Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

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If you have multiple Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards, you can maximize the value you get from all your rewards by combining the points you earn on each card. The reason you want to combine your points is that the value of a single point and its redemption options are limited by the credit card it’s associated with.

Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

The Sapphire Reserve is the best single card to combine all your ultimate rewards. It offers the best redemption rate of 1.5¢ per point, allows transfers to partners like JetBlue, United and Hyatt, and also includes fantastic travel insurance. Otherwise, consolidating with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Preferred will earn you 1.25¢ per value point and also allow you to switch to travel partners. If you plan to close a card account, you should combine your points from that card before canceling to ensure you don’t lose your points.

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Combining points is a simple and instant process. You can combine points with any card where you are the primary cardholder or with cards owned by a member of your household. If you have a business card, you can also combine points with a co-owner of this company.

Note: If the card isn’t listed here and you want to transfer it to a household member or co-owner of a business (if you have a business credit card), you must select Add Household Member to add the card to your profile.

Note: Although there is no “undo” function, you can transfer points back to the source map immediately.

Combining Ultimate Rewards is a quick and free process to ensure you’re always getting the most value from your points. A good time to combine points is whenever you’re thinking of redeeming them for travel. It costs nothing and accustoms you to making sure your points are linked to the card that offers the highest possible value.

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Did you know that you can automatically add all your travel plans to your calendar? All you have to do is go to the iCal link from the left menu of your timeline and create a calendar subscription to your preferred calendar.

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Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program can offer incredible value. Unsurprisingly, the coin regularly appears at the top of TPG’s monthly ratings, checking in at 2 cents a piece in our latest iteration.

Guide To Chase Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards

One of the best things about the Ultimate Rewards program is how flexible points are, not only when it comes to redemption options, but also when you want to transfer points between accounts.

Looking for a convenient way to view all of your transferable chase points in one place? Download the free TPG app!

In fact, it’s one of the most customer-friendly transferable points programs on the market. So today I’m going to be going through a tutorial explaining how you can combine Ultimate Rewards points between accounts and discussing when you should consider doing so.

Before we begin, here is a list of the major cards participating in the Ultimate Rewards program:

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Seasoned readers will note that this list includes five cashback cards (the three Freedom products along with Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited). While it’s true that these cards officially earn cashback rewards, they still fall under the Ultimate Rewards program. And they become especially valuable when you keep them in conjunction with Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred, or Ink Business Preferred.

That’s because you can combine the rewards you earn from all your Ultimate Rewards cards into a single account. Therefore, if you have Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred or Ink Business Preferred, you can convert any rewards you earn with these cashback cards into fully transferrable Ultimate Rewards points. That’s the enduring power of my favorite credit card combination, which I call the “Perfect Chase Quartet.”

When it comes to transferring Ultimate Rewards points, there are two different types of transfers you can make:

Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your Ultimate Rewards credit cards are all linked to the same online account. If you haven’t set up online access, go to and click Not Registered? Sign up now” on the right side of the page.

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If you already have a Chase account and have applied for a new Ultimate Rewards card, it should automatically appear shortly after approval. To be sure, log into your account and click on “Account Activity”. Scroll down and look for the new card.

Note that you may have other accounts (not Ultimate Rewards) linked to the same Chase username. I currently have several others on the same online account which makes it easy to manage all my cards.

Once you set up your online account, the process begins the same way for both types of transfers. First, log into the Chase account you want to transfer points from, whether it’s your own or a household member’s account. From the home page, click an Ultimate Rewards card, then click Redeem next to your rewards balance.

Clicking Redeem will launch the Ultimate Rewards Portal. At this point, if you have more than one card on the account, you must select the one you want to transfer your points from (you can skip to the next step if you or your household member only have one card).

How To Choose A Balance Transfer Credit Card

This will take you to the home page of the map. At the top, you’ll likely need to click on the “Earn/Use” section to expand the menu and see the different icons for your opportunities. From there, find and click “Combine Points”:

This is where things start to differ, depending on whether you’re combining points from two of your accounts or if you want to transfer your points to someone else. The simpler of the two is to combine points on two accounts where you are the primary cardholder on both.

After you click Combine Points, select the account you want to transfer your points from and the account you want the points deposited into. Note that TPG’s Katie Genter transfers points from Chase Sapphire Preferred to Ink Business Preferred in this screenshot:

Transfer Balance From One Chase Card To Another

On the next page, choose whether you want to move all your points or just a select number of them. Unlike transferring Ultimate Rewards points to partners, you don’t have to stick to multiples of 1,000 points. You can move as many points between your accounts as you like. When you’re done, click Verify at the bottom of the page.

How To Do A Balance Transfer

Review the details (including the Terms and Conditions below), then click “Confirm and Submit” when you’re ready to process the transfer. The next page will confirm that the transfer was successful:

Your new balance should also appear at the top of the page as these transfers are instant.

Before transferring points to someone else’s account, read the Ultimate Rewards points combination terms and conditions (emphasis mine):

“You can move your points, but only to another Ultimate Rewards Chase card owned by you or a member of your household. If we suspect that you have engaged in fraudulent activity involving your credit card account or Ultimate Rewards, or that you have misused Ultimate Rewards in any way (e.g. by buying or selling points, moving or transferring points with or to an unauthorized third party or account, or repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards or manufacturing costs, repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards) may temporarily suspend you from earning points or prevent you from using Points you have already earned. If we believe you were involved in any of these acts, we will close your credit card account.”

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If you transfer points between your own accounts, you are clearly subject to the limits of these Terms. However, if you transfer points to someone else’s Ultimate Rewards accounts, they must be a member of your household (or business owner for Chase Ink cards).

Currently, if you are transferring points to someone else’s account for the first time, you will need to call them

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