What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon

What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon – With HD video recording, great image quality, and a solid selection of lenses, the Nikon D5100 and Canon T3i are at the top of many wish lists out there. For those already in the Canon or Nikon camp (full disclosure: I’m a Canon guy), the choice is clear if upgrading is their future, but for the less dogmatic and new to the DSLR crowd, it’s not as clear. Cut. $800 will buy you a camera pretty much everywhere.

Pixel peepers want to check out reliable and comprehensive reviews on DP Review (here and here) and other image-centric sites with systematic image quality checks, but I’d like to bring these two together. worthy head devices and look. Not just how they compare technically but in everyday use.

What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon

What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon

Therefore, no one judges. Nikon has the edge in autofocus and (presumably) ISO capability, and Canon has two more megapixels and a slightly better LCD. But they are so close that there is no way to know what to get.

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Either one of them has to be a better camera, or at least some types of shooters might prefer one or the other. I’m going to look at some of the main points of difference that you might not think about unless you have a camera in your hand. Note that these points are not necessarily new for these cameras! The main change in these two models is the addition of a practical LCD. Otherwise, they are similar to their predecessors. But since these are the latest models and it is possible that in the future DSLR buyers will lose sleep (because they are both excellent values), a direct comparison seems to be in order. this is

Both cameras were tested with their kit lenses and processed in Adobe Lightroom. And lenses are shaping up to be a good place to start as well, as many first-time DSLR buyers stick with kit lenses at least for the initial period.

Update: My mistake. I was under the impression that Canon upped the series lens to 18-135, but in fact the lens The package is also EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. I use the lens and I will edit the following review to the effect that Nikon actually has better lenses (the Nikon series lenses, while not as good, are better built and probably optically better) – so even I will mention the advantage where it comes from. Because of the lens, please ignore it. I also updated the summary. That being said, my advice to future DSLR owners is

. They are more fun to experiment with and cheap zooms are much easier to come by later if you want them to be.

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The T3i has an 18-135 F/3.5-5.6. D5100 has 18-55 F/3.5-5.6. Both have optical image stabilization, which helps with longer exposures (I wouldn’t trust it below 1/20th of a second) but doesn’t really help in bad light.

Canon lenses are a more practical option. While there is no great optical vibration and you can easily lose light when zooming in, Canon has two advantages over Nikon: first, the extra bit of high end is really useful if you have a lens. This is an ideal long exposure, suitable for capturing wild animals, birds, etc. in the medium range. The same thing at the end of the Nikon focal length is not very clear in most situations. Second, Canon lenses, while slightly larger, have all internal components – meaning no external movement other than switches and rings. On the other hand, the Nikon has a telescoping front element that moves in and out with focus and zoom, and the manual focus rotates around the entire barrel. It felt a little squishy, ​​like it couldn’t handle the good stuff on the door, and it stuck in front all day.

However, for what it’s worth, my brief tests show that the Nikon lens performs optically better. At 100%, the Canon shots appear very bright in bright light. Not something you’ll notice if you change the image a bit, but it’s worth mentioning.

What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon

One thing that both lenses would be nice to have is a maximum aperture indicator on the zoom dial, but it’s unusual and the information in the viewfinder is adequate.

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Both viewfinders are run-of-the-mill pentamirror, so there isn’t a huge advantage over one. But they are not the same. The rubber eye rest is small but comfortable for both. No one is going to press far enough for you to rub your nose on the screen.

Nikon’s viewfinder shows more images than Canon’s – that is, with the same focal length of the lens, Nikon shows more of what it can capture. It’s probably 3% more (in my estimation) but it’s noticeable if you look for it.

That said, I like the reading of the Canon viewfinder better; For me it is brighter and more readable. Autofocus is more visible in the Canon viewfinder, which is a matter of taste. Canon has a circle to indicate where the center-weighted exposure will limit itself, which is useful.

Canon’s LCD is the same size but has a slightly higher resolution (720×480 instead of 640×480), and has the advantage of the native 3:2. I know this makes the picture a little nicer in review, but both screens are better than the 480×320 screens we only have a few the previous year. Canon seems to me to be much sharper as well; I can almost read the title of a book ten feet from me on 18mm in Canon, but in Nikon I You can’t get it.

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Both screens tilt to the left and then rotate 270 degrees vertically. The performance of both is smooth and they booth strong as LCD articulating built in should be. Both lock securely with an LCD or plastic screen on the outside. However, Canon has a cutout “handle” on the right side, and Nikon has two small handles on the top and bottom. Canon’s are best for your thumb grip, and I find it easier with the two-finger grip for Canon. That’s a matter of another taste, but I like the finger grip.

In addition to the usual differences in Canon/Nikon placement, the latest Canons have more sculpting and are almost red on the body. The buttons of the D5100 are round, even in “depth.” Both have a mix of clickable and non-clickable buttons, and the general rule seems to be that any button that directly affects the image will not click.

Canon’s buttons are more consistent in feel, but they’re so subtle that some can be hard to distinguish in the dark or keep your eyes off the field of view. Its directional buttons are better, though: Nikon’s circular D-pad feels soft. I like the Nikon’s silver, very fixed shutter button, and that’s the button you’ll use the most.

What Camera Is Better Canon Or Nikon

As a Canon user, I’m used to the panning under my fingers, but whether you like it better under your thumb is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Canon’s mode dial is larger, which I find useful, although it stops at A-Dep (why not use manual?) and mode, and Nikon keeps scrolling. Knowing the position of the dial relative to the end can be a time saver.

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One thing the T3i has that the D5100 doesn’t have is a dedicated ISO control button. On the D5100, you have to go through the menu steps to choose a different ISO, while on the T3i it’s just a button press. This is strange to me because Nikon has much better ISO control and you’d think they’d want to bring that out. I’ll change the “Info” button for ISO in a second.

About the interface of the screen: Nikon’s graphic display and the main feature – statistics – the center is interesting and beautiful for those who are not familiar with SLR controls – but it seems to be a little flickering and the secondary information is not so much that can be clearly identified immediately.

The D5100 has a great little snappy lever that moves you in and out of LV. Canon has a dedicated button (circle). The D5100 enters LV faster, too – I’d say a quarter of a second, while the Canon takes half. It’s not very loud, but it’s really noticeable and can affect the use of that mode.

When in LV, both cameras are slow to auto focus. Nikon seems to have been faster, however, while Canon has taken some extra steps, making the click sound louder. Manual focus is still your best option, but they are getting better and Nikon is the clear winner here.

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The T3i is an ounce lighter than the Nikon, but it’s still bigger and more aggressive.

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