How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

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The cartridge refill system requires disposable ink cartridges to be removed and replaced when the ink runs out.

How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

Disassembling all parts may result in damage that will void a manufacturer’s warranty. For example, Montblanc offers a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects and an international warranty for purchases outside the United States. However, they do not cover damage from damage to your pen outside of the instructions given in the user manual. Pilot/Namiki also offers the same protection against defective parts or assemblies, but it does not cover “unreasonable abuse” by handling the pen in a manner not specified in the user manual.

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The outer chamber that covers or contains the ink reservoir; on some fountain pen models, the entire barrel is the ink reservoir

The container inside the fountain pen that contains the ink; come in many forms; some are built-in to the design of the pen

A disposable ink reservoir attached to the nib and grip; bottled ink can be replaced or refilled using a syringe

A refillable ink reservoir; a plastic bag located inside the barrel is attached to the nib and grip; Compressing and releasing the bladder creates low pressure to pull the bottled ink into the bladder

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A refillable ink reservoir located inside the barrel attached to the nib and grip; has a mechanism that uses low pressure to pull ink from a bottle into a reservoir

Interested in reading more about why these quality writing instruments are called fountain pens? Be sure to check out our article “Why is a Fountain Pen Called a Fountain Pen?”.

Regular cleaning of your fountain pen is essential for optimal performance and will make the process of refilling ink smooth. If you use the pen regularly, you should clean it about once a month.

How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

Any further disassembly may damage pen components or void your warranty. Your disassembled pen should be in only three (3) pieces: the cap, the nib and grip (attached to the ink reservoir), and the barrel. The only exception to this rule is if your fountain pen has a barrel refill system, where there is no ink reservoir attached to the nib and grip.

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On some fountain pen models, the nib will come off from the grip, but this is not necessary for a thorough cleaning. Separating the nib and grip can damage either part, and your warranty may not cover repairs.

Pressure sensitive tape is a tape that uses pressure to activate the adhesive. Scotch tape is a popular pressure-sensitive tape that is easy to use.

After the nib and grip are completely dry, remove the pressure-sensitive tape from the opening of the cartridge or converter before putting it back on the nib and grip. When you change your ink, install a new ink cartridge or fill your converter with bottled ink. Turn the barrel back and turn the nib section clockwise to close the pen.

“Flushing” is a cleaning process used if your fountain pen has a built-in ink refilling system or converter. As with cleaning, flush your fountain pen regularly when changing inks or you’ll notice your pen isn’t writing properly.

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Understanding refill systems and how they work can help you maintain your fountain pen so it lasts for years. The type of filling system you have affects how you refill your fountain pen and can influence which types and brands of fountain pens you buy. To determine what type of refill system you have, remove the cap and barrel from your fountain pen. The reservoir attached to the nib and grip indicates the type of filling system.

There are two main types of reservoirs that use cartridges or bottled ink. Cartridges are disposable units filled with ink. Converters, ink bladders, barrels, and built-in filling systems use a pressure mechanism or syringe to fill bottled ink.

Filling your fountain pen with ink depends on the type of filling system. Fountain pen “charging” is another term for filling your fountain pen with ink.

How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

A fountain pen ink cartridge has a cup-like rim. This inverted rim is the edge that connects the nib and grip. You will see a metal ball inside the cartridge, which moves when the cartridge is replaced and breaks the opening seal. This metal ball improves ink flow by ensuring that ink does not stick to the sides of the cartridge.

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Before inserting your ink cartridge, check the barrel of your pen for spacers. Some fountain pen models have a pre-loaded ink cartridge, with a spacer inside the barrel that fits between the cartridge and the barrel to keep the cartridge in place. Remove this spacer before replacing your empty cartridge by shaking the empty barrel to remove it. Your new ink cartridge can be clamped inside the barrel without removing the spacer.

Check your pen manufacturer’s website or consult the instructions that came with your fountain pen for information on what type of ink cartridge to use for your pen. Fountain pen inks come in three sizes:

Although ink cartridges are disposable, they can be refilled with bottled ink to save money and reduce waste.

The converter filling system is an ink reservoir, similar to a cartridge, that is attached to the nib and grip. A converter uses a plunger or other mechanism to produce low pressure to draw ink from a bottle into a reservoir.

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There are two types of converters: a piston converter and a squeeze converter. A piston converter turns to release air and fill the ink reservoir. The applied pressure of a squeeze converter expels air to fill the converter with ink.

The ink sac, also called the ink bladder, is a plastic sac attached to the nib located inside the barrel. Applying pressure removes air from the bag to fill it with ink.

Some ink barrel fountain pens have metal mechanisms to help fill the ink bladder that look like a flat metal bar, crescent-shaped metal bar, or lever. Vintage pens often have lever mechanisms, and these are rarer than metal bar or crescent ink bladder mechanisms. Applying pressure to these mechanisms expels air from the ink bladder and sucks ink into the bladder to fill it.

How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

A fountain pen with a barrel refill system is a pen whose entire barrel is filled with ink through an eyedropper or syringe. These pens are often called “eyedropper pens.” The oldest models of fountain pens have barrel filling systems.

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Fountain pens with a built-in filling system already have an ink reservoir attached to the nib. These permanent reservoirs are more convenient because they hold more ink than a cartridge or a converter. There are two types of built-in filling systems that use different mechanisms.

The built-in piston system is similar to the piston converter, except that the piston is already attached to the nib and grip. The built-in vacuum system uses a plunger to refill the ink in an up-and-down motion, and involves no twisting. Always flush the piston or vacuum system before refilling or changing inks.

When looking for the perfect fountain pen, filling technique often plays a factor in which pen you choose. Cartridge and ink bladder fountain pens are the simplest mechanisms, and because of their simplicity, they are very efficient. Having either a cartridge or a converter system is easier if you are looking for a quick filling process. Either a converter, barrel, or built-in system allows for a wide variety of inks; with a thorough cleaning and flushing, you can experiment with different colors and brands of ink.

If price is a factor in choosing a fountain pen, cartridge fountain pens are the cheapest on the market, and the overall cost is reduced by cartridge replacements if you refill the cartridges at home. contains bottled ink and a syringe. Fountain pens with barrels and built-in filling systems are more expensive, but they do not require replacement cartridges.

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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance fountain pen, cartridge and converter filling systems require less maintenance than barrel and built-in filling systems. Cartridge fountain pens also travel well, as they don’t require anything other than a replacement cartridge when the ink runs out.

As a recent fountain pen convert, I find the cartridge refill system works best for me. I write all day, so the ease of taking an empty carton and replacing it with a new one appeals to me. My very first fountain pen, the Pilot Metropolitan, had two cartridges and a squeeze converter filling system so I could change ink reservoirs. The filling system I use depends on my activity. I use the converter when writing at home and I use the cartridges when traveling. The cartridges are simple to change on-the-go and they are small enough to fit in my carry-on bag.

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How To Insert New Ink Cartridge

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