How To Setup Scan To Email

How To Setup Scan To Email – Scan to Email – Altalink Style Quick Reference Guide from Xerox Altalinks. If you think you missed something, click here to return to the directory listing. If you would like to rent a new unit, please click here to access the selection tool and select the appropriate model.

There is a lot of information on how to configure Scan to Email using GMAIL on your Xerox Altalink device. I have a Xerox Altalink set to scan and email about once a week. Different email providers require different steps. One of the easiest and fastest ways to configure Scan to Email on your Xerox Altalink device is to use GMAIL as the sender.

How To Setup Scan To Email

How To Setup Scan To Email

Below are the steps to follow if you have issues with the Scan to Email setting on your Xerox Altalink device.

Configure A Canon Mfp For Secure Scan To Email

As an administrator he logs into his Gmail account and allows less secure applications. Link to change account access for less secure applications.

1. Log into the Centreware control panel (typed into her web browser using the Xerox IP address) as administrator (default username: Admin | default password: 1111).

10. Enter 587 or 465 as the port number for E-mail/Internet fax transmission.

Note: By default you should use port 587, if you have problems use port 465. If the report fails to indicate connectivity issues, you should verify that these ports are not blocked on your network.

Econnector User’s Manual V1.1

12. Enter your Gmail email address in the Device email address field. The format should be a full email address, such as

The above steps should work for a Xerox Altalink Scan to Email setup using Gmail as the email sender.

Next, you need to go to your address book and add the email address of each user you need to scan and email.

How To Setup Scan To Email

** Note ** There is a “Domain” field in the connection settings for IPv4 addresses in case you run into problems. There must be something in this blank. We recommend using your company’s – for example

Scan To Email Setup Not Working After Office365 Intergration

*The above configuration was done using a Xerox Altalink C8035. Click here for more information on the Altalink C8035.

This is one of the helpful tutorials in the How To: Altalink series. If you’re looking for even better tips, click here to return to the directory listing.

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If your IT organization has read this far and is looking for a Xerox partner to delegate a referral to, please contact us. We offer great incentives for early introduction of copiers. Email Connect app simplifies setup for scanning to email on Xerox ConnectKey, AltaLink and VersaLink multifunction printers, allowing users to enter username, password and select email provider on device to allow setup to complete.

Scan To Email Not Working After Factory Reset

To configure the scan-to-email feature, you must first obtain your email provider’s settings and complete several screens in your Xerox machine’s web interface as shown below. To access the web interface, you will also need to obtain the machine’s IP address and username and password.

To set up Scan to E-mail, enter a total of 16 pieces of information on 5 screens. This process is the same for all manufacturers, not just Xerox.

To configure Scan to Email using Email Connect, a user selects the App Gallery in his Xerox ConnectKey, AltaLink, or VersaLink user interface, then accesses the Email Connect app (free download). Choose. Enter your username and password, select your provider, and Scan to Email is set up and ready to use.

How To Setup Scan To Email

With E-mail Connect, you can now easily set up and operate Scan to E-mail on your MFP.

Adding A Name To Printer For Scan To Email

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New Email Notification Settings

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If you have a Ricoh copier and want to configure the SCAN TO E-MAIL feature on your Office 365 Hosted Exchange mail server, the best place to go is:

Here are some things I’ve run into over the years while setting up Ricoh Scan to Email.

How To Setup Scan To Email

My client was using his two-factor authentication from Okta for Office365. There is no solution for this. As of today, to my knowledge, it’s not possible to disable Okta to connect a single account to Office365.

How To Setup Sharp Mx C357f To Scan To Email With Gmail And Office365

The most secure way to send emails via Office365 from devices such as Ricoh copiers is to create an Office365 account and give it an email address. However, this consumes one of your licenses.

If you want to avoid issue 2 (Sheet O365 payments), you can use this Microsoft Office365 article to set up an unauthenticated email connection relay.

As an aside, if you prefer to write your own essay, you can use the “Pay for My Essay” service and spend this time repairing your Ricoh setup.

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How To Setup Scan To Email

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