How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter – To enjoy your backyard pool as much as possible, it is important to regularly clean and maintain the filtration system. In this article, you will learn how to clean a pool filter and other important pool maintenance tips.

Whether it’s an in-ground or in-ground pool, your pool maintenance routine becomes easier when you know how to properly care for the type of filtration system you have.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

To keep your pool water looking fresh and clean, cleaning the pool filters before they become clogged or dirty is important. As your pool pump circulates water through the filtration system, dirt particles and debris are trapped in the filter.

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Microscopic pollutants such as algae, bacteria, body oil and sunscreen are also filtered out. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean the filter of all the accumulated debris to keep the water flow levels stable and prevent clogging.

Part of in-ground and above-ground pool maintenance is keeping the filter clean. This is a task made easier if you have pond plants and trees as part of your landscaping.

The best way to clean your pool filter depends on several factors: what type of filter you have, how often you use your pool, what your weather is like, and whether or not you have hard water.

Always be sure to read the cleaning instructions for your pool’s special filter before performing maintenance procedures to avoid accidental damage.

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There are three main styles of pool filters: cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth, or DE filters. Each type of filtration system has unique benefits and different maintenance protocols.

Read on to learn all about how to clean a pool filter cartridge, flush the sand or DE filter, and extend the life of your pool filter.

If you are trying to clean a green pond, cleaning the filter is an important part of the process.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters, such as the Hayward, are the most commonly used type of pool filter because they are efficient and easy to maintain. They are also environmentally friendly because they require less water use during the cleaning process.

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A cartridge filter works by pumping pool water through a cylindrical filter cartridge made of woven polyester fabric. The fabric traps particles in the water and captures smaller particles than other pool filters.

When it comes to how to clean the fabric of a pool filter cartridge, there are various methods. Choosing one depends on how dirty the filter is and what equipment you have.

Turn off the pool pump at the breaker, then bleed air from the system using the pump’s air relief valve, usually on top of the filter.

Remove the top of the filter. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you don’t accidentally damage the filter.

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After removing the pool filter cartridge, inspect it carefully for any signs of cracks, tears or other damage. If the filter is damaged, it must be replaced.

Also check the o-ring on the filter tank. Replace it if you see cracking, dry rot or rotting. Alternatively, apply a petroleum-based lubricant to prevent drying before your next cleaning.

Using the side of your garden hose sprayer works well to get between the folds of the filter cloth. Avoid using a pressure washer, as this can damage the cartridge.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

It is possible to use a dishwasher to clean your pool filter cartridge. Mix one cup of soap with five liters of water and soak the filter for three to ten hours.

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Use the spray attachment on your garden hose to rinse the cartridge until the water is clear before reassembling your pool filter.

If your pool filter is dirty, soak the cartridge in a cleaning solution of vinegar and water for a few hours. The acetic acid nature is excellent for removing algae in the pool as well as bacteria and breaking down calcium deposits.

Vinegar is safer and more environmentally friendly than muriatic acid, which causes chemical burns and lung damage if it comes into contact with your skin and eyes or if you inhale the fumes.

After washing, insert the filter cartridge into a large bucket and fill it with a cleaning solution of equal parts water and distilled white vinegar. Soak the filter for three to ten hours.

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About halfway through the soaking time, rotate the filter in the bucket to make sure all parts of the filter are exposed to the vinegar solution. After soaking, rinse the filter again before reinstalling.

Sunscreen and body oils are difficult to remove from your pool filter cartridge. However, using a stiff brush on the cartridge filter to remove dirt can damage the polyester or paper pleats.

To remove stubborn residue, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush designed specifically for cleaning cartridge filters to avoid accidentally damaging the cartridge.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

In a five liter bucket, mix the ingredients and soak your filter cartridge in the cleaning solution. Soak for three to ten hours. After soaking, rinse the cartridge before reassembling the filter system.

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Always check your filter’s repair manual and warranty information before using DIY cleaning products to make sure you don’t damage the product or void the warranty.

Sand filters are the cheapest pool filters. Pool water is pumped through a filter tank filled with silica sand, which traps dirt and debris before pumping clean water back into your pool.

Although they are economical, easy to maintain and long lasting, they are not effective in capturing the smallest particles in water.

The average sand filter has a micron filtration rating of 20-40 ppm, while cartridge filters typically have a micron filtration rating between 5-20 ppm.

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Always refer to your pool filter’s specific maintenance manual when cleaning it to avoid unintended damage.

To determine when to clean your sand filter, pay attention to the system pressure. Most filtration systems operate between 5-20 psi. Check the owner’s manual for any specific recommendations for your system.

Backwash the sand filter when the filter pressure gauge reads eight to ten psi above average. Turn off your pool pump, then move the filter valve to the “backwash” position.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

Turn the pump back on and run the system for at least two minutes or until the water in the filter glass runs clear. When backwashing, slowly add sand cleaner to the skimmer.

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After the initial recovery is complete, turn off the pump and switch the filter valve to the “rinse” setting.

Turn the pump back on and rinse the filter for at least one minute. Finally, turn off the pump and move the filter valve back to the ‘filter’ position, and turn the pump back on.

In general, the sand in your pool filter should be replaced every three to five years. However, the working life of the silica sand filter depends on how often you use the pool levels, oil and grease in the water, and if you have hard water.

If you notice that your filter is running slowly or inefficiently, or the backwash cycles are shorter than usual, your filter sand may be dirty and clogged.

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With the accumulation of a lot of oil and grease, the sand sticks together, and the water cannot pass as intended. Instead, it creates a channel along the collected sand and returns it to the pond without filtering.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE filters, are the best pool filters, although they are more expensive. A DE filter works the same as a sand filter.

Pond water is pumped through a fine white powder made from the fossils of single-celled aquatic plants called diatoms. DE powder filters the smallest particles in water, down to four microns.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

Also, DE filters are more energy efficient, using less power to pump the pool through the fine DE powder compared to other filters. Like a sand filter, DE filters are backwashed. However, other additional parts of the DE filter system also require cleaning.

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Clean your DE pool filter whenever the pressure gauge reads eight to ten psi above the average level. Always read your pool filter’s specific maintenance recommendations in the owner’s manual to prevent unexpected damage.

The first step in cleaning your DE filter is to do a backwash cycle to remove excess dirt. Turn off your pool pump, then switch the filter valve to the “backwash” setting.

Restart your pool pump and run the backwash cycle until the water coming out of the drain is clear. Turn the pump off again and return the filter valve to its normal position.

Open the air relief valve and remove the drain plug to clear the filter. Once removed, open the filter according to your owner’s manual and remove the manifold.

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Take the grates out and wash them with your garden hose. Also rinse the inside of the filter tank with a garden hose.

Replace the cover of the filter tank after lubricating the o-ring or protection and releasing excess air through the air relief valve. Turn on your pool pump and close the air relief valve as soon as the water starts to flow. The pool pump must be running before adding the DE powder.

Check your owner’s manual for the correct amount of DE powder to add.

How To Drain A Pool With A Cartridge Filter

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