Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages – This software will update your drivers, thus protecting you from common computer errors and hardware malfunctions. Check all drivers now in 3 easy steps:

We often print a variety of documents, but some users report that their printer goes blank between each printed page.

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

This can be frustrating, and in today’s article, we’ll show you how to solve it. Check out the solutions below.

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If you use an inkjet printer, the problem may be with your cartridges. According to users, sometimes your cartridges can become clogged and this causes this problem.

To solve the problem, it is recommended to clean them with a soft cloth. After cleaning the cartridges, check if the problem still exists.

If the printer creates a blank page between each printed page, you can solve the problem by running a cleaning process.

It’s very easy to do. To do this, go to the printer control panel and press and hold the Go button for 3 seconds until all the lights on your printer light up.

P 4020 Mfp

After the traffic light turns on, release the Go button. Once the process is complete, check if the issue still exists.

It should be noted that this process is different for each printer, so you may need to do some research or refer to your manual to find out how to complete this procedure.

Printer problems can be caused by outdated drivers, and if the printer creates a blank page between each printed page, we recommend that you update the printer driver to the latest version.

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

To do this, visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your printer. As expected, you need to know the correct printer model and drivers to use.

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If this seems a bit overwhelming, there are many third-party tools that can help you. DriverFix, for example, is a reliable software tool worth noting.

In short, it will update all the drivers on your computer with just a few clicks.

DriverFix can actually protect your system from possible failure caused by installing the wrong driver version.

So immediately install it from the link below and check if the problem persists after updating the drivers.

How To Solve Epson Xp 410 Not Printing

If your printer produces a blank page between each printed page, the problem is probably with your drivers.

If your driver is corrupted, it can cause problems. To resolve the issue, users are advised to reinstall the printer driver.

Some computer problems are difficult to solve, especially if they involve damaged drives or missing Windows files. If you’re having trouble debugging, your system might be partially broken.

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

After uninstalling the printer driver, restart your computer. After the computer restarts, connect and turn on the printer. Windows will attempt to install a standard driver for your printer.

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If the default driver is installed, check if the problem still occurs. If the problem persists or the driver is not installed, continue to the next solution.

According to users, if the printer creates a blank page between each printed page, you may have a problem with the tray solenoid.

Sometimes these solenoids can get stuck and your printer will use more paper than it should.

To fix the problem, you need to open the printer, locate and clean these two solenoids. Alternatively, you can clean the duplexer solenoid.

Epson Xp 310 Manual Pdf Download

We must warn you that this is a complex procedure and if you are not very familiar with your printer and its components, we recommend that you consult a professional.

It is important to note that this process will void the warranty, so if the device is under warranty, it is better to send it to an official repair center.

Most printers support a separator function, and with this function you will print a blank page between the pages of the printer.

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

However, this feature can easily be turned off in the printer properties. To do this, follow the procedure described above.

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According to users, if the printer outputs a blank page between each printed page, there may be a problem with the printer function.

It seems that advanced printing features are interfering with your printer and causing this problem, but you can resolve them as described above.

Sometimes this problem can occur when printing documents from Google Chrome. If your printer runs a blank page between each printed page, this problem may be caused by the top/bottom printing feature.

To resolve the issue, disable this option when printing from Chrome. If the problem still occurs, your extensions may be causing the problem.

Fix: Printer Runs A Blank Page Between Every Printed Page

To fix this, disable all extensions and see if that fixes the problem. If the problem persists, try running the extensions one at a time until you reproduce the problem.

If this is the problem, can you reset Chrome to default settings and fix it?

Printing problems can be quite problematic and if your printer is producing a blank page between each printed page, the problem is with your drivers, so be sure to reinstall or update them.

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

Problems with your printer can be very frustrating at times. Speaking of printer issues, here are some common problems reported by users: Enjoy two-sided printing with this fast multifunction inkjet printer and automatic document feeder, perfect for busy homes and small offices.

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Mac OS X 10.6.8, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 (32/64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 (64 bit), Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 , Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 or later, Windows XP SP3 or later (32-bit), Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 SP2 or later

Epson Xp 400 Printer Printing Blank Pages

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1. Based on calculations, average cost per page and ink cartridges required to print one page with ecoTank ink “101” and “103”. Comparison of EcoTank Series 101 and 103 Series (ISO/IEC 24711 A4 Version) Average Volume and Actual Consumables (IDC, Hardcopy Peripherals Consumables Tracker, 2020 shipping, published Q1 2021). Sales of consumer inkjet printers with A4 cartridges in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Turkey (IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripheral Tracker, 2020 shipments, Q1 2021). The cost per page is calculated by dividing the revenue from sales of the respective bottles/cartridges by the gross profit from unit sales.

2. Based on a print volume of 100 A4 pages per month and the lowest resource from the included kit.

3. Observed life is extrapolated based on the original methodology for simulating printing test samples provided by ISO/IEC 24712 or 29103. The stated performance does not correspond to ISO/IEC 24711 or 29102. environmental conditions such as printing, the type of paper you use, the frequency printing and temperature. During the initial printer setup, a certain amount of ink is used to fill the print head, so the output of the initially assembled kit will be smaller.

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4. Smart panel and creative printing applications require a wireless connection. Email printing, cloud scanning, and remote print driver require an Internet connection. For more information, languages ​​and devices, visit

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