How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

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Passengers board the new Argo Parahiangan train at Bandung Station before departing for Jakarta’s Gambir Station. (JP/Arya Deepa)

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

State-owned rail operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) has added long-distance train services to serve passengers arriving and departing from Jakarta.

Jakarta Bandung Train Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

PT KAI’s website announced that the additional services are KA Argo Parahiangan, which operates a route from Jakarta to Bandung in West Java; KA Bima, which travels from Jakarta to Malang in East Java; and KA Sembrani serving Jakarta to Surabaya in East Java. Return journey options are available for services and the full timetable can be viewed online.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, those planning to board the train must be in excellent condition with a temperature below 37.3 degrees Celsius. On the train, passengers must maintain a safe physical distance, wash their hands regularly, wear masks and long-sleeved clothing. They must also wear carrier-provided face shields throughout the trip, while children under 3 must have their own face shields.

“Our staff will arrange seats for passengers over 50 years old, so they will not sit next to other passengers,” said PT KAI Operating Region (DAOP) Jakarta 1 spokeswoman Eva Chairunisa. Many people think that Sukarno Hatta Airport is in Jakarta. But the fact is that it is not. Her place is in the city of Tangerang, quite far from Jakarta. But people knew Sukarno Hatta Airport as the airport of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It is the busiest airport, a hub, it takes people to other cities. Jakarta Airport to Bandung is one of the packages because Bandung is one of the most visited cities.

For travelers departing from Jakarta. There are some modes of transportation that are widely used, such as buses and trains. Locals usually use shuttle buses for a more private and quick arrival. Have fun and stay behind schedule by changing trains. Use the bus for a smooth journey.

Kereta Cepat Jakarta Bandung

Shuttle buses are more convenient for those looking for convenience. Just make sure the vehicle you choose fits your budget and travel preferences. And remember that each mode also has its pros and cons.

Primajasa is an option that a traveler can use to travel to Bandung. The bus runs for a long time, from 7 am to 2 am. A total of 42 departures are made every day. Therefore, even if the plane lands at midnight, you can catch the bus. The Primajasa ticket office is located in the arrivals terminal.

Just follow the bus stop sign or just ask the attendant. Tourists could also book a seat regardless of the time of departure. Reservations will be closed 30 minutes before departure. This means that for people planning to go to Bandung at 17:00, the reservation must be made by 16:30.

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

Primajasa buses also depart from international arrival terminals. Such as Terminal 2F and Terminal 3. The terminal point will be at Primajasa office in Batununggal area. The arrival point is quite far from the city center of Alun Alun Bandung. It is approximately 6 km. But don’t worry if you stop at Alun-Alun Bandung, there are many options.

Bus Primajasa Bandung Jakarta Ac Eksekutif

Primajas ticket price to Bandung is 115,000 rupiah per person. Children from 3 years old are paid full price. The Primajasa bus has about 39 seats with a 2-2 arrangement. Don’t worry about the heat, the bus has air conditioning. There is a smoking area and a toilet on board.

The price of the bus ticket includes free luggage up to 20 kg per person. Additional kilogram will be charged at IDR 3000/kg. However, they do not travel by bus. Therefore, before departure, it is recommended to eat, as well as prepare a snack and water. Or buy food to take and enjoy during the trip. The bus no longer stops anywhere to pick up passengers.

As mentioned earlier, the Primajasa bus operates from 7 am to 2 am. The bus leaves every 30 minutes. There are times just 15 minutes apart from the previous one, such as 11:15am, 1:45pm, 4:15pm, 5:15pm and 7:45pm. Only 3 schedules are available after midnight to 2 am. Since the gap is an hour after departure.

There are no refunds, so please wait at least 30 minutes before departure. The journey from Jakarta Airport to Bandung will take about 5-6 hours, depending on traffic.

Travel Xtrans Jatiwaringin Rute Jakarta Bandung Update

For additional private transport services, tourists can use a shuttle bus. X-trans, CitiTrans and Sinar Shuttle are a few examples. Primajasa Bus also provides shuttle buses. Although the shuttle is slightly more expensive than the bus, it guarantees an on-time departure. So make sure you arrive on time if you use this mode of transport.

For international arrivals, these shuttle buses pick up passengers from Terminals 2F and 3. Except for Xtrans, as the shuttle buses only pick up passengers from Terminal 2F for international arrivals. The point of departure from Terminal 2 is the bus station. In Terminal 3, a shuttle bus will pick up passengers at the parking building.

As for the place of arrival, it depends on the bus operator. The Primayasa shuttle will stop at Batunanggal area. X-trans will stay at its pool at Hotel De Batara (Sihampelas Street). The final stop of City Trans is at Dipati Ukur/Paster area.

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

The journey will take about the same time. The difference is in cost and convenience. Generally, the cost of a shuttle bus ranges from 130,000 to 200,000 rupees. Out of this price range, Sinar Shuttle is the cheapest at IDR 130,000 per person.

Top 10 Travel Bandung Jakarta Pp, Jadwal Dan Tiket 2022

The train ride from Sukarno Hatta International Airport to BNI City Station takes 45 minutes. Photo: Hary Rakmat

Citi Trans is the most expensive but has the longest uptime. From 6:45 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. For children older than 2 years, an adult ticket will be paid.

In the schedule, Primajasa offers 16 departures with an hourly break from 7:15. The last shuttle leaves at 11:15. Another operator also offers the same interval of one hour. But with different working hours.

Passengers can also book a seat online. But since the arrival time of the plane is sometimes unpredictable. It’s best to go in and buy a ticket on the spot. In addition, the ticket is non-refundable.

Cititrans Travel Bandung Jakarta Bandara Soekarno Hatta

The first step to get to Bandung from the airport is that travelers will need to get to Gambir Station. There are 2 options from Sukarno Hatta Airport to Gambir. The first is by train from the airport. The second is by using the DAMRI bus.

Using the train from the airport, passengers will have to take 2 different trains to reach Bandung. The first train is the airport train. Take a long-distance train from Jakarta Gambir to Bandung Station. This is more of a problem, especially with passengers traveling with children or luggage.

Another public transport from Jakarta airport to Gambir station is the DAMRI bus. The bus is available in the arrivals area, terminals 1 to 3. Domestic and international terminals. It usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours to drive from the airport to Gambir in normal traffic.

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

Either way, bus or train, each offers different advantages. The train from the airport is fast, but passengers need to take another trip. Stop at Sudirman BNI City Station, from there it is another 4.5 km to Gambir Station. Passengers could book a car or taxi, which cost between 25,000 and 35,000 rupees.

Cipaganti Travel Jakarta Bandung

Tourists will be able to visit the suburban train station on the airport train. It’s busy but offers an unusual scene. I see hundreds of local residents flocking to the station. Traders offer their services at the station gate, motorcycle taxis hail. In addition, the suburban line is a hub for other cities such as Bagor, Bekasi and Tangerang.

Compared to taking the train at the airport, the DAMRI bus is much more convenient. The bus is available at the entrance of Terminals 1 to 3 of Sukarno Hatta. It stops at each terminal or when the seats are full. The bus ticket costs 85,000 rupiah and departs every 30 minutes from the arrival area.

A train ticket from Gambir station to Bandung starts at 70,000 rupiah for an economy class seat. Image: Rinaldi

In addition to purchasing a ticket on the spot. You can book a long-distance train ticket online through the official Indonesian Railways. When booking online, passengers will be sent a barcode and booking code. Which can later be printed at Gambir station.

Sewa Mobil Jakarta Bandung Nomor 1 Rekomended

The ticket price ranges from 70,000 to 120,000 rupees for an economy train. And 120,000 to 180,000 rupees for a management position. The duration of the trip is 2 hours and 50 minutes. Services inside the train include an air-conditioned carriage. The seeding is 2-2. Each carriage has a TV and a toilet.

Each seat has a USB charging port. Food is available and not free in the dining car. Or order through a flight attendant on the train during the on-train sale. During the journey, travelers will see how wonderful the view is. There is greenery everywhere, there are also rice terraces.

As the destination arrives

How To Travel From Jakarta To Bandung

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