How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge

How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge – HP is the most widely used brand of printers used in most commercial businesses. Toner for all hp printers is different, it depends on the model of the printer and its refill is different.

There are many hp printers that have HP Toners Refill that are very useful in the market such as: hp LaserJet 1020 Plus:

How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge

How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge

This hp printer has a 12A toner which has a capacity of 140 grams to refill ink and toner refill center in Jalandhar Anil Toner Refill is the most famous for hp ink refill service.

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This hp printer has a 88A toner which has a capacity of 70gm to refill the hp ink due to its small size. In Toner apart from ink, Drum and Blades also play an important role in high quality printing. Its service center is almost everywhere in India but in punjab i.e. jalandhar most reliable and high quality service center is Anil Toner Refill who is master in hp toner refill service.

This hp printer has very little usage due to its high quality 18A toner which has a capacity of 70 grams to refill hp ink and the standards are different from others and Anil Toner Refill shop is famous. in Jalandhar for the quality of services and its people. recommend others for Toner Refill.

This hp printer is very demanding and is the latest in the market and has 88A toner with 70g ink capacity.

Anil Toner Refill is the best hp toner refill shop in Jalandhar. It is the only thing that guarantees the business and high quality. There are many reasons why people come here, including:

Anil Toner Refill

Anil Toner Refill Center has expert technicians who have a solution for every problem whether it is related to refilling the toner or any part of the printer. This sign is fully integrated when it comes to ink refill service in this area.

Anil Toner Refill Service Center is trusted among the market. That is why it is highly sought after in Jalandhar and has become the best in the field of toner refill.

If one wants top quality in service then this is the only place where you can blindly trust the service because Anil Toner Refill uses high quality ink and imported from different parts of India and can provide the best service.

How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge

Any problem in the Printer especially the toner or hp printers (because the brand is used a lot) is easy to solve and can be fixed in a short time.

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For hp Toner Refill the best place is Anil Toner Refill which is popular in Jalandhar. All hp brand users come for toner refill and printer repair and service. The HP 12A cartridge is the most successful toner cartridge for hp laserset printers that can fit various models such as HP LaserJet 1012, 1018, 1020, 1020+, 1022, 3015, 3020, 3030 and 3050 , 3052, 3052, 3052, 3052, 3055 AIFO, 3052, 3052, 3055 AIFO , group of printers and Canon 2900b.

Step 4: Remove the magnetic screw by making small gaps and insert the screw on the other side of the hp 12 and toner.

Step 7: Separate one side of the hp 12 a toner cartridge. Do not open tools.

Step 8: You have successfully separated the tape. Then you will have two parts, a waste toner part and a waste toner part.

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Step 11: You will find the wiper blade just below the pressure switch. Remove and remove the wiper and clean with a soft cloth. Do not twist the shiny part of the eye.

Step 12: You will see the remaining toner dust under the wiper blade. Completely remove the remaining powder with the help of a brush. And clean thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not damage the film surface attached to the cartridge.

Step 14: Clean the press box with a soft cloth and check for any dry dirt on the roller. If necessary, clean the roller with a damp cloth.

How To Refill Hp 12a Cartridge

Step 18: Gently join the two case pieces together. Check for proper adjustment, that is, there are no gaps on both sides of the toner cartridge hp 12. Do not apply too much pressure when assembling, just do the position to be done with the quiet.

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Step 21: Gently attach the magnetic coil. Locate the spring section of the “D” magnetic coil. Compare the shape with the box body.

Step 22: When adjusting the magnetic coil you need to make a small gap so that the motor can stand in its correct position.

Step 23: If necessary, use a new box for best results. Install the cartridge by gently sliding it into the cassette body. Do not touch the box area, hold the box by its tools.

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