How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

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A Brother laser printer without paper jams A paper jam error can occur when using the wrong type of print paper. Other causes of paper jam errors in Brother printers include incorrect paper loading, damaged printer rollers and not using good quality ink cartridges. Brother printer paper jam error can be solved by trying to remove jammed paper from outside. You can also check if any jammed paper is still stuck inside the printer. After going through this article, you will know the causes of brother printer paper jam error. We have tried to list all the possible methods to fix this error which can be done without the help of our technical experts.

How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

A paper jam error on Brother printers can cause internal damage to the device when you try to print from jammed paper. Using low-quality print paper and misplacing the paper may have caused the error.

Advice! Keeps Jamming After Removing The Jam.

Knowing the wrong type of print paper: Your Brother printer is usually configured to use a certain type of print paper. When you load any other print paper into your Brother printer, the error may appear.

Using low quality print paper: Another reason for this error could be the use of low quality paper for the printer installed in the printer. It will also adversely affect the print quality of your document.

Improper installation of print paper: You may have folded the print paper in the input tray. This is why your brother printer keeps getting paper jam error.

Overloading the input tray with paper: Printer rollers lift the print paper from a certain height to print the document. It is possible that you have loaded the paper above that height. Therefore, overloading the input tray with paper can also be one of the causes of this error.

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Not using good quality ink cartridges: You might be using poor quality ink cartridges which is causing brother printer paper jam error. It can also reduce the print quality of the document. If you continue to use such low-quality ink cartridges, the printer may be damaged.

Printer rollers can be damaged: Printer rollers are a key part of the printing process. Damage to printer rolls can occur due to their prolonged use. This can cause printer wear and paper jams in Brother printers.

Now that you know the cause of this error, let’s talk about the methods to fix this error.

How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

Solutions for paper jam errors on Brother printers include paper jammed outside the printer, paper jammed in the toner cartridge, and making sure paper is installed correctly in the input tray.

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If you are looking for more specific solutions for this error, you can read about them below.

To clear the paper jam error, restart the printer. You need to turn off the printer and let it sit idle for a few minutes. Then turn on the printer and print a test job to check if the problem is resolved.

Once you have followed the steps outlined here, you can try printing a sample job to make sure everything is working properly and the error is fixed. If the error still occurs, you can try the solution given below.

Paper sometimes jams in the toner cartridge and drum unit. In this fix, we will show you how to remove a toner cartridge from jammed paper.

Ways To Clear A Paper Jam

When the device is off and not heating, you can access its top cover. Look carefully here to find pieces of jamming paper. Remove them carefully if found. Once the cover is removed, you can put it back on.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, your problem should be solved by now. You can also check it by taking a test print job.

It is possible that pieces of paper are jammed in the printer. To remove it, release the tabs on the left and right sides of the printer. Open the fuser cover. Next, remove the duplex tray from the Brother printer and make sure to remove all scraps of paper. Replace the duplex tray and other parts.

How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

Note: All parts must be placed on a clean and dry surface to be removed from the Brother printer. This is done to avoid further damage to these parts.

Free Image Of Printer Warning For A Paper Jam

If the problem still occurs, you can check the following solution to see if the paper is set correctly in the paper tray.

A paper jam error may occur in a Brother printer because the paper is incorrectly installed in the paper cassette. The paper loaded in the paper cassette must be of the same size and weight.

Note: When setting the paper according to the “Paper Length Guide”, the paper will not touch the rear edge of the paper tray.

If the print job is of good quality and exits automatically without jams or multiple feeds, the problem should be resolved.

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After going through the article, you will know the causes and methods of Brother Laser Printer paper jam error. Causes of this error include damaged paper rolls, use of low-quality ink cartridges, paper overload in the input tray, and connecting the Brother printer to a Wi-Fi network. You can easily eliminate this error by stacking the papers evenly and removing any jammed paper in the input tray. We hope that all the solutions we have provided here were able to remove this error from your device. Continue reading for more solutions and methods for brother printers. Printer paper jams are an occupational hazard of office work. One minute you’re feeling productive and accomplished as your finished product exits the machine, and the next you’re cursing your printer’s name as it squeezes out bits of printer paper or shuts down completely.

Sometimes a printer jam is inevitable, how you react to it determines how devastating the event really is. Constructive feedback will help ensure your day gets back on track as quickly as possible. While kicking the printer may be satisfying, it won’t make your situation any better. Instead, here is the correct way to fix a printer paper jam.

First order of business: Don’t let disappointment get the best of you. Dealing with paper jams can be a hassle, but it won’t do you (or your printer) any good to lose your cool and brute force by jerking at jammed printer paper. Instead, take a deep breath and try the following steps.

How To Clear Paper Jam In Printer

(Note: These steps apply most to HP printers, but should apply to most common printer models. Some newer printers provide diagnostic instructions and printer support, so be sure to follow those instructions if available. It’s also wise to consult your printer’s documentation, which Your own model should include instructions for handling paper jams.)

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Despite your best efforts, it’s possible that you go through all these steps to find that the printer still has a paper jam, or that the printer is giving you an error message even after you’ve removed the paper. In that case, it’s a good idea to contact your printer’s service center so they can help you determine the appropriate next steps.

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