Reset Chip Canon Ink Cartridge

Reset Chip Canon Ink Cartridge – Canon inkjet printers have a special chip embedded in the ink cartridges. The function of the chip is to report low ink level or when the cartridge is out of ink. One downside to the technology is that most printers will not work even if one of the ink cartridges is out of ink. In such a case, you need to reset the Canon Ink Cartridge, which requires a chip resetter designed for the specific cartridge model. These chip resetters are available as a single product and are even included in refill kits.

First you need to remove the cartridge from the printer. Then insert the cartridge into the main channel of the resetter.

Reset Chip Canon Ink Cartridge

Reset Chip Canon Ink Cartridge

Now you need to verify that the chip in the ink cartridge should make contact with the contact plate of the resetter.

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Press the cartridge lightly for a few seconds. This causes the LED on the chip resetter to blink several times several times. This indicates that the cartridge has made contact with the chip. Keep the cartridge in the same place until the LED light starts to glow steadily.

Finally, remove the ink cartridge from the chip resetter. The same procedure must be repeated if you want to restore another ink cartridge online. After the procedure is complete, insert the cartridge into the printer.

You can successfully reset your Canon Pixma ink cartridge by following the steps above. This is a simple procedure and should be followed by everyone, because sometimes the printer gives an incorrect ink low warning even though there is enough ink left in the cartridge.

Lance Clemons is a blogger with 7 years of experience. It is linked to, Australia’s best online cartridge Store. Printers are notorious for their high operating costs. Often these come in the form of expensive ink cartridges that need to be replaced even if there is some ink in them. But some printers, including Canon Pixma G models, take this a step further with a maintenance cartridge. A new MC-G02 maintenance cartridge costs only $10, but that goes up if you need to replace your cartridge frequently. To eliminate this cost, Yancey Wang developed a hack that requires only the Arduino Uno and some wires.

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Canon printers use the MC-G02 maintenance cartridge to store waste ink after some operations such as cleaning the print head. The cartridge will be full soon and Canon expects you to purchase a new cartridge. If you do not do this, the printer will stop working. However, users can empty and reuse the maintenance cartridge, eliminating the need for new cartridges. The problem is that the cartridge has a built-in “counter” chip; this tells the printer that the cartridge is full – even if the user has emptied the cartridge.

This hack works by resetting the chip counter, which makes the printer believe the MC-G02 maintenance cartridge is new and ready to use. It does this by rewriting the chip with a “blank” ROM, which is the firmware on the maintenance cartridge when new. You can get this ROM by flashing a new chip or finding a chip online (although copyrighted). Yang’s Arduino sketch provides functions for unloading ROM and loading a new ROM. You can use both functions via the serial monitor. All you have to do is connect four wires to the chip and run it through a few resistors to the Arduino.

This hack allows you to clean your maintenance cartridges and reuse them as many times as you want.

Reset Chip Canon Ink Cartridge

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