Connect Zebra Printer To Network

Connect Zebra Printer To Network – Connecting to a Zebra printer these days has more options than serial or parallel cables

For years, the most popular way to connect a new Zebra printer to a computer was with an RS-232 serial or parallel cable. Then came the USB connection, which became the most popular option. However, a growing trend in the last few years is the use of Ethernet printers that allow all organizations to print to these IP address printers.

Connect Zebra Printer To Network

Connect Zebra Printer To Network

A big advantage of IP addressable printers is that they are no longer connected to a foreign PC. If that person shuts down the computer or crashes, anyone printing to the shared printer on the network will have to wait until the computer is up and running again.

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Most Zebra desktop and industrial printers come standard with serial, parallel and USB ports. Optional internal 10/100 Ethernet. If installed on some models, it replaces (and thus removes) any serial and/or parallel connections.

The easiest and cheapest way to convert a Zebra parallel port printer to an Ethernet printer is to add an external ZebraNet PrinterServer II module.

Simply connect the print server module to the parallel port and insert the Ethernet cable into the back of the module. Turn on the printer. If you have DHCP, the printer should get an IP address automatically.

To see if an IP address has been entered, press the test button on the print server module. You need a pen or something pointed to push the button up as it points down when connected to the printer. Make sure you have some wide labels (at least 50mm) and make sure the firing temperature is not 0 or very low or you won’t see anything printed.

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If your Zebra printer has a display, you can see the IP address and settings via the “Settings” menu on the screen. Just type “Setup” and scroll left in the menu until you get to IP settings. This is only possible if the print server is set to “IP Resolution” = Permanent. If it is set to “Dynamic”, it will get its IP address from the DHCPServer, you will not be able to set it through this menu on the printer.

Look at the IP address on the printed label, then go to your web browser and type IPaddress in the address bar. A printer menu should appear on the screen.

With the Zebra Wireless Print Server, you can connect your Zebra label printer to a wireless LAN, giving you the freedom to place the printer where you need it.

Connect Zebra Printer To Network

The ZebraNet Wireless Plus print server allows businesses to manage printers as needed over a secure wireless network. This is an optional PCMCIA board that complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standard and also supports the Cisco CB-21AG radio card for Zebra XiIIIPlus, 105SL (serial number 6457098 and higher) and S4M printers and PAX4 presses. The newly upgraded print server is designed for advanced security and encryption via Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) wireless protocol. The dual connection feature coexists (wired/wireless) so your operation can continue if one connection fails.

Zebra Mobile Printer

If you need help connecting a Zebra printer to an IBM mainframe (eg AS-400, System 34/36/38), please contact us.

You have just purchased a ZebraNet PrintServer II External Parallel Ethernet Adapter. How do you connect a Zebra printer to your local network and get it to print?

Download SolarWinds IPAddress Tracker – this program will tell you what devices are assigned to each IP address. If you have DHCP running, look for “Zebra” in the description.

Note that if you want to set the IP address from the main menu on Zebra printers (ZM400, ZM600, 105SL, Xi III/IV series) that have an LCD display and internal Ethernet, you must change the ‘IP Config’ setting from ‘All’ to ‘Permanent’ ‘. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to manually change the IP address. After changing the IP address to a free number in the LAN, check the subnet mask and enter it in ‘Gateway’. Make sure you save these settings as ‘Permanent’ if you want to keep them even after the printer is turned off.

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