Ip Address For Network Printer

Ip Address For Network Printer – The purpose of this guide is to configure the Epson TM-U220b Network Impact Printer to work with a bypass point system. If you do not have this printer model or have a different Epson Impact print, please contact Clover Sport Support at (512) 291-6192 OPTION 1.

The printed network configuration receipt should look similar to the image above. Look for TCP/IP settings on this page. Keep this information in mind when we configure your computer on the same network.

Ip Address For Network Printer

Ip Address For Network Printer

Using the above example, let’s configure our computer to match the above network information. Any IP address from to will work (except, because in the current example it is the IP address of the connected printer). The subnet mask should be The default gateway is not required if it is connected locally to the printer, but if you are connecting over a network you should also enter it ( in the current example).

Printer Setup How To Set A Static Ip Address

After changing your computer’s IP settings, check that you are directly connected to the printer via Ethernet and that the printer is turned on. Now we can go to any web browser of our choice and type the IP address of our printer into the URL address bar and hit enter. (In this case we would enter Example above:

After entering these credentials, you will be taken to the Epson Printer landing page. Note that if these credentials do not work, you will need to manually reset the printer to factory settings.

Go to the TCP/IP link in the navigation area on the left side of the screen. Here we can enter the new IP settings that we want to assign to this printer as well. Be sure to enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway information. * Always verify your information before pressing the “SUBMIT” button. *

The page will refresh after confirming the new configuration by pressing the SUBMIT button. Wait about 5-10 seconds and click the RESET button. Turn the printer off and then on again. You can reprint the network configuration page to verify that this process was completed correctly.

How To Find Your Printer’s Ip Address

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