Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router – LI-MPS-VN01 is a wireless WiFi network USB print server, a portable device that can be used to simultaneously share a printer among multiple wireless network users. The WiFi print server allows users to send print jobs to a remote printer anywhere at any time via a computer or smartphone. With the LI-MPS-VN01 Wireless Print Server, you can choose the most convenient place to store your printer, whether at home or in the office, and no longer get hung up on the length of the USB cable.

With the LI-MPS-VN01 WiFi Network USB Print Server, a dedicated computer is no longer needed, everyone on the network is always entitled to print to the shared printer, avoiding the additional cost of purchasing separate printers for each workstation or saving space, costs and energy.

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

The wireless USB print server with simple setup tools lets you quickly configure a new print server to be up and running in minutes. With Windows-based utility wizards and WiFi configuration wizard for quick and easy connection to your wireless network, you can easily use and configure your print server from any computer on the network.

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Equipped with 802.11b/g/n wireless standards for functionality with virtually any wireless network, the LI-MPS-VN01 wireless print server also offers a default RJ45 port for 10/100 Mbps wired connections.

3. Quick installation: No need to install drivers, with a simple configuration tool to configure the parameters, an ordinary USB LPR printer becomes a network printer in seconds.

4. Strong compatibility: Compatible with more than 99% brands of USB printers on the market, the standard USB 2.0 interface can be upgraded by software to be compatible with newly released printers.

5.Fast and easy printing: As long as the USB print server is connected to the Internet, other connected mobile phones or computers can print files directly.

How To Use A Router To Make A Printer A Wireless Printer

6. Easy to set up and use: Using a Windows-based utility wizard, it also features a WiFi configuration wizard to quickly and easily connect to your wireless network.

7. Works as a portable device: It can be used to share a single printer among multiple wireless network users at the same time.

9. Support customizing SD card storage function, maximum support 256GB. Authorization and backup apply to government or other law enforcement agencies for interrogation for printed documents.

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

14.WiFi features: Complete 802.11n solution for 2.4GHz band complies with IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. Baseband PHI and RF for IEEE802.11b/g/n in a single chip. Backward compatibility with 802.11b/g devices when operating in 802.11n mode

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Step 3: First, assign a fixed IP address to the USB print server through the “Print Server Configuration Tool” on the Windows computer.

Step 4: Add the print server’s IP address and USB port information to your target USB printer on the computer. Then you can discover a great printing experience through a print server.

Step 5: Download and install the “PrinterShare” or “PrintHand” app on your Android smartphone and follow the manual setting by the user, then you can send print jobs to your USB printer wirelessly in LAN.

We will contact you within 1 business day, pay attention to the email with “@”. We live in a modern world where all devices are connected wirelessly. Of course, this also means that wireless powered devices can be connected remotely. What about non-wireless devices? Can you control them wirelessly?

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Well, all these questions apply to printers. However, if you have a USB printer that does not support wireless connectivity, you may feel stuck. However, you can turn your USB printer into a WiFi printer. In this guide, we’ll look at different ways you can do just that!

Before you start, you need to have the right printer. It is best to have a computer connected to the Internet or a modem or router with a USB port. Finally, it’s best to have an ethernet cable available as well.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to make your USB printer a wireless printer is to use a small device known as a wireless print server. It is a small box that offers the ability to make your wired printer wireless. All you have to do is put the printer where everyone can access it and go from there. When you’re done, plug in your wireless print server and you’re ready!

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

Use the same wireless network for both to ensure that the wireless print server is working as intended. If both are connected to different wireless networks, the connection will not work. But what if you have multiple HP printers or printers from other brands? Will a single wireless print server work? Well, unfortunately, it won’t. Therefore, you need to make each printer a wireless print server and connect them with a USB cable.

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A USB-only printer has not been converted to a wireless printer. In theory, you should be able to use the printer from anywhere in the house. offers a good collection of wireless print servers, and you can choose one based on your budget to get started.

The current generation router comes with a USB port on the back. If your router also has a USB port, you can use it to your advantage. Check the back or side of your router to make sure it has a port. If you see a USB to USB cable to connect your USB printer to your modem/router, you can use it.

You can also choose a USB to Ethernet adapter if needed. This is only required for routers without a USB port. The USB to Ethernet adapter allows you to connect a printer to a router using an Ethernet port. These adapters are easy to find on online shopping platforms like eBay or Amazon. You can also check your local store.

The USB-to-USB cable or USB-Ethernet cable is short, so you need to place the printer close to the router. Also, make sure not to bend the cable when connecting the two devices. With both devices turned off, now connect the cable to their ports. In case of a USB to USB cable, you can connect the cable to the printer or router in any order. However, for USB to Ethernet, you must first plug the adapter into the router’s Ethernet port and then plug the other end into the router.

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Next, you need to plug the power cord into the printer and then turn on the printer. Now you need to wait for the router to identify the printer as a device. You should wait at least five to ten minutes for the process to complete.

Now you need to try to connect to the printer from the host. For this, you need to follow the steps given below.

If you are using a MAC, you need to go to System Preferences >> Printers & Scanners >>. Click the wireless printer icon on the left, and then click Add.

Connect Usb Printer To Wifi Router

If you are unable to connect your USB printers to Windows using the method above, you must use a host to connect the printer. This will allow your host to act as a wireless source for printer operation.

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To finally share the printer online, you need to try to reconnect to the printer using WiFi with the same WiFi network as the host. Go to “Start” >> “Settings” >> “Devices” >> “Printers and scanners” then “Add a printer or scanner”

All of these methods can be simple but effective ways to get your printer to print wirelessly. Whichever brand you use – be it HP printer or Brother printer, you can easily convert them to wireless printer using the above methods. If all else fails, you can also use the optional Bluetooth adapter. Most printers have built-in Bluetooth, or you can use an inexpensive Bluetooth adapter to connect the printer to a wireless router or host.

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Ways To Connect A Usb Printer To A Network

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