Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another – CTA riders will see more Ventra card readers like this one installed on Friday at the Pink/Green Line station. (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune)

This is not a stupid question. As the CTA transitions to a regional Ventra fare system — starting Monday with some university students — the agency will have a leg up on the current one, which is about to retire. cost collection program.

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

That’s a recipe for confusion among some riders, especially low-income riders who usually pay their fares in cash, as well as non-regular CTA riders who include out-of-state visitors and local residents. back doing day trips to Chicago.

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Next to the traditional CTA ticket machines at the locations are the shiny new Ventra machines that will be launched in a few weeks. Both systems will continue to be used until the old machines are retired in the next few months.

The CTA train fare is $2.25. But if a payer who doesn’t understand the difference between the two systems goes “eeny, meeny, mini, sleep” and hops on the Ventra machine to buy a single ticket, the price is $3.

The $3 fare – 33 percent more than the base fare – includes a 50-cent service charge and a 25-cent transfer fee, which is charged even if the customer needs a transfer.

However, if the “sleeper” cashier decides to use a regular CTA ticket machine, the train ride costs the same – cha zing! – only $2.25.

Capital One Ventureone Balance Transfer: How To

According to officials, starting in January, trains will cost $3 per trip. Customers using a Ventra transit card pay $2.25.

For now, the CTA has promised more sales assistants on duty to help riders navigate the passenger training process. But with the CTA ramping up Ventra promotion, and given that many CTA customer service agents are hiding from the public or sleeping in long-closed ticket booths, please, CTA, forgive you author of Getting Around for questioning the smoothness, you will look like a Ventra rollout.

The Ventra will be used on CTA and Pace commuter buses. It will replace existing passenger cards, including the Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus, as well as magnetic cards. Daily and multi-day buses will also be integrated into the Ventra system, officials said.

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

Discount tickets are used by seniors, people with special needs and students, as well as free tickets for low-income seniors. income and people with special needs and ADA paratransit cards, will be replaced with Ventra versions of these cards as part of a program administered by the Regional Transportation Authority. The RTA, which oversees the CTA, Pace and Metra, will begin issuing new permits in September, and all customers should receive them by Thanksgiving, officials said. . Customers currently do not need to apply or take a new photo, officials said.

Ventra Contract Swells By About $65 Million Because Of Add Ons

In fact, Ventra makes CTA and Pace the financial business associated with toll collection. Those duties will be handled by First Data Corp., which is working with Cubic Transportation Systems Inc. operated by Ventra under a $454 million CTA contract.

Ventra is expected to save the CTA $50 million over 10 years and serve as a model for the implementation of the 2015 fare collection system. valid on CTA, Pace and Metra.

Your Getting Around writer has heard from many CTA and Pace customers asking how Ventra works. Both organizations are running promotional campaigns, but a recent email sent by the CTA to Chicago Card Plus customers asking them to verify their mailing address for Ventra cards did not contain any useful information.

“There is no specific information in the email about when they will send the Ventra card. There is no instruction or information as to whether my credit card will automatically be linked to my Ventra account if I should. take steps to connect, said Adam Kerman, who serves on Pace’s Citizen Advisory Board.

Cta Completes Switch To Ventra

“There are no restrictions on how to use the Ventra card,” Kerman added. – You can imagine that they will constantly bombard me with useful information.

A: College students enrolled in U-Pass should receive their new cards this week. Chicago Public Schools students will receive discounted Ventra cards until Aug. 26, the first day of school, officials said.

Chicago Card customers who have already registered their card and Chicago Card Plus customers should receive an email to verify their mailing address. Otherwise, call 888-YOUR-CTA. Customers who have verified their address will begin receiving Ventra cards and information on Aug. 19, officials said. Card requires activation, which can be done by calling 877-NOW-VENTRA. The cards can then be used when transferring old balances from Chicago Cards or loading funds onto Ventra cards at, officials said.

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

Ventra cards will be sold the week of September 9 at Ventra vending machines and select retail locations. According to officials, from August 12 cards can also be ordered online. The cards will be shipped in about a week and can be loaded into Ventra’s vending machines, officials said.

Is There Any Update On When The Ventra Transit Card Is Rolling Out Via Apple Pay?

A: No. The cards cost $5, but when cardholders register, the $5 charge is redeemed for future transit rides. Registration offers benefits, including balance replacement if the card is lost or stolen.

The CTA is also giving away a limited number of Ventra cards that are completely free in advertising campaigns, but the agency does not provide information on how to get a free card.

A: Customer balances or purchases, such as season tickets, will automatically be transferred to Ventra after the new cards are activated, officials said.

Answer: No. Once Ventra goes public the week of September 9, CTA and Pace fees can be paid for using a personal credit card or card. banking and contactless technology. Contactless cards use frequency identification technology to secure payments. To find out if your credit or debit card has RFID, look for the radio frequency symbol on the card. If not, ask your bank to issue you a contactless card. Cash will still be accepted for bus fares and single-ride CTA tickets, but why 75 cents more for a train ride?

How To Add Money To Your Card

A: On Ventra, yes. But the CTA is phasing out multiple-day cards (one-day, three-day, seven-day and 30-day) and will no longer accept them sometime in December. Any charges on those cards can be transferred to the Ventra card by March 2014, officials said. But CTA officials are recommending customers spend their balances on their old cards and switch to Ventra.

Non-Ventra mobile ticket machines will begin disappearing from trains in September, along with retail machines and passenger machines, officials said. Until the end of October, Chicago Card customers will no longer be able to add value to cards at vending machines, but card balances still can then use or provide to Ventra.

Q: How can customers use the RTA version of the Ventra card balance transfer from their old card?

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

A: RTA encourages customers of reduced fares and ADA paratransit service to spend the balance of their current permit. If not, those customers can transfer balances to their RTA Ventra cards at selected locations beginning in September and continuing through March next year, officials said.

Here’s What To Do If Your Cta Ventra Card Is Expiring

RTA Ventra customers can contact RTA Customer Service at 312-913-3110. Applications for RTA fare reductions, free rides, and ADA paratransit programs can be obtained at the above phone number; at; or the RTA Customer Service Center, 165 N. Jefferson St., Chicago.

A: Customers who received Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus through these programs from their employers will be notified by Ventra representatives in September, officials said.

Contact the Tour at or the Chicago Tribune, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611; on Twitter @jhilkevitch; and at Read the latest column at /gettingaround.Starting July 1,  Ventra is the only prepaid fare system accepted by the Chicago Transit Authority and Pace.

The CTA and Pace began rolling out the Ventra contactless card last September, phasing out older mobile cards that were scheduled to begin in mid-December last year. eat That didn’t happen because the release ran into technical and customer service issues.

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Problems include the continued charging of riders for cars, broken machines that provide thousands of free cars, long delays for customers to get a their cards and long wait times to reach service representatives.

The President of the CTA, Forrest Claypool, initially denied that there were any serious problems, but he later made some conditions that the contractor company Cubic Systems Inc. must meet. , Ventra, before paying the $454 million contract. Until the problems and questions are resolved, the transition to Ventra tariff cards has been postponed for a long time.

Ten months after its initial launch, Ventra will be the only prepaid passenger system to be accepted. The CTA says 99 percent of buses and trains are paid for by Ventra, but

Transfer Balance From One Ventra Card To Another

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