Brother Laser Printer Cartridge Refill

Brother Laser Printer Cartridge Refill – I’ve been using laser printers for years and I’m always amazed at how much printing companies charge for new toner cartridges. Fortunately, there is a quick and inexpensive way to refill cartridges. I bought a new Brother HL-L2300D laser printer online for $80 (March 2019), but the replacement toner cartridge cost $50! I’ll show you how to refill your cartridge for about $5. This is the “starter cartridge” that comes with the printer. Cartridges must be filled at least twice before changing. With my old HP print cartridge, I had to refill it 6-10 times over 4-6 years before the light drum wore out and I couldn’t get a new cartridge.

Most laser printer cartridges have a large hollow space called a “hopper” that contains a fine powder called toner. The screen transfers the toner to other layers that eventually bind the toner to the printing paper. Printers have several methods of determining when the toner has run out. Some Plate printers send light through the cartridge to detect low toner and can be fooled by placing a piece of black tape over the “window” on the side of the cartridge. In my case the cartridge uses a different method which is very difficult and stopped printing when the toner was low. I was able to print it in a short period of time using the methods I described online.

Brother Laser Printer Cartridge Refill

Brother Laser Printer Cartridge Refill

Toner is sold in bottles so you can refill the cartridge yourself. Make sure you get the right toner for your printer. One way to change the toner on some Brother cartridges is to remove the gears from the head, remove the plug and replace everything and reset the gears so the printer thinks it’s a new cartridge. Sometimes you even buy new parts to use when refilling the cartridge in this way. But there is a simple and quick way to change the toner. Just drill a hole in the top of the hole, pour in new paint and paint the hole.

Brother Tn 241 Bk, Hl 3140, Hl 3170 Toner Powder Black

Using toner refill kits and replacement toner available online, you can refill the cartridge in seconds directly into the hopper without messing around and reassembling the gears. The tool is basically a melting iron that heats a circular tip that melts the surface of the bone. Why not just drill a hole? Because then the pieces of plastic can contaminate the rod and damage your cartridge. If possible, you can make a hole with a molten iron or a hot nail. Make sure that no melted plastic falls into the metal. I removed the plastic sheet from the tip of the hot tool with a toothpick. Make sure the hole is as far away from the side of the funnel as possible so you stand on the edge when filling. If you make a hole in the middle, you have to constantly shake the toner back and forth to fill the container evenly.

Even if the printer tells you that toner is out, there is still some in the hopper. Gently shake it into the hole you just made so that the new paint doesn’t mix with the old. This picture shows how much toner was left even though my printer told me to replace the cartridge. Use the flashlight to look inside. I bought a half gallon of toner for $30, which I believe has 6-8 full refills for my cartridge. That’s $5 or less to refill a cartridge compared to the $50 the printer manufacturer needed for a new cartridge. It is possible to find third-party cartridge manufacturers for a very low price, but it is more than filling it yourself. I was also able to fill my funnel to the top, which would not work with production cartridges.

If you have never worked with paint before, a few words of caution. Be sure to shake off the old toner and add it to the outside. Dye spreads easily on everything, so replace old clothes. When the paint is disposed of, it can often be blown off with air. Don’t wash with a really wet cloth because you don’t need water

Into the bone. When the toner comes out of the bottle, it can be a little unpredictable. Pour the toner in for a few seconds, then let the air out of the container. Don’t be tempted to squeeze the bottle like ketchup or it will explode everywhere. One idea is to make a small hole in the top of the container in the empty space to let air in (easy to do when the bottle is not full). This should allow for a smooth, continuous pour. Just put a piece of tape over the hole in the bottle when you’re done.

Refill And Reuse Empty Cartridges

At this step, I’ve stood the cassette firmly on its side with the hole facing up. This way I can fill the foot from the top. Using a flashlight, you can see the hopper filling up with toner and you can tap on the cartridge to keep the toner level. When the toner level reaches the hole, put it down carefully, put the tape over it, and write the date on the tape to know when it was last filled. Do not use masking tape as it will not seal the edge of the hole like duct tape. Use your finger to press the duct tape down around the hole to seal it properly.

After drawing a hole and cleaning the outside of the cartridge with a slightly damp cloth, you can put it back in the printer. However, sometimes you may need to trick the printer into thinking that a refilled cartridge is a new color. If you search the Internet for your printer or check reviews online, you can find out how. In my case, I had to turn off the printer and press the power button several times to get it working again. Good luck and we can all get stuck into the Big Toner for hospitality!

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