Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540 – At the high end of the inkjet all-in-one market, Canon reigns supreme with its Pixma range of printers. However, at the bottom of the pecking order, where printers like the new HP Deskjet 2540 sit, it’s pretty much open.

As you might expect for just £45, this printer isn’t full of luxury. There’s no touchscreen, and no Ethernet connection, but it does what it does surprisingly well, and it’s a great looking device.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

Finished in basic white plastic, up front and tall for an all-in-one, it cuts a nice figure for a budget printer.

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All paper-input and output areas are well hidden, and the top-mounted paper-input tray and front output tray can be folded up neatly after use, making the DeskJet 2540 surprisingly compact. Still, its two-cartridge ink caddy is easy to use: A second panel inside the paper-input tray flips down to reveal the printer’s mono and tricolor cartridges. Switching is a simple task.

In terms of cable connectivity, the Deskjet 2540 has only one USB 2 socket on the back of the printer; However, the real strength of this printer is its wireless support. In addition to printing wirelessly from your laptop, it’s also possible to send prints over the Internet to the 2540 via the excellent HP ePrint service; There’s also support for Wireless Direct and Apple AirPrint.

As for printing, it’s not bad at all. The two-ink print engine features a pigmented black tank for text, giving text a solid, crisp look with no evidence of spidering or ink bleeding, even on plain paper. However, it’s not a particularly fast printer: Mono A4 documents delivered at 5.4ppm using Normal settings and color documents delivered at 5ppm. Scan and copy speeds are better: It took just 37 seconds to scan our 6 x 4-inch photo at 600dpi, which is 21 seconds faster than Canon’s Pixma MG6450, which is more than twice the price of the 2540 is also more. The scan quality of the image is also good. The rest is lively and full of details.

Although no match for more expensive models like the Canon, photo print quality is perfectly acceptable. There was too much detail in our test photo print; Colors looked natural, and although there’s a small amount of grain, it’s not noticeable from normal viewing distance. The tricolor cartridge also causes blacks to take a bit of a grayish tinge in photos, but for £45 you really can’t complain too much.

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As you might expect from such a low-cost device, print costs are lowest when using HP’s high-yield cartridges, operating at 4p per page for mono printing and 10p per page for color printing. Not there. do, but neither will break the bank. , In fact, we love this cheap and cheerful all-in-one. It’s capable of printing great photos and documents, comes equipped with an impressive scanner, and has the bonus of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The quality of the printed document or photo is not as expected. This document processing should help with streaked or discolored printouts, no color or black ink printing, documents with unclear or blurry text, ink streaks or smears, and other print quality issues.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

HP recommends that you use the original HP ink or toner supply. HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges. If you do not use a genuine HP cartridge, the steps in this document may not solve the problem. To check the authenticity of your cartridge, visit the HP Anti-counterfeiting webpage.

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Note: Poor handling at the store or during installation can cause print quality problems with newly installed ink cartridges. If you experience print problems with the newly installed ink cartridge, wait a few hours for the automatic servicing routine to complete, and then try to print again.

If the printer has genuine HP ink cartridges installed and the print quality is unacceptable, continue to the next step.

Sometimes, print quality issues can be resolved during a period of inactivity. Consider waiting about 30 minutes, and then try the print job again.

Follow these guidelines to make sure the paper is suitable for print work. If not, reload the printer with the appropriate paper type.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 All In One Printer A9u23c

If your printout has horizontal lines in addition to vertical lines or other print quality issues, continue to the next step.

Do not change the cartridge for vertical streaks in the printout. Instead, check out the paper mentioned earlier in this document or search for a document covering this issue. Vertical streaks in copies can often be corrected by cleaning the scanner glass.

Follow these steps to test print settings to make sure they are suitable for your print job.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

Note: Ink level alerts and indicators provide estimates for planning purposes only. When an indicator shows a low ink level, consider having a replacement ink cartridge available to avoid potential printing delays. You do not need to replace the ink cartridge until the print quality is unacceptable.

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Replace any severely short or empty cartridges, and then try printing again. Skip this step if all the ink cartridges show a healthy ink level in the previous step.

In general, if the printer and its cartridges are working properly, all color palettes should be present, without streaks, and uniform in color. The black text on the page should not show ink streaks.

Use the table below for examples of errors on the test page. The examples below are not exhaustive, but illustrate the most common issues.

Windows only: If you’re experiencing garbled, garbled, or illogical text, incomplete printouts, or missing text or graphics, go to a continuous page of strange or distorted characters printed in Windows.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540 มา ลงทุกอย่างแล้ว แต่ปริ้นไม่ได้

Caution: Do not perform this step unless the test report shows notably blurred text or track marks. If this error does not appear in the report, go to the next step.

Ink cartridges can clog, and you may need to clean them several times to restore print quality. Use an automatic tool to clean ink cartridges.

If the previous steps did not resolve the problem, replace the problem ink cartridge, even if the ink cartridge is not low on ink. The problem ink cartridge is the one that printed the fault on the test page.

Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2540

If you have a defective cartridge or printhead, it may be covered under warranty. To check the warranty on your ink or toner supply, go to the printer and page yield overview, and then review the limited warranty information for your supply.

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To schedule product repair or replacement, go to Contact HP Customer. If you are in the Asia Pacific region, you will be directed to a local service center in your area.

To verify your warranty status, visit HP Product Warranty Checkup. Repair charges may apply for products out of warranty.

Note: Keep a print sample that shows the problem. If the ink cartridge, printhead, or printer is replaced under warranty, the agent will request a print sample. If the printer is returned to HP, the print sample must be returned with the printer. Place the sample in the output tray when you package your printer for shipping.

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