Why Is My Led Light Flashing

Why Is My Led Light Flashing – This support page provides a detailed how-to guide on why your LED strips are not working and how to fix them.

These troubleshooting instructions apply to LED strips from any manufacturer/supplier, not just strips purchased from InStyle LED. (In fact, our LED strips use the highest quality components, making them more reliable and come with a 5-year warranty, so check us out!)

Why Is My Led Light Flashing

Why Is My Led Light Flashing

If your LED strip is not working, there could be many different reasons. But in any case, the problem must first be found. Once you know this, it will be much easier to assess the nature of the fault and how to fix/fix it.

Led Light Bars

This guide covers troubleshooting all LED strips that run on 12V or 24V. These include white, monochrome, RGB, RGBW and dual white LEDs.

If your LEDs are flashing in a regular and consistent sequence (eg 1 second on, 1 second off, then 1 second again), your power supply is overloaded! This means that there are too many strips connected to that power supply.

For example, if you have a 10m LED strip that consumes 5 watts per meter, it needs a total of 50W (whether it’s two 5m strips or 10 x 1m strips, it still adds up to 50W). If all these bands are powered by a 30W power supply, it goes into overload protection mode, i.e. turns on, turns off again as soon as it senses overload, and repeats the cycle.

You can choose a larger power supply to handle all the power you need, so the power supply is larger than the total power of all the LED strips.

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Alternatively, you can buy another power supply of the same size as the one you already have and split the strip into 2 power supplies.

Problem: My RGB/RGBW LEDs show different colors in some small parts of the strip (eg 100mm doesn’t work)

Does your LED strip work properly for most of its length, except for one or more sections at the strip cut point? (For example, when you select orange, the 50mm or 100mm section only shows green.) This means that the red LED in that section is faulty. You can easily confirm this – if you set the bars to red, they will not glow at all in that part, and if you set them to purple, then the part will only be blue.

Why Is My Led Light Flashing

It can be very confusing when you install your first LED project and find that these colors don’t match. But the answer is simple, a single color RGB/W LED will not work in that part and needs to be changed. This can be caused by static damage, excessive tape bending and twisting, tripping, shipping damage, cheap, poor quality tape, or dry solder joints.

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LED strips are made up of 50mm/100mm sections (sometimes other sizes) and are connected in such a way that each section is a separate closed circuit (in other words, if the LED or resistor is damaged, it only affects the strips in certain section points).

If the entire section between the cut points doesn’t work, it looks very much like a broken LED or resistor – most likely due to dry solder joints.

In most cases, the only option here is to replace that part of the tape. You can do this by replacing the entire strip. Alternatively, you can buy another, say 100mm section and solder it in – or you can use a joint clamp to attach a new 100mm section.

Before taking this step, it’s a good idea to try touching or pressing the LED/resistor on the broken part – at best you might see the light magically come back on; in this case the problem is dry solder joints, if you can solder you can fix this tape!

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If all but one of the LED strip colors are working properly and it affects the color of the entire strip (eg not all red LEDs are working) then there is or is a solder failure connecting the red wire to any on. the tape PCB is broken or the red cable from the tape to the receiver or the red cable to the receiver is broken or disconnected.

We can say for sure because it is impossible for the full-length red LEDs to be defective; The way LED strips are manufactured means that faulty LEDs will only affect the parts between these cut points. So the problem is with the wiring.

Check the wires between the controller and the band, especially if you extended them with a connector block. A good test is to connect the power directly to the bar, cutting off any extension cords and all controls. Note that black is always positive (+) for RGB/RGBW strips. So first connect the positive side of the power supply to the black cable on the LED strip. Then connect the -ve from the power to the wire to get the dead colors.

Why Is My Led Light Flashing

Let’s say the blue cable is not working. In this case, you should see a blue light indicating that they are working, which means there is a bad connection elsewhere. With that in mind, restore the system step by step, add the controls (and extension cords if you have them) and see which component causes the blue light to stop working.

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(If the Blue isn’t working at all at this point, check that its cable isn’t pulling away from the ribbon pads, because that’s the only reason it won’t work.)

There are two possible reasons for this problem. (A) You have a 24V power supply connected to a 12V LED strip. Or (B) “shorted” along the strip – in other words, the solder went through the PCB somewhere, and the +ve and -ve touch, shorting the circuit. Alternatively, if you have an output cable, the +ve and -ve outputs can touch.

If option A is correct, connect the 24V to the 12V strip, then yes, the strip will still work. In fact, they will be brighter than they should be because you have twice the energy. But the problem is that this can damage the LED very quickly (usually within a few hours) and cause a fire.

Same as option B: if +ve and -ve touch anywhere, the light bar will fail within a few hours and the LED will be damaged. You may even smell burning, which can cause a fire hazard,

Led Light String

If you are connecting a 24V power supply to a 12V strip, you can solve this by buying a 12V power supply, or you can find a converter that converts 24V to 12V (which will connect the power supply and the strip).

If you have a “short” you will need to look closely at each part of the strip to see if there is solder going through the joint. If so, then you can either re-solder or simply split the solder with a Stanley knife so that the +ve and -ve are no longer touching.

This can be caused by two things. Your power supply may be faulty. Otherwise, the inrush current will be too high for your circuit breaker.

Why Is My Led Light Flashing

If you suspect a power supply failure, disconnect all power supplies from the breaker and try reconnecting them one at a time – adding another until the breaker trips. Then you will know which one is wrong.

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If your power supply is not broken, but there are multiple sources on the breaker and it trips, the inrush current is too high for that type of breaker. You will need to increase the breaker size. If it still trips, consider assigning power to another circuit breaker.

Most standard LED strips can be up to 5m long, powered from one end, with no visible voltage drop across the strip. (Some specialist tapes are 10m, 15m or 20m long).

For example, if you spliced ​​2 x 5m strips and fed them from one end, and the strips were less bright towards the end, you would: (A) Spit out the strips and insert the 2 x 5m strips. are connected in parallel or (B) use the starter wire and output wire 10m apart in a ring power supply and connect the two wires back to one power supply as shown below.

If the LED strips are powered when they are left on the supplied reel or still wound, they can be caused by heat build-up.

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