What Is Usm On Canon Lens

What Is Usm On Canon Lens – The difference between Ultrasonic Motors (USM) and Stepper Motors (STM) has to do with what you use them for. While they may have some things in common, such as having an autofocus motor, they use different automatic systems.

Canon was the first company to introduce a focus motor right inside the lens, which has become standard today.

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

In short, Canon has developed three types of motors for their lenses: STM, USM, and the more traditional DC motor.

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The word “USM” on Canon Lenses refers to the autofocus motor system that the lens uses. USM stands for Ultrasonic Motor and works by using ultrasonic vibrations that are converted into rotary motion to rotate the focus ring. USM lenses have faster autofocus than STM lenses but are a bit more noisy.

The letters USM stands for Ultra Sonic Motor. Most Canon lenses have this type of motor, and that’s because USM lenses have been considered the professional standard in photography. They are a huge improvement over DC motors, not to mention they are quieter and faster.

USM lenses focus faster than regular lenses, and jumping from one focus point to another is easy. With this lens, you can switch from auto focus to manual focus instantly.

But it barely scratched the surface. There are three types of USM lenses that you should know about: Ring USM, Mirco USM, and, last but not least, Nano USM.

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The former is the most popular choice, but the Nano USM has caught the attention of most professional photographers in recent years.

Ring Type USM is a system consisting of two rings. One is connected to the focus/group AF system and the other to the barrel. One of them vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency, causing the other to move in a rotational manner. The Ring USM features full-time manual focus (FTM), allowing you to easily switch from auto to manual focus.

The Micro USM has a similar sonic vibration motor that is not directly coupled to the focusing system. It consists of gears, similar to a DC motor, which means it is also less noisy. With a gear-like design, the motor is intended to offer an efficient focusing system without being limited by the size of the lens barrel. Micro USM lenses do not have full-time manual focusing.

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

Cannon changed the name of the game when they made the Nano USM. It has a new type mechanism that combines the speed of Ring USM with the silent focus of a lead screw type STM lens. The motor is similar to the Ring USM, but the motion is more linear than rotating. However, like the STM motor, it requires focus by wire (the manual focus ring is not connected to the lens focusing system). The result is good image quality when taking photos, fast AF response, and smooth focus when shooting video.

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The main advantage of using a Canon USM (UltraSonic Motor) Lens is that it offers faster focusing than the Canon STM autofocus system. This increased autofocus speed makes Canon USM lenses ideal for photographers, allowing them to quickly switch focus between subjects.

The main advantage of Ring USM lenses is that they focus as quickly as the blink of an eye; Nailing focus is not a problem for this lens, making it ideal for all types of photographers, even those who like to shoot a lot of action. The downside is that it can be very noisy. And tough lenses are a videographer’s worst nightmare. But compared to DC motors, ring USM lenses are much quieter.

Compared to Micro USM, it lets you turn off autofocus when you switch to manual focus, and has full-time manual focus (FTM).

Micro-USM lenses have the advantage of being quite light compared to other USM lenses. Not to mention they are cheaper.

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On the other hand, the Canon Nano USM is the best deal you can get. Canon created this system with photographers and videographers in mind. In terms of noise, it reaches the level of an STM lens; even as fast as Ring USM. So, the best of both worlds. Smoothness and speed ensure that this bold lens is the whole package. Now that’s pretty impressive. And they say perfect lenses don’t exist.

The word “STM” on Canon lenses refers to the autofocus system that the lens uses. STM stands for “Stepping Motor” which is a focusing system that uses a directed motor to rotate the focus ring. Canon STM lenses have very quiet autofocus so they are great for video but are slower at focusing compared to USM lenses.

STM has to look with Stepper Motor technology, and the power comes from the camera body, not the lens itself. The Canon STM system was developed specifically for video recording. Canon has designed a system with a smoother and quieter focus that is better suited for this. Although the focus is smooth, it is relatively slow compared to its USM counterpart.

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

While the exact operation of this lens is unknown, Canon has designed a focus motor that eliminates noise while recording. The focus system is rock-silent, and as any professional would say, minimal noise during recording is not something to give.

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A stepper motor is an electric motor that rotates in stages. They are driven by a current pulse with a lead screw connected to the AF group. The steps are fixed position, such as 1/4 turn clockwise, 1/8 turn, etc; after the end of the turn, the motor stops.

The downside is that Canon STM lenses don’t have full-time manual focus. When autofocus is enabled, you lose the ability to manually adjust the focus ring.

The ring or gear system is what composes the focusing system on the Ring USM lens. The movement of the gears makes this lens noisier than some other lenses. STM lenses don’t have this problem.

Since STM lenses do not capture the sound of camera focus, they are the perfect choice for shooting video. The Audio part in a video is an important aspect, so to skimp on it would be a mistake that I guarantee you will regret later.

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The focus system is generally much smoother and quieter when recording. STM provides smooth motion during recording. STM lenses are a content creator/vlogger’s dream because they are made especially for video.

When using an STM lens, the focus tends to be fairly fast, which is always fun when taking pictures. However it is slightly slower than the Ringa or Nano USM lenses.

The price of this lens is relatively cheap. If you have a penchant for videos but also like to take photos from time to time, this is a budget option that you shouldn’t ignore.

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

When comparing Canon STM to USM lenses, the best choice will depend on what you are shooting. Canon STM lenses have a quieter autofocus system making them more ideal for video shooters. Meanwhile, Canon USM lenses are much faster at finding focus but a bit more noisy. Due to noise, the USM system is more suitable for photographers.

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There is no correct answer to this question. No lens is generally “better” because STM and USM lenses are not made for the same purpose, so they are better in different ways.

Photographically, there’s not much difference between the two options, so if you’re going to use it for that, go for the cheapest version.

As for recording video, the STM system offers advantages due to reduced noise. USM lenses can still be used to record video, but you may notice lens noise as your camera tracks between different focus points.

The most important thing is that you know how to get the best out of your lenses. It really depends on preference and what you will be using the lens for.

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If you don’t like the squeaky sound in your videos, be careful what you choose – older versions of USM lenses won’t do. Smooth audio and focus are definitely one of the most important aspects when shooting video. If what you really want is to shoot video, take a look at STM or Nano USM lenses. While STM lenses are great for filmmaking, they are not the best for taking photos.

If you photograph a lot of events or animals, this lens will also make a reliable companion. Silent lenses are very important. There’s nothing more annoying than missing the perfect shot because you’re scaring an animal just a few feet away.

Ring USM lenses used to be the gold standard when it comes to focusing speed when shooting. That is, before the Nano USM. However, you will have to pay a little more for that benefit. Ring USM lenses are a bit quiet, but not as much as STM lenses. The latter makes focusing while recording very smooth.

What Is Usm On Canon Lens

Ring USM lenses are the best for still photography, but the Nano USM mechanism is excellent

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