Which Printer Is Better Hp Or Epson

Which Printer Is Better Hp Or Epson – We all know that now everything is online. Doing most things is quick and easy because it is available to you online. Banking, hotel bookings, shopping and all your accounts. It’s all a click of a button or a tap of a screen. The downside to this is that no one mails you anything anymore (or if they do they charge you extra!). All your statements are online and any tickets or gate passes you need are emailed to you. That means you need a printer now more than ever.

Of course, the local library always has one available, but try getting your library card at 4:30pm on a Sunday when your flight is two hours away and you realize you haven’t printed your boarding passes yet!

Which Printer Is Better Hp Or Epson

Which Printer Is Better Hp Or Epson

In the past there were two different approaches to printers. Either you bought an expensive printer and got cheap(ish) ink or you bought a cheap printer and paid through the nose for your ink. Recently however the paradigm of home printing has changed. ‘Eco’ publishers are furious. These are printers where you manually refill the ink from the bottle to reduce waste. Despite my skepticism about how much waste is saved (you throw away four plastic bottles every time you fill them up) the printers work as you would expect but the price is comparable to buying cartridges. Around £20 – £30 per refill. We have had an Epson for a long time that we got as a review and it did the job admirably. It was very expensive though.

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HP has a different idea. They think refilling your ink is for chumps and make a printer that uses regular cartridges but with the magic of the internet it means you’ll never run out of ink! It’s called Instant Ink. They sent us a new HP Instant Ink ready printer and an equivalent Epson Eco-Tank printer to test the idea. These are fairly cheap as printers go. The HP One is £60 and the Epson is £100. HP also put me through a load of tests to put the printers through their paces. It’s like a science experiment! When I put on my white lab coat (I always have one handed) I decided to test these printers.

HP suggested various tests but it was the first setup. I started with the Epson EcoTank. The box is well padded with sturdy foam. The instructions were easy to follow and it really wasn’t difficult to fill the ink tank. You take the ink bottle and tear it up, turn it over and squeeze it into the tank. Things were going well for the magenta and yellow inks. However, I realized that my hands were covered in cyan and black ink. It seemed like these bottles held a lot of ink which meant you only got to the bottom of the bottle when you were at the top of the tank. This means you end up with the ink in the tank touching the top of the bottle. The bottle runs down and over your hand as you complete your filling task. Gloves might be a good idea if you ever try it. It took me about 20 minutes from opening the box to completing the filling. This includes about 5 minutes of manual scrubbing time! Once you have done that you need to allow the ink to ‘charge’ which takes about 15 minutes.

The Epson is a great looking unit. They are all glossy black plastic. I really like that it has a transport lock that prevents the ink from leaking out of the tank during, you guessed it, transport. Next you need to put it on your network. I’m struggling here. The recommended method resulted in a 20-minute failure. I switched to WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), it’s available on most new routers and basically allows you to connect a device to your router with the push of a button. This worked immediately which was great as I wasn’t looking forward to repacking the item to send it back! After you connect to the network it immediately checks for any firmware updates and installs them. Finally you have the option to install additional software that allows you to scan. It’s worth it in my opinion, so I’ve included it too. The whole set up took me over an hour including messing up and cleaning by hand, which isn’t bad but you only have to do it once.

Next was HP. Also well packaged with good instructions. However with the HP you are asked to turn it on much earlier in the setup process than the Epson. This is because HP inkjet printers come with a small touch screen on the front. This provided little animations of your next steps which was helpful and a nice touch. As I mentioned above HP uses cartridges so there is no mess with ink pouring and no charging. In total it took me 16 minutes to set up the printer, including installing the software and connecting to the network. Once the printer is turned on and you put paper in it, it prints a test page for lines and symbols. This is then used to set the scanner configuration. a neat idea. I really like the fact that the paper is fed from the front of the printer below where the printed pages are delivered. So you can get the unit to the wall. There is also a second tray for 4 x 6″ photo paper so you don’t have to change the paper to print an image. It is useful.

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Going to the printing tests (if you can’t be bothered to read about the test details, then by all means jump to the conclusion where I will summarize everything, but if you want to know all the details, please. read it yourself. HP Instant Ink Printer printing is noticeably faster and it does it with a very high quality. The Epson recipe shows banded lines all over the image. There are no such lines in HP draft or regular quality. I am a skeptic so I wondered if the paper provided by HP was HP designed to work better with printers To test this idea I got our cheap paper and printed a test same for both printers.page.

The second quality test was a long eight-page document. This time it’s a very nice looking house brochure. Also printed in both draft and general plans. As before the HP was the fastest and printed at a much higher quality than the Epson. There’s no real comparison to be honest. The draft quality on the HP is better than the average quality on the Epson. Note that HP prints the last page of the document first. This means that when the document is finished printing it is in the correct order from the get go. Epson doesn’t do this which means you have to edit the document after it’s done. It’s not the biggest problem in the world but it means unnecessary work if you’re printing very large documents.

Our third test is a speed test and I get to see the photo print for the first time. The image in question was a collection of six smaller images. The printer quality should be at the highest setting. At Epson, printing an image on premium paper means manually changing the paper and adjusting the paper guides. On HP you only need to change the paper drawer in the underlying software. The app took 74 seconds to print the image. Which is not the end of the world in the picture of certain times. However, the finished article has some notable features. The highlights really shine, giving the images a beautiful look. The image of the child in the lower left looks like a demon. Not bad to send to proud grandparents! On the other hand, the HP took 47 seconds to print this image at the highest quality setting, which is noticeably faster. The real story is quality. This image on premium paper was excellent. It’s almost as good a picture as you’ll get from professional printers. Top notch. As before there is no comparison in terms of quality.

Which Printer Is Better Hp Or Epson

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