Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr – Canon vs. The Nikon debate has been going on for decades and it’s safe to say that it’s now Canon Vs. Nikon vs. Sony, I don’t think I’m ready with this broad discussion. But this week I

I’ve finally come to some sort of writing clarity about it, so I’ve decided to write something about a traditional long-term game.

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

I’m a Canon user and have all the experience, but to reassure Nikon users that it won’t be an unfair fight, it’s best to release the latest Canon camera. I’ll go into more detail in a later post, but I want to make it clear that I’m not going to sit hard on the camp cannons and pretend that everything is red.

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A few weeks before this article was written, we saw major announcements from both Canon and Nikon. The new Nikon D850 looks like the most exciting DSLR released on paper. It combines the speed of the Nikon D5’s autofocus system with a fast frame rate and close-up 50MP sensor. Not only that, but it also introduces new features like a BSI sensor, 8K time-lapse mode, macro and a unique and innovative focus stacking feature that will have product photographers frothing at the mouth. More than any other camera I’ve seen, this camera really is for everyone. Nikon has a good track record of ISO performance and dynamic range capabilities, so I’m sure this will do well.

Although Canon didn’t release a new DSLR this week, it didn’t add to its already growing line of lenses.

New L series lenses. 85mm f/1.4 L IS and new Tilt Shift Macro Lens Trio (50mm, 90mm and 135mm).

This pair of releases from the two brands in question really highlighted their relative strengths for me and eventually became the catalyst for me to give some thoughts on the subject. Nikon has been the king of high ISOs for a while, and the Nikon D810 sets a new standard for the dynamic range you’d expect from a DSLR. Canon always plays an interesting game when it comes to cameras, and this is no easy way to explain why they’re up against a release schedule. They seem content to just try and keep up with the best of their existing competitors instead of jumping on the bandwagon of new innovations. The 5D Mark IV is a great camera and I was delighted to (finally) read the dynamic range using the new sensor technology. There was a night-and-day difference in that area with the 5D Mark III, but it still didn’t reach the DR of Nikon’s several-year-old camera.

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Worse, the 6D Mark II seemed to have outdated sensor technology, so the average Canon fan was teased for the improved performance of the 5D, but it wasn’t implemented in the 6D Mark II. In my opinion, this is one of Canon’s biggest mistakes of the last decade and once again highlights the difference between the way Canon and Nikon design new products today. As all the reviews point out, the 6D Mark II isn’t a bad camera that takes bad pictures, it’s nothing new. even a little.

So why am I still a Canon user? I would like to shoot with the Nikon D850, but there is one important thing that still keeps me loyal to Canon. This is the lens.

Canon’s lens development division operates on an entirely different level than its camera division, and has produced an impressive array of lens innovations over the past decade. Unlike their camera lineup, when Canon releases a new lens, it doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just matching (or similar) existing products from other manufacturers. Instead, they’re innovating, and nothing has been said about DSLRs since the 5D Mark II added HD video recording. When it comes to lenses, Nikon is generally catching up, and in many cases it’s taking a long time.

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

2009 – Canon 17mm f/4 L TS-E – Widest full-frame tilt-swift lens. In 2017, Nikon finally released a variable wide-angle lens, but this lens is only 19mm.

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2009 – Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro – the first lens with hybrid image stabilization that compensates for camera angle and movement at the same time.

2011 – Canon 8-15mm f/4 L Fisheye – The first fisheye zoom lens to allow a full 180-degree field of view on both full-frame and APS-C cameras. Nikon finally released an equivalent 8-15mm lens in 2017.

2012 – Canon 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens – Not all lenses have to be big and expensive monsters. Putting a small 40mm lens on your camera will always put a smile on your face.

2013 – Canon 200-400 f/4 L IS 1.4x – First super-telephoto lens with a built-in 1.4x extender. Nikon copied the idea and released their own version, but it’s been five years since Canon’s idea was released.

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2015 – Canon 11-24 f/4 L – the widest full prime lens on the market for Canon or Nikon. Not only is it spacious, but it is also an excellent performer.

2016 – Canon 400mm f/4 DO II – The only 400mm lens with diffractive optics and probably the best Canon lens on the market due to its small size. Nikon now has something similar, but the super-telephoto diffractive optics have been in Canon’s lineup for 17 years.

2016 – Canon 28mm STM Macro – the first lens with a front-mounted ring light.

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

2016 – Canon 70-300 f / 4.5-5.6 IS II – First DSLR lens with LCD display to show focal length and depth of field.

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2017 – New TS-E macro lens – yes, Nikon first used two 2:1 variable lenses, but instead of matching the two lenses, Canon goes a step further, with the longest focal length 135mm f/4 TS – Added E macro. – A lens switch between two competing brands that brings the Canon flagship with 5 TS-E lenses.

2019? – 600mm f/4 DO IS – Canon has already introduced a prototype 600mm DO lens. This lens is expected to hit the market within the next few years and will reduce size and weight from conventional 600mm lens designs.

These are the new updates I’m listing here, and I’m not taking into account the updates to the 24-70 f/2.8 L II and 100-400 L IS II, which take the brightness of the zoom lens as a whole. new level.

Of course, there are a few Nikkor lenses we’d like to see in Canon’s lineup as well, like the 28mm f/1.4, but overall there’s been little innovation from the Nikkor lens team in recent years. Even the new flagship 70-200 f/2.8 VR3 released in 2016 was met with many puzzled faces when changing focus and zoom rings caused serious processing problems.

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With the latest Canon lenses and the latest Nikon cameras, the choice is pretty simple. Do you want the chance to own the best lens or the best camera? In general, Nikon makes high-quality cameras these days, but it’s clear that Canon’s lens department kicks some ass. So which do you prefer? Just as Canon rarely makes “bad” cameras, Nikon rarely makes “bad” lenses. But what piece of the puzzle inspires or enables photography? This is really something you have to ask yourself.

I own many of the Canon lenses listed above and I love seeing new lens designs that push the optical boundaries. When I buy a new lens that gives me new capabilities, I leave the lens on my camera for months or months, wandering around looking for new possibilities and ways to create images that weren’t possible before. When you get a new camera, it usually feels like a new tool. I get excited for the day and then move on. So it fits the Canon brand.

How do you feel about a new lens or camera? Understanding that may be the key to choosing between these two brands.

Is Canon Or Nikon Better For Dslr

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