How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer

How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer – The purpose of this guide is to configure an Epson TM-U220b Impact Network Printer to work with the Bypass POS System. If you do not have this printer model or have a different Epson Impact printer, please contact the Clover Sport Support Team at (512) 291-6192 OPTION 1 .

The printed network configuration sheet should look like the image above. Look for the TCP/IP settings on this tab. Remember this information as we will configure our computer in the same network.

How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer

How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer

Using the example above, we configure our computer to match the network information above. Any IP address between and will work (except, as this is the IP address of the connected printer in our current example). The subnet mask must be The default gateway is not required if it is connected locally to the printer, but if you are connected on a network, you need to enter it as well ( in our current example).

Epson C31c514767 Epson, Tm U220b, Dot Matrix Receipt Printer, Ethernet (e04), Epson Dark Gray, Auto Cutter, Power Supply Included Replaces C31c514667

After changing your computer’s IP settings, check that you are directly connected via Ethernet to the printer and that the printer is turned on. We can now navigate to any web browser you prefer and in the URL bar, type the IP address of your printer and hit Enter. (In this case we have to write Example above:

After entering these credentials, you will be directed to the Epson Printer landing page. Note that if these credentials do not work, you will need to reset the printer to factory default settings manually.

Go to TCP/IP Connection in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen. Here we can enter the new IP settings that we want to configure on this printer as well. Be sure to enter the IP address, subnet mask, and Default Gateway information. *Always verify your details before pressing the “SUBMIT” button. *

The page will refresh after clicking SUBMIT, confirming the new configuration. Wait about 5-10 seconds and then click the RESET button. Turn your printer off and on again. To verify that you completed this process correctly, you can print the network configuration sheet again. In my case, the ethernet interface was packaged separately from the printer. Easy to install and hold in place with two screws. Make sure to line up the back of the black card with the black socket in the printer.

How Do I Factory Reset My Epson Tm M30 Printer?

A. PRINTER CONFIGURATION. Before continuing, install the Ethernet interface, and then remove the screw that secures a small cover on the bottom of the printer. Under the cover you will find something that looks like this:

Turn Sw2-4 from OFF to ON. All other switches remain OFF. Sw2-4 are the ones circled in RED.

B. CONFIRM PRINTER OPERATIONS. Load paper and an ink ribbon into the printer, Connect the power supply and turn it on by holding down the Page Feed button. Once printing starts, you can release the page feed button. The content of the printout is irrelevant to this activity.

How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer

C. CONFIRM ETHERNET COMMUNICATION IS WORKING. Take a small screwdriver or pen and for a slow count of three, press the button in the small hole in the plate of the ethernet port (also circled in red). The printer should print the following diagnostic page showing the current Ethernet port settings. Mine looked like this:

How To: Configure An Epson Tm M30 Thermal Printer

D. ETHERNET NETWORK CONFIGURATION. Assuming you have successfully printed the factory default settings, you are ready to complete the final steps:

7. CALL TNT. Disconnect the printer from the ethernet switch, install it in its final location, and then call TNT Help Desk to activate the printer on your system.

We found the TM-U220 with ethernet to run faster than the serial port version with less lag between the start of a print job and the start of printing. The TNT technician found it even easier to do his job. The Epson TM-U220 LANimpact kitchen printer connects directly to an Internet router with an Ethernet cable. Users can then print bar or kitchen tickets on the TM-U220 from an iOS device via a shared network connection.

The Epson TM-U220 printer is a dot impact printer. This printer uses replaceable ink ribbon cartridges and prints on standard 3-inch rolls of plain paper. Compared to the thermal receipt printer, the U220 is more powerful and takes longer to print. However, unlike a thermal printer, the U220’s paper and ink are highly resistant to grease and kitchen heat.

How To Print The Ip Address Of The Printer

Once the printer is connected to your router, follow the instructions below to print a status sheet showing the printer’s network settings. This is also a useful step to figure out if you ever need to check your printer’s network settings in the future.

NOTE: If the status sheet prints an IP address of, this means you have a default static printer (not DHCP enabled) that requires a different setup process. With a static default printer, you need to manually connect the printer to your network via DHCP configuration. See Connecting the printer to your network (older printer models only) below.

Have you assigned product categories to the kitchen or bar printer? To send order items to the kitchen or bar printer TM-U220, it is necessary to attach relevant product categories. See Mapping Categories to Printers for more information.

How To Reset Epson Tm U220 Printer

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