How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

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I recently had a problem with a Moen bathtub mixer. While searching the Internet for some knowledge before attacking the faucet, I found very few pictures or step-by-step instructions. So, as a longtime Creator and longtime user/contributor, I thought I’d tackle that problem and share what I’ve learned. In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that if you’re careful, you may be able to fix the problem without a new cartridge.

How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

My mixer control is shown below. Simply turn the handle to get the right temperature. On models that require you to “draw” first and then rotate to “fit”, this information is probably not that useful.

Tips On How To Remove A Moen Shower Handle

Then shut off the water at the main entrance to your home and release the pressure by running the faucet closest to the faucet until the water stops flowing.

Now for some prevention, close the drain, block the drain or cover the drain. Losing a screw in a drain really makes this a new kind of job with extra trips to the plumbing or hardware store.

Locate the second set screw on top of the brass stirrer spindle. Remove it and the nylon pieces it holds. Next, remove the chrome or brass cover tube that prevents the interior from being seen.

I used a small allen key through the retaining clamp to slightly lift and loosen the retainer. See the photos for a clear representation of what I am trying to describe.

Moen Shower Handle Installed Upside Down, Can I Flip It Without Messing With The Cartridge?

There is a lot of rubbery surface that could have grown attached to the environment inside the tube. Getting the cartridge to move was a task. Most importantly, you don’t want to break anything inside the wall by hooking or pulling too much.

I took the nylon fittings and reversed the white ones to be longer with the length of the gear section (back to back instead of front to back), then put them on the exposed spindle.

I then placed the black nylon piece in its original location, inserted the screw and gently tightened. This created a mechanical force between the barrel and cartridge that literally pulled the cartridge forward almost 0.25 inches.

How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

Now using the vise grippers on the spindle flats I was able to pull straight out to remove the cartridge. This took some effort though.

Moen Caldwell Chrome 1 Handle Faucet Valve Included In The Shower Faucets Department At

If you’re replacing a cartridge, simply wipe the inside of the pipe to clean it, then use some plumber’s grease on the rubber parts of the new cartridge and reverse the steps from here.

The next few steps are to remove the cartridge and there is no guarantee that this is your problem or that it will fix anything. In fact, it might just run out of cartridges, but at least you know how the damn thing works. 🙂

You can see the most obvious components in this picture. Inside the mixer is a moving part with two layers, one that moves specifically with the spindle and one that moves with the flow of water.

First push the spindle into the cartridge so that the inside is pushed out from the back. Note that the rubber gaskets that separate the hot and cold water keep this all together.

Fix Or Replace Bath Tub Mixer Cartridge

Using a very small screwdriver or blade tool, carefully pry up around the edge of the plastic retainer. He’ll come out a little bit before he lets her go.

Now you can try to just throw away the last part of this part of the cartridge because the holder is no longer there to hold it. However, if it does not fall freely, it may be a problem with the cartridge.

Using a flat head screwdriver, insert the screwdriver into the end where the retainer was and gently twist the inner part to loosen it. Then, using the holes along this unit, help the inner part come out completely.

How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully you’ve discovered that the inner part is stuck and causing problems. Now you have to clean everything. You may want to soak the parts in vinegar for a few minutes and then rinse with water before reassembling. Keep in mind that your water is still off and turning it on will be messy. I wiped my parts really well with a cloth and it worked.

Moen Valve Installation In Chula Vista Ca

Simply reverse this entire reassembly process, pushing the pieces together and being careful not to bend, bend, or do anything to break them. Applying plumber’s grease can make reassembly easier.

By the way, don’t forget to check everything and make sure the retaining clip is in place before you turn the water back on.

Now that you have a fully functional bath, get candles and a bubble bath for your Valentine! As my house gets older and older, more and more things come up to maintain. This time it was time to finally replace the liners for my Moen single handle shower/tub faucets. One started to drip, and the other was very difficult to pull out and push in. So I looked up some information on how to do it online and started doing it. As expected, not long after the start I encountered problems – both cartridges did not really want to come out.

After some pushing and pulling and some choices under my breath, I was able to get the first one out. Others wouldn’t give up so easily…neither would I. Again, I did some research on stuck cartridges and found that there is a tool to remove them. After seeing the price and considering the fact that my local hardware store probably wouldn’t have it in stock, I decided to try to find it using the tools and resources I had on hand. My first attempt was to put a pair of vises on the end of the shaft and use a few different objects to try it out. There is no dice.

Moen 2200 Series Installation Instructions Pdf Download

Again, I thought about the cost of the extraction tool and the potentially fruitless trip to the hardware store and figured I’d probably be better off trying to make my own. It took some snooping around the house and tool boxes, but in the end I came up with something that worked.

With a 3/4″ (or 13/16″) socket, some spacers (nuts) and washers, I was able to get the cartridge out without too much trouble. Keep a few things in mind:

Everything was going well, the cartridge was coming out little by little and I thought I was free to go home. Then I realized that the cartridge shaft was still spinning as I continued to turn the screw. I’m pretty sure the right extraction tool has a way to prevent this from happening, so I came up with my own solution.

How To Install A Moen Shower Cartridge

I took a small nut, stuck it between the bearing and the shaft and continued with the extraction. Once the cartridge was out far enough, I was able to tighten the screws inside and turn it to come out much easier.

Repairing A Moen Pressure Balanced Shower Valve

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