How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon – As an Adelaide wedding photographer, I always have 2 cameras with me. One with a wide angle lens and the other with a focal length lens. With the recent release of the Canon 600ex-rt, it takes my photography to the next level.

Before the Canon 600ex-rt, I rarely took a shot on camera. Now, with ETTL capability with this 600EX-RT. I love using these units. I have one ST-E3 (Radio Trigger) and two 600EX-RTs. I stick the ST-E3 on 1 camera body, the Canon 600ex-rt on the other. And put another 600ex-rt where I like it.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

Of course, the ST-E3 and the canon 600ex-rt (on the camera) must be set to “master” and the flash unit to “slave”. I only have “green” light on one LED from the ST-E3 (left), the other LED is orange but it still fires the OCF.

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Risky, there is always a chance that someone attending the wedding has/has a wireless network and is using the same radio frequency.

I haven’t had any errors or problems with 2 cameras yet. I tend to leave the setting on both -ETTL triggers the same. I’m sure if you have 3 main triggers, you should be able to fire one OCF. Thus, this setup also works for more than 1 OCF.

Allow the flash unit to rest – prevent overheating. Bring some spare batteries and enjoy the pace of a wedding photographer.

Press and hold the Mode button until the LCD changes to “Connected Display”. See below. Controls the master button. It’s that simple!

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If you like our information, join us on Facebook. I would like to hear from your experience. I tried to explain my struggle with statements like “I’m a natural light photographer,” or “I don’t really like the aesthetics of flash photography.”

But I finally – willingly! – For my first Nikon I invested in flash. This was the 90s, pre-digital, pre-autofocus and pre-TTL. I had to calculate how much power it was using with the chart on the dash.

Every photo shoot that required flash was preceded by a sleepless night filled with restless dreams of going to a nude shoot. And even the thought of using the flash has a soothing and softening effect on me.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

Thankfully, those days are long gone and off-camera flash has never been easier! In this tutorial, I’ll show you the quick and easy steps I take to take portraits using off-camera flash lights.

Off Camera Flash Photography For Beginners

I mostly use flash lights when I’m traveling and need a light and portable flash, when I’m working somewhere without access to power, or when I’m working in small, confined spaces where studio flashes are too powerful or heavy. . .

I work with two Canon Speedlites. A great option if you want to save some money is the Yongnuo YN560 IV. It is very similar to Canon Speedlites as well as Nikon’s SB Speedlite series.

When they’re not mounted on your camera, remote lights let you shoot fast flashes. As you can imagine, this is essential when using an off-camera flash.

The cheapest and most reliable way to fire your speedlight off-camera is to use a sync cord – basically, you connect your speedlight to your camera with a long cable.

Best Off Camera Flash For Canon

The disadvantages of using a cable are that it reduces the distance you can get away from your plug, and it can create a tripping hazard. That said, I still carry a few spare sync cables in my kit; Remote triggers fail from time to time, and sync cables have saved me a few times.

Another option for off-camera flash fires are inexpensive infrared bulbs. This works to disconnect your plug from a distance, but they are sensitive to bright sunlight and external factors such as emergency vehicles and warning lights on forklifts, etc., so they can go off without warning. I started with a $30 set and spent several years before trading up to PocketWizards, which I’ve been using for the past eight years.

Using fast light as a bare light source creates a very harsh light pattern similar to harsh sunlight. This looks great in some situations, but I prefer to soften and control the light source with a small or medium softbox. This creates a softer, smoother and more realistic light source.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

A good softbox to start with is the LumiQuest Mini Softbox. It attaches to your speedlight with Velcro and folds up for easy storage.

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Finally, you’ll need a camera that works in manual mode. He must also have warm shoes.

Note that the “hot shoe” is simply a square piece of metal on the camera that an external flash or wireless trigger slides into.

Once I got over my fear of camera flash, I began to believe that great portraits require artificial light regardless of the environment. I have often added two or three lights to my portrait shoot because I thought it was less lazy or unprofessional. When I shot with natural light, I felt really guilty because I thought it was cheating.

Finding and using great light are learned skills – and so is knowing when to use fill-flash in a portrait.

How To) Canon 600ex Rt

Now, when I’m setting up a portrait, I’m always looking for opportunities to make the best use of natural light. It’s the best and most beautiful light for portraits, so if it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it.

That said, there are times when natural light is just good or even terrible—and sometimes a portrait needs more mood or drama than the available light can provide.

Below is an example of how I used a flash from the camera to light a photo with a lot of background. My goal was to create an image that was naturally lit. This technique can be used for any portrait that requires a full out-of-camera flash.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

In the first photo (A), you can see that my model was heavily back, which creates a great silhouette but not such a great portrait.

Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Flash Triggers And Receivers

For the second shot (B), I tried to adjust the lighting by increasing my ISO, which overexposes the background and brings out more detail in the motorcycle, but the model’s skin tone looks dull, dull and understated. He also added more noise to the shadows. At this stage, I could use a reflector to bounce light onto the model to help create a better skin tone.

Finally, for the third shot (C), I used the camera flash. As you can see in my example, the Canon Speedlight did a good job of lighting my model, even though I was about five meters (sixteen feet) away and using a 200mm lens.

But what I don’t like about using the on-camera flash for portraits is that it tends to make the subject look unnatural and flat. On the other hand, by using an off-camera flash, you can control the direction and amount of light hitting your model to achieve a more natural look.

My speed light was placed about one meter (three feet) from the model. I placed it at a 45-degree angle because I wanted my model to look like it was lit from that angle.

Best Detachable Camera Flashes

I was working with a 70-200mm zoom lens set to a 200mm focal length because I wanted to make all the details in the background clear.

My ISO was set to 100, and my aperture was set to f/4. I work at f/4, not wide open at f/2.8, because I find it very difficult to get my eyes to look sharp at f/2.8 at that distance and in extreme lighting conditions.

To shoot this motorcycle model, I mounted my speed light via an adapter to a light stand and used a LumiQuest soft box to soften and shape my light.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

To manually adjust your shutter speed output, first change the setting from your default TTL to M (manual mode). I suggest you start with the following settings:

How To Use Canon’s Wireless Flash System For Beginners

The figure above is based on Canon’s Speedlight 580EX II. For any other flash, check your manual for instructions on how to raise and lower the power. They should be very similar.

Now that you know how to set up your flash and define a good exposure, I want to move on to photographing my motorcycle.

This is something I strongly urge you to practice with sick friends, family members and pets as much as possible. This way, you can build your confidence and really get to know your tools.

Notice the different background? He has been since last year’s shooting in St. Mark is in Venice. I combined the two images using Photoshop.

The Off Camera Flash Handbook By Vanessa Joy

Now that you’ve finished this article, you should be ready to get some great shots using off-camera flash!

What is your experience working with camera flash? Have you tried it? Does it scare you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

He has been a professional photographer for over 25 years.

How To Use Off Camera Flash Canon

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