How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer

How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer – Then Google Cloud Printing was introduced which made it possible to print from Chrome to almost any printer connected to the Internet.

ChromeOS has come a long way since Cloud Printing was introduced in 2001 and today you can print directly from your Chromebook without using Cloud Printing!

How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer

How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer

If your school is closed due to COVID-19 and you brought your Chromebook home, you probably want to connect it to your printer.

Epson Workforce Pro Wf4820d A4 All In One Inkjet Touchscreen Printer

First, go to your printer and print your network configuration page. This page will list the IP addresses of your printers, which we will need shortly.

All wifi printers will print a network report or summary page. You may need to consult your printer’s manual for specific instructions.

Once you have the summary report, visit the settings page on your Chromebook. Search for “printer” as you did before.

There are a LOT of printers on this list. If you can’t find your exact model number, don’t panic! Just get as close as you can.

How To Enable Your Chromebook’s New Scan Feature

This step will give you access to your printer’s features (color, duplex printing, stapling, etc.). As long as your printer is in the same family as the one listed, you should be fine.

For example, I have a Brother MFC-L2715DW. This model is not listed, but MFC-L2700DW is, which is close enough!

Other problems or issues? Leave a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction! One of the questions we’ve received many times in the past is, “How do I print from a Chromebook?” Chromebooks are useful for student collaboration and portability, and printing is one of those tasks that all users will need at some point. As widely used as it is, printing should be a simple task… but when you’re coming from a different operating system, some features can be hard to find.

How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer

6. If you have connected a printer via USB, you should see it appear here. If not, we will have to add one through the network.

Checking Printer Ink Levels On Chromebook (usb Connection)

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How To Print From Chromebook To Epson Printer

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