Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr – It’s a long-standing “duel” that we’re all aware of and that may have started long before some of today’s photographers were even born. Nikon and Canon have always been the most important names (if not most of them all!) On the photography market. Over the decades, these two camera brands have been in a neck-to-neck battle for the throne, seeking to be crowned as the leading manufacturer of the best cameras and lenses.

As you have probably read many times on the Internet, it is not really the camera that makes a photographer good or bad, but sometimes we can all agree that it is useful to have reliable tools when you work in the field.

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

If you ​​​​​​already have a few pieces of gear from both brands, I would never bother jumping ship, as differences in terms of performance are not life changing for 99.9% of photographers. On the other hand, if you’re just starting out, you might want to know which brand is currently on top. Getting good advice will help you decide where it’s wiser to spend your money, depending on what kind of photography you want to do.

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Both Canon and Nikon have a long history, with both companies founded in the first half of the last century.

Nikon was born in 1917 as a result of the merger of three other companies operating in the optical sector. When I say “optical sector”, I don’t mean only cameras and lenses (actually, in the beginning Nikon didn’t make cameras!). I am also talking about inspection equipment, binoculars, measuring instruments and riflescopes.

Canon was instead born a few decades later in 1937, with the aim of replicating the fantastic and expensive Leica cameras at a more practical price. At the time, they couldn’t produce lenses, so they had to adapt their cameras to work with Nikon (also known as ‘Nikkor’) lenses.

Nikon was the top choice for professional photographers until the early 90s when Canon came out with the EF mount. This new system was designed from scratch and not just a retrofit like the F-mount with autofocus. It performed much better than other lenses at the time, or at least well enough for many professional photographers to decide to switch brands. However, by the early 2000s, Nikon was back on top in terms of sales and things remained that way until the end of the decade, when Canon introduced a number of innovations in their products, just as Nikon did not improve their cameras at the same time. pace

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Today, the competition between the two brands is very close, but Nikon is slightly ahead due to the amazing quality of their camera sensors.

In this section we will examine each of the characteristic features of the cameras and lenses that define the two brands and try to find out which currently offers the best pieces of equipment. For the sake of the article, we will not focus on specific cameras or lenses, but we will look at the bigger picture and focus on the highlights that both Nikon and Canon have incorporated into their products.

Both manufacturers have their own mounting system for their cameras. Since 1959, Nikon has used the famous ‘F-mount’ on all their reflex cameras. More recently, they have come out with a completely new mount for their mirrorless cameras, the so-called ‘Z-mount’.

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

In 1987, Canon introduced its famous ‘EF mount’ for reflex cameras, which was designed from the ground up to work with the autofocus motor. Their latest creation was the ‘RF Mount’, which was designed specifically for their mirrorless camera system.

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Proprietary lenses aren’t the only ones you can mount on your cameras though, as many other brands currently produce lenses for Nikon and Canon. Some examples are Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Samyang.

Honestly, there is absolutely no difference in terms of system compatibility between Canon and Nikon: both brands have a huge lineup of lenses and will work with almost any third-party lens available on the market.

Not surprisingly, performance is one of the most important features when it comes to photographic cameras, with special reference to image quality. Some of the most important ways to understand how a camera works is by observing what processor it has, what autofocus motor it uses and – most importantly – what image sensor it mounts.

Don’t be fooled by the number of megapixels, as they mean nothing in terms of image quality. All they measure is the size your images will be when they come out of your camera and nothing more than that.

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The image sensor is the most important part of the camera when it comes to dynamic range, ISO capabilities and image quality. It’s generally the first thing you should look at when you start doing some research on a new camera. In recent years, Nikon has managed to stay ahead of Canon in terms of image sensors, because they were the first to come out with the so-called “large megapixel cameras”. These cameras used sensors from Sony that were (and are) some of the best on the digital camera market. For example, the popular Nikon D800 / D800E / D810 cameras, which were a great success for the manufacturer, all use Sony sensors.

Now it’s time to dig a little further into the individual specifications of both Nikon and Canon cameras to see where one is superior to the other!

I’ll make it short for you: Canon is currently the leader when it comes to LCD camera screens. It starts with the fact that Canon has used the auto-brightness feature on all of its LCD screens for a while, while Nikon didn’t even consider including it as a feature until a few years ago.

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

Canon screens also seem to have a more natural and accurate color representation compared to Nikon’s slightly greenish tones. Canon also does better in terms of overall image resolution quality. As such, Canon definitely wins the battle of the best LCD screens on modern cameras!

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While most of you probably don’t consider video capabilities to be a core feature of your camera, it’s nice to know that you can actually make some incredible videos with it in case you start getting passionate about movies and not just photography, right?

Until a few years ago there was no struggle. Canon had much more experience in the cinema industry and was years ahead of Nikon in terms of video capabilities on their cameras. These days, the difference between the two brands is thin to the point where Nikon has implemented more (and better) features compared to Canon, especially with their recent full-frame mirrorless cameras – the Nikon Z6 and Z7. With these cameras, you can use the full sensor to record videos. Meanwhile, Canon users have to settle for videography with just a cracked part of the sensor.

Both Canon and Nikon cameras are equal in terms of flash control. Nikon used to be the previous day, but currently they are at the same level.

If you’ve ever tried to shoot sports photos indoors, you’ll notice that the colors and lighting can change quite dramatically. This is because the lighting of the stadium, arena or building usually flickers. You can’t see it because it happens very fast, but your camera sure will.

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In their most recent cameras, Canon has introduced a mechanism that identifies this type of flicker and automatically slows down the shot for a few milliseconds to achieve the correct exposure. As such, if you shoot in a lot of indoor or low light sports situations, then Canon is the way to go!

If you​​​​​​are planning to do a lot of outdoor shooting in harsh weather conditions, you better look for a weather-sealed camera. To find one of those, you generally have to look at the higher end of the market lineup because of the costs involved in making cameras with more durable materials.

Both Canon and Nikon produce waterproof cameras that can withstand some of the worst conditions Mother Nature can throw at you, so there is no difference between the two!

Which Is Better Nikon Or Canon Dslr

Usability should cover a fundamentally large part of your decision-making process: remember that your camera should be an “extension” of your arm, not just a tool. You have to be able to work with it without even opening your eyes, otherwise you’ll miss a lot of pictures!

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There is no way to tell you in advance which one has the best ergonomics. The only way to know is to test both in person to see which system fits your hands better. For me it was Nikon. For you it might be Canon. There is no brand that dominates here. The only solution is to try holding cameras from both manufacturers to see which one “feels right” for you.

Over the years I have tried using both Canon and Nikon control screens. Although I am more used

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