My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly – There are many reasons why you may not get as many pages from cartridges as you expect from what is written on the box. Obviously, the pages you print require more ink than the standard “5% coverage” metric. However, another no less common and highly solvable cause of low cartridge yield is clogged nozzles in the printer head. This is a common problem that occurs with some printer brands more than others. For example, they are as good and affordable as Epson printers and are known for their sealed print head nozzles.

There are good reasons why this happens, and even more good reasons why it happens with Epson printers in particular. In essence, however, it is a balance between the advancement of technology and the loss of size. For example, many of today’s technological advances involve downsizing. In terms of printing, reducing the diameter of the printer nozzles helps print quality. So it’s a two-sided coin. Epson printers have closed printhead nozzles because they provide the best print quality. Let’s explain it.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

Here’s a myth: You’ll never have clogged printhead nozzles if you use genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) cartridges.

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Here’s another myth: If you keep running printhead cleaning cycles, your printhead nozzles won’t clog.

These two myths have misled many printer users. Everyone is lost, of course. If you use generic or compatible cartridges from a trusted aftermarket company or third-party supplier, it will look like you’re using genuine cartridges. It’s just a box of ink after all. Most printer users have already seen this and ended up saving a lot because of it.

Another myth is more difficult to disprove because of the nuances. Printhead cleaning cycles help push air bubbles out of the nozzle. In some cases, they can even help with dried ink, but the problem has to be small enough to help. Solids are always able to hold liquids if they are dense enough. With regular use, the dried ink in your nose will thicken enough.

If you run a head cleaning program against it, you will get temporary relief. All that ink that the printhead is pushing around, pushing through the nozzle to release it, where do you think it goes? It will set and dry again in a day or two. This is why you get clean prints after doing multiple print head cleaning lines only to face the same problem again the next day.

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This is an obvious answer with most printers because their print heads are movable. This is also why many OEMs have designed their printers so that the printheads are part of the cartridges as opposed to the printers. But in the case of Epson printers, this is a problem. Remember the print quality of Epson printers? This is possible with their most advanced print heads. Again, this is possible because print heads are a permanent part of printers.

It is not easy for an ordinary person to get rid of anything. This means you can’t just remove them or pull them out to wipe them. Since you can’t wipe them off, the problem of clogged print head nozzles is very annoying. It always means you have to dig deep into the multi-tool manual to remove the printhead or call for service.

One requires a lot of time, which is important, while the other means spending a lot of money. Neither option is attractive to printer owners, especially since printers cost a pretty penny to buy and run these days. A much better option will be to prevent this problem.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

The main culprit in the problem of clogged printhead nozzles, whether in Epson printers or otherwise, is air. Air pollution is common, especially as the bubbles get smaller with every technological advance. The next biggest culprit is of course dried ink.

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Apart from these suspects, however, you also need to think about dust. Dust tends to make the problem worse. Air can suck in dust inside the nose, while ink can turn into small dirt particles when it comes in contact with dust. It is an undeniable fact that dirty printers often clog printer nozzles. This means that cleaning your printer regularly is more important than you thought.

Keeping your printer clean is a challenging task. Keeping the outside clean makes the inside less likely to get dirty and improves it. However, cleaning the inside is where you need to be careful. Being subtle is the first rule because some things are simple and depend on proper engineering. It is also important to use lint-free cloth wipes if the lint itself clogs the printhead nozzles.

The best way to clean the inside of the printer is with an air duster or vacuum cleaner. Remove dust or vacuum. The latter is a better choice as it is more direct and reliable.

All printers have this system where they run a small print head cleaning cycle when turned on. This can be called anything from turning adjustment to “preparation” in the manual. It’s basically just a mini print head nozzle for the cleaning cycle. In this cycle, the printer releases a small amount of ink through the nozzles to keep it lubricated.

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These circuits assist the printer and reduce the likelihood of clogging the printhead nozzles. The problem is that most printer owners never turn off their printers. If you never turn it off, it will never turn on. This means that these mini-circles cannot run and protect you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to turn off the printer at night. When you turn it on in the morning, you will feel the pleasant breeze of this cycle.

This is old fashioned advice when it comes to printer repair. Whether it’s air, dust, or dried ink, your printer will only develop clogged nozzles if you don’t use it often enough. If you use it regularly, the ink will flow through it regularly. This constant flow prevents bad air from accumulating, dust from entering the hole, and ink from drying out in the hole.

Therefore, one of the simplest and easiest ways to solve the problem of clogged print head nozzles in Epson printers is to use them regularly. Ideally, you should look at the recommended monthly duty cycle and try to calculate what that means in terms of daily printing. Even if you accomplish half of this goal each day, your printer should be safe and reliable.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

It’s almost addictive to run a print cleaning cycle when nothing is outputting.

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It is also very easy to spam to print a cleaning cycle if the problem is not resolved. However, this dependence or addiction must be rejected.

Cannot run more than three printer cleaning cycles at once. Performing any three such cycles will cause ink to build up in the print head.

And as we’ve already learned, this ink dries quickly and will cause you problems, if not tomorrow, then soon.

In an ideal world you could use genuine cartridges, but the Razor Blade business model adopted by all printer OEMs means that OEM cartridges are prohibitively expensive. Even rich people have trouble affording a replacement ink cartridge. It is estimated that the price of ink is higher than the price of petrol, Chanel perfume and even blood. However, it is impossible for anyone to expect you to use only specific cartridges.

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Alternatives are compatible or generic cartridges. If you find the right dealer for these cartridges, you can save a lot of money without having to compromise on quality or maintenance costs. When it comes to compatible or aftermarket cartridges, price and quality should not be mutually exclusive. Just look at the prices we offer on wholesale inkjet printers and you will see the quality you get for those prices. Epson printers are among the most affordable printers on the market, which is reason enough to choose one of these brands.

On the other hand, Epson printers face many problems. For example, the problem is often printing blank pages, not printing when connected wirelessly, or not printing after replacing the ink toner.

In this section, we will look at some troubleshooting steps in hopes of getting the printer working again.

My Epson Printer Is Not Printing Properly

Before turning off, check if the printer displays an error message. Sometimes it’s clear enough to see what’s wrong. If not, read the answer.

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It is a strange situation to have a full ink tank but cannot print. The most common causes are:


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