What Is Canon In Movies

What Is Canon In Movies – The overall structure of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series is relatively complex. There are several iterations of the main canon series (both manga and anime), but also a lot of additional material such as movies, OVAs, games and whatnot. Most of this extra content is honestly non-canon, so you don’t have to worry about it, but some recent movies have become canon, people got confused, and that inspired this article.

In this article, we’ll explain which Dragon Ball movies are canon and which aren’t. And while there are some whose status is clear, there are Dragon Ball movies whose status is not so clear. In fact, these movies don’t conflict with any of the canon stories, in fact they fit the canon quite well, but either no one confirmed this or there was no proper reference to these events.

What Is Canon In Movies

What Is Canon In Movies

Boo’s threat is over and peace has returned to Earth. But Beerus, the God of Destruction, awakens from his 39-year slumber and decides to seek out the divine Super Saiyan, a superior warrior who must offer him a fight in his measure. This is predicted by the Oracle Fish. Beerus.

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Beerus then begins his mission with the surviving Earth Saiyans. He then meets Son Goku in Northern Kaioh, who offers the God of Destruction a fight, but is beaten with maddening ease. With Goku not helping in his mission, Beerus heads to Earth hoping to find this godlike Super Saiyan.

Two soldiers, Sorbet and Tagoma, from the army of Frieza, the former tyrant that Son Goku defeated on Namek, went to Earth to find the Dragon Balls to revive him. After being revived, Frieza’s only goal is to get revenge on Son Goku.

They are told that Goku has become much stronger and has managed to defeat Boot. Frieza decides to train for four months, claiming that he can surpass him in that time.

The beginning of the movie follows the past of Goku, Vegeta and Broly on Planet Vegeta. King Cold visits the Saiyan and, along with his son Freeza and his army, announces that he is retiring and leaving his kingdom to his son. King Vegeta realizes that Broly, the son of a warrior named Paragus, is stronger than him.

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He saw his great power as an insult and sent Broly to an unfriendly asteroid called Vampa. Accompanied by the Saiyan, Paragus escapes, searches for his son on this planet and eventually finds him. In order for her and her son to survive, she has no choice but to kill her partner.

On Beerus’ planet, Goku and Vegeta continue to train and improve their skills under the guidance of Whis, who is now helped by Broly to control his anger. Meanwhile, on Earth, the resurrected Red Ribbon Army, led by Magenta and Carmine, recruits Dr. Hed, Dr. Gero’s grandson, to avenge Piccolo and Gohan.

Under Hedo’s guidance, the Red Ribbon Army creates two new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who appear as superheroes to the public. The Red Ribbon Army uses Gamma 2 to attack Piccolo, who loses the battle and appears dead, but follows Gamma 2 to the Red Ribbon Army base. There, Piccolo discovers that Magenta and Hedo are working on a new Android called Cell Max, a new model of the old enemy Cell.

What Is Canon In Movies

In order to get Gohan to fight her, Magenta decides to kidnap her daughter Panty. After learning that he has been kidnapped, Gohan drops out of college and confronts the base with Piccolo, who uses the Dragon Balls to create a new form called “Orange Piccolo”. Gohan unleashes his potentially enraged form and fights and defeats Gamma 1, while Piccolo fights Gamma 2 in his orange form.

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After their second battle, Piccolo defeats Gamma 2, who then ends the fight between Gohan and Gamma 1. After turning, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 help Gohan and Piccolo rescue Pan. Hedo tries to kill Magenta, but before he dies, Magenta activates Cell Max and releases him as a giant Kaiju-type monster.

Gohan, Piccolo, Gamma 1 & 2 now fight Cell Max with Goten (who managed to crack Cell Max’s skull), Trunks, Android 18 and Krillin. Gamma 2 sacrifices herself to harm Cell Max, destroying his left forearm. Piccolo battles Cell Max until he seemingly kills him in his giant form, causing Gohan to transform into a new, angry form, further increasing his power.

In his new form, Gohan destroys Cell’s brain with a special beam cannon while Piccolo holds him back. After the battle, Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo join Capsule Corp. In the post-credits scene, Vegeta defeats Goku on Beerus’ planet.

These four movies are definitely canon, as confirmed both in-universe and out-of-universe. In the next section we will explain why some other films may be part of the canon, although this has not been confirmed.

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Films whose canonical status has not been confirmed, but which, based on the plot and timeline, could fit into a larger film

My canon. In this section we give an overview of these films with some additional explanations; movies that can’t be found in any article aren’t really canon.

Garlic Junior, a Piccolo-like demon, returns from another dimension to enslave the planet. He wants to combine the seven crystal balls and defeat Son Gohan (wearing a hat with Su Sinchu). Son Goku and Piccolo team up to fight a new enemy.

What Is Canon In Movies

Joining the Almighty, they arrive at the Palace of Garlic. While Almighty fights Garlic, the others free Son Gohan. Then they come back to stretch out their hands to the Almighty. However, Garlic, having achieved immortality, continues his ascension and decides to end them by stepping into the multidimensional chasm he created. Fortunately, Son Gohan gets angry at the right time.

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Explanation: This movie is considered canon by some because it fits the general canon without contradicting the events. The timeline fits, and the story doesn’t conflict much with what’s established in canon. This was also highlighted by the fact that Garlic Jr. reappeared, but only in an anime filler arc, not canon.

Cooler is on the trail of Son Goku, the last descendant of a Saiyan. He does not come to earth to avenge his brother Frieza, but to avenge his family’s humiliation caused by Frieza being defeated by a simple Saiyan with his minions, the most powerful of which is named Sauzer.

He has four men with him. As time passed, Cooler was nearly finished off by Son Gohan, Krillin, Son Goku, and Piccolo who confronted them. Gohan’s son went to Karin Tower to bring the sensus to his father, who was seriously injured and burned his back. Piccolo almost disappeared from the fight because of Cooler. Son Gokut eventually recovered and went to find Cooler.

His men set out to kill him, but he proved too strong for them when Cooler immediately appeared. The fateful battle has begun. First it favored Son Goku, then Cooler, who was in bad shape, transformed into his final form and gained the upper hand against his opponent, who unfortunately was no match.

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After his correction, Son Goku, thinking of his friends, still finds the strength to rise up, let go of his anger and transform into a Super Saiyan. When the alien fires his Death Ball, Son Goku manages to control the giant ball and sends it back to Cooler, who slams the ball of energy into the sun.

Explanation: Cooler’s Revenge is also a movie with possible canon status because it doesn’t conflict with any of the canon stories. Fans argue that this could easily fit in the three years between Goku’s return to Earth and the arrival of the Androids, but there’s one big problem – Cooler has never been mentioned by Frieza or King Cold, and since he’s supposedly part of their family. , that doesn’t sound plausible. This undermines its canonical status.

The story begins when the Cell Game is barely over. A billionaire organizes a very special new Tenkaichi Budokai. This race is intergalactic. Aliens are coming to participate in this extraordinary match. But the latter are eliminated by a gang of gangsters led by Bojack, so they take their place in the tournament.

What Is Canon In Movies

After this, Krillin confronts Zangya, the boss’s underling, but is beaten. Trunks fights the swordsman Goku and easily defeats him, but is surprised by Bojack. One of the finalists was won by Bido and Son Gohan’s Bujin the Illusionist. Piccolo, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and even Vegeta are no match for the four villains and Son Gohan is left to face them alone.

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Explanation: This movie could very well be canon

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