 or as low as 1:29. In this case, I just used a gallon of acid with the minimum amount of water needed to completely cover the filters – I estimate about 25 gallons. Remember to wear gloves and safety glasses, as well as wash all surfaces where acid may have spilled. If the acid gets on you, well, at least you can jump in the pool.

Leave the filters in the bath overnight, or at least until the filters stop leaking (if any). Once you get it, wash it off immediately with plenty of water. To dispose of the bath, you can neutralize it with baking soda or ammonia, or dilute it as much as possible and dump it on your wet path or any other safe place.

Almost ready! Give the filters their final wash. Almost no dirt comes out of the pleats at this point.

How To Drain Pool With Cartridge Filter

Finally, we are ready to reinstall the filters. Keep it indoors temporarily so it doesn’t get wet. Make sure the bottom sealing plate is in the correct position before installing the filters.

Quad De Cartridge Style Pool Filter

Before reassembly, check the condition of

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