How To Clean N64 Console

How To Clean N64 Console – Hello! Welcome to my first lecture! Do you have an old N64 that doesn’t work or is very dirty? Then this guide is for you! In this guide I will show you how to clean your N64, N64 cartridges and N64 controllers. I’m from the Netherlands so my English may not be great. Sorry 🙂

Well, with that out of the way, let’s get started! Now, the N64 is built so simply that it only needs a few tools.

How To Clean N64 Console

How To Clean N64 Console

Game pieces are only available online for about $5. Now we get the tool and let’s get started!

The 1up 3 Card Pack. Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaner.

In my case the N64 caught fire but I couldn’t get the picture. After cleaning it works again! It shows how simple and easy it is to repair the N64. Okay, let’s get started. Before loosening screws, we need to remove the secondary memory (if you don’t have it, you can skip one step). Remove the clip and carefully remove the sticker with a screwdriver, then try to remove the memory by sliding the memory toward you. There are special tools for this, but I don’t have them. With the memory out, take the rest of the N64 apart!

Turn the N64 over and there are 6 weird Nintendo screws holding the top of the N64 to the bottom. This is a part where you really need game pieces. Remove the screws and start adjusting your screws, you’ll see why in a minute. Turn the N64 over and now remove the top. You will (probably) see absolute dust and other debris. But you will also find a lot of screws.

Remove all screws … millions. Just kidding, sorta.. but remove every screw. Arrange them all and take the iron heater and protect until you are left with only the board. Start your compressor and blow the panel clean. The PCB contacts can be cleaned with a special cleaning tool or just a paper towel with nail polish remover.

All plastic lids can be placed in a bowl and washed with soap and water. Remove glass and metal parts before cleaning the bottom to avoid losing it. For the top part you need to remove the printer for best cleaning. Tip: Dry the plastic part with compressed air, it dries faster!

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Now everything is fine and you can start putting your N64 back together. Place the metal cover on the table and put the panel with the shield back in the bottom. Then just put the heater and metal parts back on the table. Make sure the control port is also clean before putting the top on. You can do this with a slightly damp paper towel.

Before replacing the top part, clear the memory. Use smaller game pieces to open it. Then just wash the plastic and metal parts with soap and water and it may not be very dirty, but it is good to clean the metal contacts as well as the cotton and nail polish remover where we removed it.

Now place the top and screw it with 6 screws. Then add more memory to seal it with a sticker as if nothing happened.

How To Clean N64 Console

You can give your N64 a nice shine with some WD40. Take some paper towels and WD40 and cover the N64. Let sit for a few hours and let the WD40 soak into the plastic. For a moment, take a clean towel and turn left over WD40, you have a beautiful N64!

We Fix It All!: Nintendo 64 Edition

A clean console needs a clean printer box. The printer box is attached with Nintendo 2 screws only. Use your game piece to break it down. Inside you will find 2 Phillips screws that hold the metal bars together. Remove the printer box and clean the metal in the plastic bag with soap and water. Clean the panel with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. Note that there are some printer boxes that come with batteries. Now is the time to change it!

Before testing your N64 make sure it is completely dry otherwise you may drop your N64 and who knows what will happen. After cleaning, test your console to see if it works. If it doesn’t work now, you may have broken something or it’s still broken. In this case, you need to dig deep into the electronics to fix it. If it works, congratulations, you have a working N64! You can go one step further by cleaning your controller.

Turn the controller over and remove the 7 screws on the back. Next, there are 2 screws hidden in the expansion connector. When it opens, remove the three screws holding the joystick in place and now the electronic bit will pop out. Set the rubber aside and clean the outer shell and buttons with soap and water.

Using a cotton swab to clean the nails can clean the rubber contacts. There are 3 types of hidden rubber pads in the board. You can easily pull it out and clean the rubber band. As with the printer box slot, you can clean this expansion slot using a paper towel and nail polish remover.

Anybody Know A Good Way To Clean An N64?

Now it’s clean and you can put it back together. Start by placing the back button with the rubber. Then place the board and try to place the left and right keys on it as well. Make sure the cable is not caught on the screw holes. Then just click it all together and you’re done! Use WD40 on the joystick for extra cleaning/lubrication. If it’s messy, you may want to replace the joystick. A common error on the Nintendo 64 console is that the reset button is stuck. When pressed, the console will not launch. In this post, I will show you how to fix a reset button. You will need:

Step 1: Turn on the Nintendo 64 by unscrewing the six screws on the bottom of the machine. The white button in Figure 2 below is the reset switch. This section is usually a no-brainer. The error is that dirt and dust are stuck in the buttons on the top of the machine. Check that the white switch is working correctly. If not, clean and lubricate it until it works. This is also a good time to give your Nintendo 64 a proper general cleaning.

Step 2: Locate the reset button at the bottom of the cover and remove it. Clean it thoroughly as well as the container on the cover. Grease the container.

How To Clean N64 Console

Replace the top cover and test the button. Then put everything back together in reverse order. Be careful not to over tighten the screws as this can damage the plastic. Ready!

Game Changing Facts About The Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 is Nintendo’s sequel to the 16-bit Super NES. The console was launched in Japan and the United States in 1996 and in Europe in 1997. Super Mario is back in 3D in “Super Mario 64”. The Nintendo 64 comes with a controller with analog joystick features (although innovative, it can also tear and crack). The console is powered by a 93.75 MHz processor, 4 MB of RAM, expandable to 8 MB, and a dedicated 62.5 MHz gpu. The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s main console until the Gamecube in 2001. The Gamecube is a competitor to the Nintendo 64 and competes with SEGA’s Saturn and Sony’s Playstation 1. Unlike those consoles that use discs (: “GD-r”) for software, the N64 still uses the Print Box.

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