How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last – Is your Apple Watch battery dead and needs to be replaced? Here’s how to tell without taking it off your wrist

One of the best features to come to the iPhone in recent years was optimized battery charging.

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

Optimized Battery Charging, first introduced a year ago with iOS 13, is designed to reduce wear and tear on your battery and therefore extend its life by pausing the charging process at 80 percent and limiting the time it takes to fully charge your iPhone using the device’s machine. . Learn to monitor your daily charging routine to determine when to add the last 20 percent charge so your iPhone is ready when you wake up.

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Based on my tests, this feature minimizes battery drain, and machine learning quickly picks up your habits and turns this feature into something that runs in the background and doesn’t bother you while you schedule. transfer

You can confirm you have it and it’s turned on by going to the following page on your Apple Watch:

Optimized Charging is designed to only activate when charging your Apple Watch in the places you spend the most time, usually at home and in the office. This feature is great for turning yourself off when you deviate from these routines, such as when you travel.

To allow Optimized Battery Charging to work properly, you need to enable the following on your Apple Watch (they are enabled by default):

Here’s How Long Your Apple Watch Battery Will Last

All of this data is stored and processed on your devices and is not sent to Apple.

If you want to turn off Optimized Battery Charging on your Apple Watch, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health, then tap the switch next to Optimized Battery Charging. After that you can choose to turn it off or turn it off until tomorrow.

OK, but how does all this help you tell if your Apple Watch battery is dead? Go back to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Note that you are getting maximum capacity measurement there. If it’s more than 80 percent, you should be fine. Below that, your battery is becoming suspicious and you may notice that your Apple Watch doesn’t have the charge it used to. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about running a half marathon with the Apple Watch Series 4 and optimizing battery life for longer. Exercises After my Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods ran out of power last year, I made a few changes this year that helped extend battery life.

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

However, mobile was activated for the previous two runs, which had a noticeable effect on battery life. I had a third half-marathon run this weekend, and as an opportunity to turn off my cell phone and test the battery life…

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Results? My Apple Watch Series 4 had 95% battery life. Just before the start of the race at 6:49 am. After a 13.1 mile run I checked again at 9:15 with 54% battery left. So, 5% is used between waking up and starting the run, and then 41% is used during and in the moments after the run, not bad!

(As for the race, my official finishing time was 2:12:27; 2 hours 18 minutes earlier from last year’s 2 hours 27 minutes on the same course, and 2 hours 18 minutes earlier on another course two weeks ago. With training, the goal is to finish under two hours. .)

In theory, I could run twice as far (at the same pace) and save the workout before the clock died. In practice, I was able to enjoy a delicious snack with family and friends without worrying about charging the watch until I got home. It’s much better than worrying about the watch dying before the end of the run or having to charge it before lunch.

I didn’t monitor my battery life closely during the half marathon two weeks ago (getting a 10% remaining alert wasn’t the main goal), but I think my percentage after the race is in the mid-thirties. Turning off the cell phone during the run appears to save about 20%.

Make Your Apple Watch Battery Last For Days With This One Simple Change

I also mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my friend ran with my old Apple Watch Series 3 and it died right before the end of the run – battery wear is a real problem. He tested battery life this weekend by turning off his cell phone during the run (except for the last mile) and had just over 30% left.

Outdoor Workout Tracker Tracks your outdoor workout with real-time audio, GPS, and LTE. Take LTE out of the equation, and Apple promises to do just that

Battery life under the same conditions. (In total, Apple promises up to 18 hours of battery life under normal conditions with a mix of normal activities).

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

If you often use Apple Watch for long outdoor walks or long outdoor runs, you can manually turn on power saving mode in Settings → General → Training. It automatically disables your mobile device and built-in heart rate monitor during walking and running workouts without affecting GPS or Bluetooth heart rate monitors. If you use a third-party training app, you may need to manually manage your mobile.

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Half marathons are also a great way to complete 300% and 400% challenges with the Apple Watch in Apple’s Activity app (without lowering your movement goal). I keep my movement goal at 500 calories as a balance between challenging and achievable.

Having a cell phone on my Apple Watch wasn’t completely useless on race day, even when I turned it off during the run.

Thanks to the peace of mind of staying connected to LTE, I almost never run with my iPhone, but I’ve had to make a phone call before and after a run to coordinate with the family after the time started wrong.

You miss out on encouraging messages and location sharing, but outdoor tracks are still available thanks to GPS. My friend chose to turn LTE back on in the last mile to let his family know he was tracking his location with Find My Friends that he was close to the finish line.

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Turning the mobile off and on again is also very easy; Swipe up from the watch face and tap on the antenna icon to open Settings.

Again I experienced the same difference between the distance on the clock and the distance marked by the run. After I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, several readers suggested that the increased distance on the clock may be due to other racers passing and traveling farther in the corners.

The difference between the watch and each course is consistent, and I’m still curious to try the Apple Watch with the Garmin GPS Watch. Let’s see how the next match goes.

How Long Does A Apple Watch Battery Last

Second half marathon in two weeks (never the third). 2:27 to 2:18 to 2:13. Good morning! 🏃🏼 #run #running #halfmarathon #applewatch #nrc nikerunclub #nike A post shared by Zac Hall (@apollozac) on Dec 9, 2018 at 9:46am PST

Apple Watch Will Have

Now, I’ve found the right formula for completing long rides with plenty of battery life: Bluetooth heart rate monitor, locally synced music playlist, and cell phone turned off for the duration of the run (but still with a few available taps).

I definitely prefer the Bose SoundSport Free headphones over the AirPods for half marathons, but only for longer runs when volume and battery life are concerned. I saw a lot of AirPods on other half marathon runners this year; I can’t remember if I saw AirPods last year.

Battery life with cellular certainly seems to be an area that will continue to improve with future versions of the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, mobile is still a great feature for the distances I run on other days. Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 with LTE are great for tracking 5K and 10K outdoor runs while sharing your location and playing Siri-controlled Apple Music; Plan longer distances.

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