Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last – I used two cans of black plastic and half a can of glossifier for all four tires. You will also need tape, some decks of cards, and some plastic shopping bags.

Start with clean rims. Remove all dust, dirt and debris from the brakes. I pushed the cards between the tire and the molding.

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

I folded four and glued them into tubes and slid them over the lug nuts and a smaller tube slid over the valve stem.

How To Remove Plasti Dip From Wheels: 6 Methods Examined

I made a ring of cardboard to go behind the corner to catch the spray, but the back side did not need it. Plastic grocery bags I stuffed inside to protect the brakes to hold everything.

I applied a fifth coat because my coats were light. I was looking for places I might miss.

Applying the glossifier is optional, but I felt it would make cleaning easier. I don’t think it made it much brighter.

The final coat is the second coat of sheer gloss. Regular clear coat will stick, but it will make peeling the paint in the dip more difficult because it will lose its flexibility.

Plasti Dip / Chrome Delete / Spray Caliper / Spray Rims / Plastic Dip / Black Out For All Type Of Cars

A picture of the progress. If done right, it will last for years and peel with little effort. It can withstand power washing and regular abuse. You can repaint or change the color without removing the older layers as long as they are maintained. The thicker the layers, the easier they are to remove.

This was done on 7/13/2014 on a Kia Sorento 2015. So don’t worry you can’t mess it up. If you shave it. This thread is a quick review of the product and process for “soaking the wheels”! While by no means complete, maybe the things I’ve learned along the way will help you if you’re planning a similar venture. I have been looking for an alternative to plastidip in India for the past few years. The change in the character of the car was quite stunning just by changing the color of the wheels. Plus, the opportunity to get back into stock so easily was too great to pass up.

I did a little research a few years ago, but then life got in the way and stopped for a moment. I even got in touch with Cosmotech in Mumbai – the seller of Plastidip – who offered the product in limited quantities, however, I could never finalize the purchase, either I was busy with something else or life got in the way! Finally, about 2 months ago, I found a similar Rustoleum tire paint on Amazon and being the online shopper that I am, I ordered about 6 cans of it. I wasn’t sure if the product was as good as Plastidip or the others, but hey, I’m a fan of online shopping, so I ordered it!!

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

So the painting arrived, all 6 of its boxes, it sits around. Then sit around some more. Then one more thing… Hope someone can relate! Finally, my wife got tired of watching it gather dust and had artistic tendencies, and decided to pick up my bum. So I started to re-learn and refresh my information about “wetting the wheels” and vision. I have already decided that it will just be the wheels for now. And maybe some other matters too…Hehe!!

Mobile Dechrome / Plasti Dip Services! 🔥, Car Accessories, Car Workshops & Services On Carousell

So the information below details everything I went through to get the wheels wet. That funny phrase, but oh well, we have to move with the times. I know I’m rambling, but bear with me and I promise a surprise at the end. You can complete the whole process in about 6-8 hours if you have “everything”, but if you are something like me, it will take you 2 days with the actual classes spread in between. We do not sacrifice cold drinks on a hot day and subsequent rest, eh!

*Please note that Amazon links are for indicative products. Everyone will usually have all of these at home or be able to find them at their local store. But if someone is really lazy like me, I saved you the trouble, friend!

This is the easiest method. You can paint the wheels of the car. As long as you mask the internal components properly, there is absolutely no reason not to go this route. However, this will mean that the painting process is subject to the environmental factors of dust, wind, people and other distractions.

This is the most painful method and I’m not Fonzie – no muscles, no tights! However, this method allows you to remove each wheel and paint it in a relatively quiet area. But this can also be great, it involves removing each wheel, moving it to your painting area and then putting it back. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. let me explain.

Behold The Disastrous Result Of Using Paint Stripper On A Plasti Dipped Car

Obviously, I chose the second approach. I live in a high rise building and a gated community. I have one parking space for this car and a small space on both sides. However, I also live in the penthouse of the building with access to my own terrace and balcony. These gave me a lot more space and peace of mind that I could do this without someone asking me every 10 minutes that I was at work! But that also meant I had to carry five 30kg ruddy tires, 6 flights up, and then 2 more on my back! Bleeding pain!! And I chose to do 2 tires at the same time!!

Now the smartest among us will jump in and “Whoah! You have a jack, how do you lift 2 wheels in the air?’ A valid question, this. Painful, but justified. So the process I went with is: I mount a wheel, remove it, replace it with the reserve, put it down, jack it out, move to the next wheel jack it up, take the steering wheel out and… 2 wheels to paint I went with both the front tires first and the rear tires, but I guess you can do this in different configurations, depending on your car and Jack.

I could ask my FNG for some stand up, but that’s me, I was just too lazy to deal with it. I would seriously recommend using this option if you can.

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

So after making it up the last 2 flights of stairs I finally got down to cleaning. Boy, let me tell you, it takes a lot to clean up all the junk that has accumulated.

Oh, The Horror! Audi A5 Coupe Was Plasti Dipped And Then Covered In Paint Stripper

This is after the third wash. Note 2 scrubbers!! Agree, agree, it is the miss who wipes. I did the tires and he did the alloys..Good luck!! grumble, grumble…

And another, from the inside. Again, this is after a significant amount of cleaning. Unless you plan to paint the interior, there is no reason to clean it. But since it was removed, we decided to just clean it all up. Note that there is and will be a lot of dirt on the inside of the wheel, no matter how much pressure washing it goes through.

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So, finally, we got down to painting the alloys. After all the fuss, this is the good stuff. Critical factor, you do NOT need to be a paint expert to do this. Anyone can paint!

Plasti Dip 11 Fl Oz Black Aerosol Spray Waterproof Rubberized Coating In The Rubberized Coatings Department At

With all the fuss, here are the pictures. These are photos of the first set I did, so there are some mistakes early on, but I pretty much followed the same process for all five tires and you can see the result. I’m not an expert when it comes to neck painting and it shows in my first coat.

1. Preliminary masking. This was only for the first alloy. I did not do this for the following.

3. Coat 1. You can get some thick pieces if you are a hobbyist like me, but don’t worry about it. It will even come out in later layers.

Plastidip Car How Long Does It Last

After all this I let it cook for about 3 hours in the sunlight. The color was well set and it didn’t go anywhere so I left it where it was because I really needed a break. Even though I was wearing a mask, the paint fumes got to me and I had to clear my throat with something dark and cold…which really took 3 hours to clear!

Yes, Another Black Wheel Thread: How Long Will Plasti Dip Last?

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Finally, once we were ready to return to practice, there was just one last thing to do.

2. A really steady hand: I couldn’t find one easily, thanks to my personal Wonder Woman! Although I wouldn’t tell her that.

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Best Plasti Dip Spray Guns [paint Sprayers For Dipping Your Car]

Note that all these observations are from my own experience. Someone who is not an expert in rubber-based paint, nor in the paint process.


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