How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640 – Most Epson printers have a permanent print head. A permanent printhead has better quality and durability than a one-time printhead. However, the permanent printhead becomes a big problem when it is clogged. For Epson printer owners, there may be a day when we get printer prints in strips. Most people will blame the poor print on third-party cartridges, ink quality, ink quality changes, and so on. In an attempt to solve the problem, one can switch back to Epson cartridges. If the new Epson toner solves the problem, the person would conclude that he should stay with Epson. If a new Epson cartridge did not solve the problem, the person would conclude that the renewal process had broken the printer.

To understand why Epson printers are so prone to clogging and why new ink will sometimes solve the problem, we need to understand the mechanism behind clogging. There are three types of timers:

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640

The air bubble is the most common clock. The bubble can form when switching to a new ink, changing color, or changing room temperature. It can also happen for any reason at all.

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We explain why Epson cartridges are less likely to clog than refilled Epson cartridges. Epson cartridges have a built-in flap (Photo). The cut forces ink to flow one way: from the cartridge to the valve and then from the valve outside. In the case of new Epson ink, the valve should be full of ink and therefore less prone to bubbles. However, most people use the ink until they see color flow. At this time, the ink is used up, and the valve is full of air. When we refill the toner, the air in the valve can close the printer. We recommend using a syringe to blow air out of the ink cartridge outlet after each refill. Therefore, we will remove the air bubbles from the valve.

Another place where air bubbles can form is inside the print head. Let’s take a closer look at where ink cartridges feed. There are small cone-shaped ink tubes (ink outlets) on top of the printhead. By changing the color, we can push some air into these sockets and create bubbles. This is why printers tend to clock right after a cartridge change.

To deal with air bubbles, many HP and Canon printers have built-in pumps. For example, an HP printer pumps air into an internal bladder, which pushes ink out of the ink, and therefore flushes the air bubbles (or dirt) from the printhead. On the contrary, Epson relies on two things: 1) an internal one-way valve that leaves only one-way ink flow. 2) a built-in cleaning function that uses an external waste pad to pull and clean the print head. Each built-in cleaning cycle will remove some ink from the cartridge and then dump the ink on a waste pad. However, the litter pad is poorly designed and the experience is often overwhelming. When the ink pad overflows, ink will remain on the print head and dry. The dry ink will cause more clogging and make things worse. Therefore, we do not recommend more than three consecutive cleanings.

We can illustrate the above situation with an example. Our printer lacks color (clogged by air bubbles). We did 7-8 integrated cleanings continuously and it worked well. The lumps were sucked up with ink, and we went back to regular printing. A day later, we found that the printer was clogged again. Although there were no air bubbles in the ink, the print head was clogged with dry ink.

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If you search for the word “Epson unclog” on YouTube, you can see that most people are simulating the HP method. They inject the liquid from the ink intake and collect the waste ink with a paper towel underneath. However, this is a bit too much for most butchers. Here at BCH, we do this sequence, gradually increasing the effort and intensity of unlocking until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Don’t let the ink run out. If we let the ink run out, then both the ink and the print head will be full of air. When we fill ink, we will use a syringe to draw air from a cartridge outlet until we see ink come out. Also, we can add a drop (1 ml) of wetting solution to every 100 ml of ink to prevent it from drying out.

Epson’s self-cleaning is the most underrated and misunderstood method. Actually, Epson built a very powerful cleaning routine in the printer, but people don’t know how to use it. Most people only run one or two cleanses and give up. People worry that the cleaning will damage the print head. Epson has a counter that if we do more than 5 cleanings in a row, the printer will show “the print head is damaged” and avoid further cleaning. Therefore, we will not run more than three cleanups in a row. We will run three cleanings, go to the home screen (no need to wait), and then go to the maintenance table and do the next batch of cleaning.

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640

We will run the “clean printhead” build three times, then go to the home screen of the printer, then go back to the maintenance screen and run three more times. After that, we wait 12 hours, and then we run another 6 hours (3 + 3). We usually repeat the procedure three times before abandoning this method. If the technique works, we will clean the ink pad to prevent ink from drying on the print head.

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We will turn on the printer. The printer will unlock the print head and allow it to move freely. Before the printer closes the print head again, we unplug the power cord. So we can move the printhead from its rest. Then we will be able to see the waste ink pad exposed. We will use a paper towel to soak up the excess waste ink and then power on the printer.

A slight positive pressure will also wash out the air bubbles. If we have a refillable cartridge, we will unplug the refill hole. When the top of a cartridge is open to the air, there will be a small pressure pushing the ink down and moving the air bubbles up. For OEM refill cartridges, we will remove the sealing tape and expose the drill hole. These methods create a slight downward pressure on the ink. We will leave the cartridge in the printer overnight. We will check the result a day later and see if we need to go to the next step. In addition, we will clean the waste ink pad afterwards.

We can also use ink tubes to generate positive pressure. This kit contains two tubes (click here). These two different diameter tubes (1 foot each) can be cut and joined together. If we have 4 colors, we will cut each of 4 pieces, then connect to each other. The smaller tube will be connected to the ink intake and we can add cleaning solution to the larger tube. Then we let gravity do the cleaning. The cleaning solution will gradually dissolve the clog and force the mouth open. When we see the cleaning solution gone, we know the cleaning is done. This video shows the process in action.

If we decide that the clock is dry ink, we can use a wet towel to soften the dry ink. We will unplug the printer and the print head is unlocked, similar to the procedure in (2). We will place a wet paper towel, soaked in hot water or cleaning solution (LINK), in the center of the printer. Then we will slide the print head on the towel and let the print head sit on top of the sheet for a few hours.

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If we try harder, we can remove air bubbles and debris from the print head by washing it with liquid. We will take a syringe, fill it with liquid, and push the liquid into the cone-shaped ink intake. A syringe is suitable for some ink consumption, so we may not need special tools. Larger intakes may require tubing to connect to the syringe.

This method will flood the pad with waste ink. Therefore, we will put a dry paper towel in the printer and slide the print head over itself, as in 4).

Ink. The original ink is the most non-intrusive way. A “golden rule” in the ink industry states that the dry ink must be able to dissolve with the same ink. So the best solution is to use the same type of ink in the color.

How To Change Ink Cartridge Epson Wf 3640

Ink medal. The ink base is the liquid used to make the ink before a colorant is added. Base ink is a type of colorless ink. The ink base is less messy and non-persistent in the print head. BCH produces two types of ink base: ink base and pigment base.

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Hot water. Water is the cheapest solution. But the printer cannot print on water, and we should rinse it a bit

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