How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last – The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is poised to offer users a better experience and better battery life, but maybe not as much as you think.

According to Samsung, the battery life will be better than that of the Galaxy Watch 3. It even goes so far as to call it “multi-day battery life.” But don’t let that confuse you. Consumers can’t expect the Galaxy Watch 4’s battery life to last more than half a week. Duration is commonly seen in watches from Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit and some other brands.

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

In fact, Galaxy Watch 4 owners can’t even expect the watch to last more than two days on a single charge. At least not when using the watch normally, without turning off some functions.

Galaxy Watch 4 Is Great And All, But Battery Life Has Been Disappointing

On average, the Galaxy Watch 4 will last about 40 hours before needing to be recharged. While it’s not exactly what you’d expect from a phrase like “multi-day battery life,” it’s not bad either.

Given that it’s still Wear OS, and every other Wear OS watch out there lasts a bit longer on a single charge. If that. So while 40 hours doesn’t seem like much, Samsung says battery life has improved. And there is.

In addition, this time the new watch also has fast charging options. So even if you have to spend more, you can do it in a pinch. Just 30 minutes provides 10 hours of battery life.

There is nothing worse with a smartwatch than forgetting to put it on the charger and it literally dying on you within a day.

Testing Apple Watch Series 4 Half Marathon Battery Life With Cellular Off: Over 50% After 2 Hours

This should not be a serious problem with the Galaxy Watch 4. This is because it has fast charging capabilities. Imagine forgetting to put it on the charger at the end of the second day. Then you wake up in the morning and even though I still have some battery life, it’s almost gone.

Simply turn on the charger and you can get a full battery in a very short time compared to before.

This makes the Galaxy Watch 4 more versatile and useful for users than other Wear OS smartwatches. So no, the Galaxy Watch 4 won’t last more than a few days with average use. But it has fast charging. And that needs to be replenished. Two weeks ago, I wrote about running a half-marathon with the Apple Watch Series 4 and optimizing battery life for long workouts. After nearly draining my Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods last year, I made a few changes that helped extend battery life this year.

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

However, Cellular was on in both previous races, which took a serious hit on battery life. I have a third half marathon this week to test my battery life with my cell off…

How To Extend Your Apple Watch Battery Life

The results? My Apple Watch Series 4 battery was at 95% before the race started at 6:49. I checked again after 13.1 miles and at 9:15 I saw 54% battery left. So that’s 5% between waking up and the start of the race, and then 41% during and after the race – not too bad!

(Regarding the race, my official target time is 2:12:27; down from about 2:27 last year on the same course and 2:18 two weeks ago on another course. A sub-two hour goal with practice is the goal.)

In theory, I could probably run twice as much (at the same pace) and maybe save a workout before the watch dies. I can practically enjoy a delicious brunch with family and friends without worrying about passing the hour until I get home. It’s better than worrying about a dead hour before the end of the race or charging before lunch.

I didn’t monitor my battery life at the half marathon two weeks ago – the main goal wasn’t to hit 10% jitter – but I think my post-race percentage is in the 30s. Turns off the cellular network during the race seems to save about 20%.

How To Extend The Apple Watch Battery Life

I also mentioned two weeks ago that a friend of mine was running with an old Apple Watch Series 3 that died shortly before his race – battery wear is a serious issue. He tested his battery life this weekend with his cell phone off during the race (except for the last mile) and finished with over 30%.

Outdoor exercise tracking when tracking your outdoor exercise with streaming audio, GPS and LTE. Remove LTE from the equation, and Apple promises either

Battery life in the same condition. (In total, Apple promises up to 18 hours of battery life under normal conditions with a combination of normal activities.)

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

If you often use Apple Watch for outdoor walks or long outdoor walks, you can manually turn on Power Saving Mode in Settings → General → Exercise. This automatically turns off the mobile phone as well as the built-in heart rate monitor during walking and running without affecting the GPS or Bluetooth heart rate monitor. If you use a third-party exercise app, you may need to manually control your phone.

Battery And Compatibility

Half marathons are also a great way to reach the 300% and 400% challenges in the Apple Activity app and Apple Watch (without compromising your exercise goals). I keep my Move goal at 500 calories to balance challenge and reach.

On the day of the race, there was no mobile on the Apple Watch, even though I turned it off during the run.

I never run on my iPhone again, thanks to the peace of mind of being connected to LTE, but I have to call before and after a run to check with family after they’ve shared the wrong start time. The watch is great for this scenario and I don’t have to strap my phone to my arm.

Push messages and location sharing are missing, but outside streets are still mapped thanks to GPS. My friend decided to turn his LTE back on in the last mile to let his family, who had been tracking his location with Find My Friend, that he was close to his destination.

Garmin Watch Battery Life Guide: Which Is The Best?

Switching the mobile network off and back on is also very easy; just swipe up from the watch face and tap the antenna icon to open the settings.

Again, I experienced the same difference between the distance shown on the watch and the distance marked by the competition. After I mentioned this two weeks ago, some readers suggested a longer distance in the class, probably because they were passing other runners and taking longer distances around the turns.

The difference between the watch and each track is consistent enough that I’m still curious enough to test the Apple Watch with a Garmin GPS watch. We’ll see how it goes in the next race.

How Long Does A Watch Battery Last

In two weeks, a second half-marathon (and maybe a third). From 2:27 to 2:18 to 2:13. Good morning! 🏃🏼 #running #running #halfmarathon #applewatch #nrc nikerunclub #nike A post shared by Zac Hall (@apollozac) on Dec 9, 2018 at 9:46am PST

How To Check Battery Life On The Apple Watch

So far, I’ve found the formula to finish long runs with decent battery life: Bluetooth heart rate monitor, locally synced music playlists, and cell phone turned off while running (but still accessible with some). Tap a).

I definitely prefer the Bose SoundSport Free headphones over the AirPods for the half-marathon, but only for long runs when volume and battery life are issues. I’m seeing more AirPods among half-marathon runners this year; last year I don’t remember if I even saw AirPods.

Battery life and cellular network life seem to be areas that will continue to improve with future versions of the Apple Watch. In the meantime, cellular is still a great feature for most other day runs. The LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 are great for tracking 5K and 10K outdoor runs while sharing your location and streaming Siri-controlled Apple Music—just plan ahead for longer distances.

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