How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge – In this complete DIY we will learn how to clean swimming pool filters. In this case, we will talk about how to clean the Hayward pool filter. Also, we review the best and cheapest pool filter cleaning products. Keep reading to find out how to keep your pool in top working order without spending a lot of money on new filters!

This method works for any pool filter on the market. Also works for jacuzzis and hot tubs with similar filters.

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

This DIY was done with a Hayward C3030 SwimClear Glass pool filter. Here’s the Owner’s Manual if you’re interested. Four pool filters are made of reinforced polyester. However, you can still follow the guide regardless of the make or model you have. It’s easy to skip model-specific details.

Inground Swimming Pool Filters

The products and general conditions are the same as any other cartridge filter on the market. However, a better description of how to clean a Hayward pool filter is for the following types of Hayward pool filters:

You probably have most of them, but maybe not all. Here is a list of the products and materials I used to clean the Hayward pool filter on display.

This is the most important result. Before the practice of personal cleaning, TSP was the mainstay of household cleaning. Just look at the ingredients of some “Problem” cleaners and you’re sure to find TSP or some form of TSP. It is widely used for pre-painting cleaning as it is very strong, lightweight, non-foaming and easy to wipe off with water. When it comes to pool filters, TSP has been a product for many years – Unicel (one of the leading cartridge filter manufacturers) is also an official supporter here. It’s simply the best way to clean a Hayward pool filter.

In my case (four large cartridge filters),  I used 4.5 pounds to wash the cartridges twice. One of the advantages of TSP over regular soap is that it does not create an endless bar of soap, which is not necessary here. Dish soap can also be used in a pinch.

Hayward W3c3030 325 Square Feet Swimclear Outdoor Inground Cartridge Pool Filter

It is also known as Putakawa Acid. A common household and pool care product. Muriatic acid helps clean the filter of algae, iron, calcium carbonate (residual magnesium hypochlorite), and other minerals. You will need 1 to 2 gallons if you are cleaning your filters in a large garbage can. It is not necessary to clean the Hayward pool filter, but it gives the best results.

Honestly, most of these will be less than TSP with neutral ingredients or fillers. Worse, they just use acid. In fact, to clean your Hayward pool filter I only recommend using this – It’s very cheap and just as good if not better. If your filter manufacturer guarantees a specific product, of course. TSP is the most common and cheapest solution. After all, the manufacturer can not say that it is “cheap and long-lasting” if it is easy to dilute cleaning products.

If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably seen Pool Filter Cleaning Tools designed for and thought about cleaning pool filters. If you have one, however, use it. But I don’t see the extra cost being worth it. There are also pipes that can be broken or lost. Your multi-function faucet will continue to work well and serve many other purposes. Just make sure you have plenty of water.

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

When the filter was first installed, the pressure when the engine was running was 10 PSI. Now at 18 PSI, almost 2 years later. You should flush the Hayward pool filter when the pressure rises by 8-10 PSI. Then it’s time.

How To Remove And Clean Hayward De Filter Grids

Before reading the pressure gauge, remember to turn on the pump. If you have a two-speed pump like in this case, you should measure it on the Fast Speed.

When it comes to deciding how often to clean your Hayward pool filter, you don’t have to worry. Look at the size of the shower filter – it will tell you a lot. In the case of this filter, it should be flushed when the pressure increases by 8 to 10 PSI from the pressure originally measured on the clean filter.

Your gauge should normally have two arrows to show when to wash. At least as long as it was configured correctly when it was installed. In my case, it took me about 2 years to clean up – although I know this is the exception, not the rule. I adjusted the size of the shower filter to last longer.

If your cartridge filter is small or your environment is very dirty, I recommend adding pool rocks or draining the cartridge (without chemical cleaning) weekly or monthly, if necessary.

Hayward C900 Pool Filter Cartridge Genuine Cx900re • Poolequip

In addition, to extend the space,  I recommend periodically opening the drain valve at the bottom of the garage and closing the spring outlet to clean the debris from the house. This will prevent sand or other gunk from piling up on the bottom. It is best to do it once a month.

How to Clean a Hayward Pool Filter – Step 1 – Open the pool filter housing

This is what you expect your filter to look like. dirty I wonder who said the bathroom was beautiful…

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

At this point you may need to close the inlet valves and outlet valves to the pool. Also make sure the pump doesn’t turn on if you have a timer.

Unicel C 8417 Replacement Filter Cartridge For Hayward C1750 On Pool And Spa Supply Store

In this example, this single bolt holds the top and bottom pieces together. Let’s take it. Let’s go find my saw.

For the Hayward DEX2421JKIT bracket, I need one of the 3/4″ or 19mm holes. I went with the gauge because I like to use the exact unit system.

The catch is a sticky design. If you don’t want it to come out by itself, the pipe should fit well with a plastic mallet.

When you remove the top part, this is the view you should see. Be sure to remove the large plastic on top.

Poolman 8 15/16 In. Dia Hayward Star Clear Plus C 1200 120 Sq. Ft. Replacement Filter Cartridge 22002 1

I have installed a ball mill so I can wash some of the gunk that collects down once a month. I recommend doing the same to increase the filter cleaning time. However, you must open the port now to clean the filter housing.

The first step is to turn off the pump and close all vents and outlet vents, if possible. This is especially important if the pump runs on an automatic clock.

Then, use pliers and a screwdriver to remove the bolt that holds the bracket. You will need a 19mm or 3/4″ hole. Once removed you will need a plastic mallet to loosen the clamp if it gets stuck.

How To Clean Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge

When turned off, the top panel can be removed, showing the filters. The water evaporates when the top is removed. To avoid creating a vacuum, open the top valve (orange valve) or drain the spring filter housing first.

Clurtech Replacement Pentair Clean & Clear 200 Cc200 Pool Filter Cartridge 4 Pack

The next step in cleaning the Hayward sump filter is to remove the Upper Manifold and then the filters. To help remove particles from the filter cartridge, apply a slight shaking motion as you lift.

In my case, the Air Relief Filter came apart and needed replacement. Every Hayward SwimClear filter screen is the same size, regardless of size. There’s a good chance you’re in a similar situation if you want to pre-order. Ebay is probably cheaper than most indoor pool stores here.

The first step is to clean the entire gun with water. There is no need to use one of the popular “filter cleaning tools” (if you don’t already have one). All pipes will work, although some types are better than others. Remember to use gentle water pressure and maintain a 45 degree angle. Do not use a baking dish.

Carefully select the location to clean your filters before you begin. I recommend grass. Doing this will leave a lot of dead leaves, fibers, sand and dirt to clean up later. It is not toxic, but it is difficult to clean. On the other hand, I’m sure you like the stuff.

Replacing Our Old De Pool Filter With A New Cartridge Filter

When you remove all the filters in the house, you will have an idea of ​​what you have done. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems. Remember to keep it moist as you don’t want the crust to dry out and be difficult to remove.

It is possible after removing the water, wash the filters. Use gentle pressure with a garden hose and maintain a minimum 45 degree angle to avoid damaging the filter. No pressure washing! The last one

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