What's Better Nikon Or Canon

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When it comes to choosing between the Nikon D3500 and D5600, budding photographers have a tough choice as both are two of the best DSLR cameras. Its D3500 model 18-55mm zoom lens starts at under $500. The Nikon D3500 offers excellent image quality and a very user-friendly experience for beginners, including an on-screen guide to camera settings.

What's Better Nikon Or Canon

What's Better Nikon Or Canon

But for $200 more, the Nikon D5600 offers more features like a rotating touch LCD and an external microphone jack. It also has a much more advanced autofocus system if you plan to do a lot of action photography.

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Let’s see how the two cameras compare to see which is best for you and your budget.

The cameras have the same physical design as the traditional DSLR format. Right-hand grip provides a solid purchase even for one-handed operation. The D5600 is slightly heavier at 14.7 ounces, compared to 12.9 ounces for the D3500 – barely noticeable. The body of the D3500 is made of polycarbonate, while the D5600 has a carbon fiber composite body.

The most obvious difference is in the rear LCD. The D3500 offers a basic 3-inch screen with a modest 640 x 480 resolution; And when the camera is tilted up or down, it tilts to help capture photos in Live View mode. The D5600’s screen offers a luxurious upgrade to 3.2 inches with 720 x 480 resolution. Moreover, it is fully explained. The screen swings out to the left and rotates, giving you great flexibility in how you compose images. The screen folds into the camera housing to protect the screen from scratches and scuffs when not in use.

The D5600’s LCD is also a touchscreen, which is handy for reviewing and editing images. You can drag a finger on the frame priority bar in the interface to quickly scroll through images. Use pinch-zoom to zoom in and crop the image.

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With these DLSRs, you normally compose images using the viewfinder. The two cameras offer identically sized pentamirror optical viewfinders that provide coverage of 95% of the frame, with 0.85x magnification on the D3500 and 0.82x on the D5600.

Both cameras offer the same convenient control layout. Highlights include a video recording button behind the shutter button that can easily be rotated for live view tracking and a large “LV” grip to the right of the mode dial. To the right of each camera’s LCD, an “i” quick menu button provides access to all important settings, from image quality to ISO and more. Because of the smaller LCD, the D3500 makes room for buttons on the back of the camera, including room for one more button (which provides options for continuous shooting or a self-timer shutter mode).

The D3500 stands out for its Guided Mode for beginners, which takes you up to speed on setting up, shooting, playing back and retouching images. Activated by the function selector, the guide instructions – available in basic or advanced modes of operation – are simple and easy to follow. The wizard ranges from setting image quality to smoothing the background of a portrait.

What's Better Nikon Or Canon

The D3500 also offers a wide range of in-camera update options. These include fast auto resizing, resizing, de-lighting (to help bring out detail in shadows), red-eye correction, distortion control and vignette correction. Creative effects such as monochrome, image overlay, color expression, photo paint, selective color and subtle effects are also available.

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These effects can be applied after you take the photo and save it as a new copy. Or you can turn the mode dial to Effects and apply them instantly while running photos. Some of these effects can be applied during video recording.

The main components of the cameras are the same. Each has a 24.2 MP image sensor and Nikon’s EXPED 4 image processor. Although it is no longer the latest technology, it is still a powerful image combination. The cameras offer rich accurate colors and excellent dynamic range (from dark to very bright elements with accuracy).

Each camera’s sensor has an anti-aliasing filter used to blur fine details that can lead to distortion on low-resolution image sensors. By moving to 24MP, Nikon realized that the AA filter was unnecessary and the cameras achieved much sharper image quality without it. In fact, each camera is capable of capturing more detail than a budget lens, especially at the edges of the image.

The cameras perform well in low light. Images are sharp, with accurate colors and minimal pixel noise up to ISO 3200 – enough for an 8×10 inch print. Noise at ISO 6400 is barely noticeable at low exposures, says the Facebook post. The highest ISO settings are not worth using on either camera unless you have no other options to get the shot.

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An exception in low light is flash photography. The D5600’s built-in flash is rated to illuminate a subject up to 12 meters (39 feet) away, which is pretty far. The D3500’s flash is rated at 7 meters (22 feet).

Photo taken with Nikon D5600: f/3.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 25600, Credit: Theano Nikitas (Image credit: f/3.5, 1/60 sec, ISO 25600, Credit: Theano Nikitas)

The cameras differ in their autofocus systems. The D3500 only offers 11 autofocus points on the AF sensor, while the D5600 has 39. This won’t make much of a difference in most stills, such as portraits or landscapes. However, in difficult bright or fast subjects, the D3500 can slip. If you take a lot of action shots of sports or wildlife, you’ll notice an improvement with the D5600.

What's Better Nikon Or Canon

Speaking of action photography, each camera shoots JPEG images at up to 5 frames per second. It is standard for entry-level DSLRs. More expensive DSLRs like the Canon EOS Rebel T8i offer 7fps. Mirrorless cameras with fewer moving parts can deliver speeds around 10 fps.

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Video quality tracks photo quality for both cameras, with each capturing accurate colors and wide dynamic range. Resolution is limited to 1080p (at 60, 30 or Cinema 24fps) for both, which is good enough for most online postings.

Phase detection autofocus on the image sensor, but neither camera is ideal for maintaining focus in action settings. In fact, most smartphones today have better autofocus systems for video than either of these DSLRs. The setting options are also limited. For example, no camera will let you adjust aperture to control depth of field in video.

If you plan to shoot a lot, the D5600 is a stronger case because of its audio capabilities. For starters, it has built-in stereo microphones along with the mono microphone on the D3500. And since the D5600’s microphones are adjustable, you can set the camera to record at a good volume level. The D5600 also has a 3.5mm audio input, which allows you to connect an external microphone to record richer sound than any internal microphone can record.

The D5600 can also record time-lapse video, which the D3500 cannot. Neither camera records at a high frame rate for slow-motion playback. If high-quality video is a priority, however, neither of these cameras is preferable. Instead, consider the 4K-capable Canon EOS Rebel SL3, which sits between a DLSR or Sony a6000 or a6100 mirrorless cameras.

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Battery life has always been a strong point of DSLRs, and these two models certainly are. The Nikon D5600 is rated (based on CIPA standard tests) at 970 frames per second. charging. Even after a full day of shooting, you have plenty of power left. If that sounds like a lot, consider the D3500’s 1550-shot endurance. You can go several days without charging. This allows you to carry the D3500 in a backpack for several days without carrying a spare battery.

Both cameras are equipped with Bluetooth, which allows images to be transferred to Android and iOS devices using Nikon’s free SnapBridge application. This works well when using the option to upload 2MP image versions, which are common for social media posts (images upload in 10 seconds or less). However, if you’re trying to move images at full resolution, Bluetooth is painfully slow, taking up to a minute each. Fortunately, SnapBridge can run in the background.

The SnapBridge app allows your smartphone to act as a basic remote control for the D3500. You can start the shutter release, but you won’t get a preview of the image on the phone’s screen.

What's Better Nikon Or Canon

The D5600 also includes Wi-Fi, which allows for a slightly more capable remote control. You can preview an image, set the focus point and activate the shutter. But that’s about it: You can’t adjust settings like shutter speed, aperture or ISO. The D5600 also features NFC, which allows Android devices to pair wirelessly with a tap on the camera.

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