Sega Saturn Games For Sale

Sega Saturn Games For Sale – Of course, the Sega Saturn has always been one of the consoles that has never been particularly cheap – especially if you want full copies of your games. And while we’ve seen a solid amount of appreciation in the value of Saturn games over the past decade, unsurprisingly, most of the biggest increases have been in the case of NTSC jewel cases with longbox-style manuals ( check out our guide in the rare and valuable Saturn in your case. is curious).

Many of those collectors who did not collect many of the early Saturn titles have seen even some of the more common games are expensive in complete condition. In the case of Sega Saturn, the perfect example is “Night of Dreams”. The game was a crown jewel in the Saturn library, but it sold relatively well and many copies were available. When I first created this guide in 2007, a complete copy could be had for $20 (probably only about $10 or $15 just a few years earlier. In my 2009 review, you could also get for $19. However, now you need to shop with tact to score for $35 or less.

Sega Saturn Games For Sale

Sega Saturn Games For Sale

However, because of the rewards on full games, I’m going with a hybrid price criteria (like I did recently with the Cheap Sega Genesis/Megadrive guide) where I shoot for games under $35 that are loose (crazy, I know. ). ) and under $60 complete (well, $62 for the iconic Panzer Dragoon)

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This revised list not only reflects the changed values, but I’ve also expanded it to include a Japanese-exclusive list and a short list of popular Saturn games that are cheaper as Japanese versions. I hope this Saturn games review list will help you start or build your collection without having to spend a lot.

This crown jewel of the Sega Saturn was one of the cheapest games on the system. Even with the general disappointment of the end of the Wii, demand for Nights into Dreams for the Saturn remains strong. It’s not too hard to get a disc-only copy, but you’ll pay a premium if you want a complete copy in a large Saturn game case (there was another version that came in a standard CD jewel case) Until this fan . favorite becomes a solid port to another console, the demand for this otherwise common game must be high.

Like Panzer Dragoon, Nights into Dreams received a PS2 port. However, it also received an excellent HD remaster on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 as a digital download. (It would be really nice if someone created a new physical version).

Sega has some of the most iconic on-rail shooter franchises under its belt, but Panzer Dragoon may be the most underrated of its peers. Perhaps, with the original game being an early launch title for the Saturn, Panzer Dragoon was a little ahead of its time. (It’s also worth noting that much of the original Panzer Dragoon development team continued to develop, Rez for Dreamcast and PS2)

Sega Saturn 3d Multi Controller Nights Hss 0137 Box Set Ss Japan Game Import C125

Of course, there’s also the sequel/prequel, Panzer Dragoon Zwei which is, as you might expect, a bit more refined. For a while, Zwei can be found cheaper than the original, but it’s just a little out of range for this guide at $40 loose / $70 complete.

Panzer Dragoon has been somewhat of an NTSC console exclusive to the Saturn until now. Apart from a Japanese PS2 version and it’s unlockable bonus in Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox, most of us have only played it on the Saturn.

Earlier this year, it was announced that an HD remake was in the works for the original Panzer Dragon, so it will be interesting to see what impact it has on the value of the original Saturn.

Sega Saturn Games For Sale

This excellent one-to-one mech fighter conversion is one of the most innovative loots of the bunch. Virtual On is essentially a real 3D fighter with super-fast mechs trying to outrun each other while dodging and hiding behind obstacles in the course.

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The Dreamcast eventually has an improved ending and we’ve seen more visits to the franchise on modern platforms, but it’s hard to pass this original for a decent price. It is also one of the defining games for the Saturn that every owner of the console should see.

As one of the biggest launch titles and eventual pack-in games, Daytona USA is one of the most common games in the Saturn library. You can find dirt cheap in its package form as often thrown as games or system packages on eBay. You can also get the original full version for a quick and reasonable price. This Saturn version is obviously not as good as the new remakes on PSN and XBLA, but if you want an economical essential for a Saturn library, you can’t go wrong with the original console version of Daytona USA. If you like the original and want a reworked and expanded version made especially for the Saturn (using a modified version of the Sega Rally engine), check out the Championship Edition. It has better graphics performance in addition to more cars and trains – these improvements are definitely worth the modest price jump.

Sega Rally is the essential complement to Daytona USA if you are a racing fan. It’s not quite as mainstream-friendly as Daytona, but this drifting-filled racer is truly an essential, inexpensive classic. Many of the early blockbuster arcade ports on the Saturn, such as Daytona and Virtua Fighter had some setbacks, but Sega Rally is perhaps one of the best ports and holds up well today (which is one of the reasons Daytona is used by CCE its engine – see above).

Like Daytona, we have seen Sega Rally interpretations on the Dreamcast and some modern systems, but this Saturn version is an affordable classic that still shines with a classic charm.

The 26 Best Sega Saturn Games

Like the Daytona USA, you can get the disc or sleeve (wrapped) version for next to nothing. But collectors will most likely be willing to pay for a modestly priced complete case retail version.

Even though VF 4 & 5 are great modern fighters, Virtua Fighter 2 is still a firm favorite of the Sega crowd. Virtua Fighter 2 also serves as a great technical demo for the Saturn. The game boosted the Saturn’s high resolution mode of 720×575 (the highest for a console game at the time) while running at a smooth 60fps and was a stark upgrade from the original Virtua Fighter.

As many of you know, the Sega Saturn was not designed to be a 3D powerhouse. As a Saturn launch title, Clockwork Knight played it safe by essentially making it a 2D platformer with 3D elements and pre-rendered sprites.

Sega Saturn Games For Sale

Clockwork Knight is not a particularly innovative game (however, its more expensive sequels are better), but it is a decent platformer that remains exclusive to the Saturn.

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As one of my favorite fighting games of all time, I can’t help but put Street Fighter Alpha 2 on this list. While some may prefer the larger line of characters of the more expensive Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha 3), I feel that Alpha 2 has a more balanced game and tighter controls.

Although the Saturn version of the game is one of the better home ports, it’s not the big deal it used to be – especially now that there are modern Street Fighter Alpha compilations that are a better value.

Even though the Darkstalkers series uses essentially the same engine as the Street Fighter Alpha series, it’s still a blast to play because of its different characters and flashy style.

If you are a fan of fighting or even like characters from monster movies, Night Warriors is a must-play – especially for the price. (Also check the import section below for the end)

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Before cross-over fighters were common, Sega took the models from Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers (another good recommendation mentioned below) and introduced some of the new moves from Virtua Fighter 3 (before the game was brought to the Dreamcast) to create fighters. . Megamix. Megamix looked good, but lacked the high resolution features of Virtua Fighter 2. You won’t have the same depth and balance as some modern fighters, but it’s a lot of fun to be in 3D fighters and enjoy Sega’s franchise. .

Good puzzle games don’t often go unnoticed, but Baku Baku is one that’s a hidden gem for sure (the name might have something to do with it). In Baku Baku block comes in two types, food and animals. They can be five of each type of block, but they always feed only on animals. A simple paring mechanism is in place here, namely the dog and the bone, the panda and the bamboo. So when a dog block and a bone block touch, the dog block becomes a big dog head and eats the bone block, and all the bone blocks are attacked. This, of course,

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