How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge

How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge – If you have an HP LaserJet 4250n printer or even a similar computer printer, you will eventually run out of ink. Printing from your computer is simple and easy until you run out of toner ink. Then it will be cheaper and cheaper 🙂

My article will teach you how to replace the laser ink toner cartridge in this Hewlett Packard printer.

How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge

How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge

Remove the ink toner cartridge from its packaging and shake it a few times from side to side. The ink in the cartridges is basically dry and in powder form. It’s not liquid. By moving it slightly, you will flatten and loosen the toner powder so that it enters the printer more easily.

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When you remove and shake your printer’s ink cartridge, you will notice that it usually has paper and a plastic cover on it. This seal keeps the ink stable and stored in the cartridge until it is ready for use. You must remove it before inserting the cartridge into the printer.

For this particular cartridge, you can start by removing the paper covering the front of the ink cartridge. This is usually a tab or marked area on the cover where you can drag it.

Be careful when doing this, especially if you’re wearing a light-colored shirt. The ink in it is generally a dry powder and spreads quickly in air. If it is difficult to remove the cover, if there is ink on the cover, you can take it yourself.

I’m sure there’s another official name for it, but we’ll call it ‘internal insulation’ simply because I’m too stupid to know the correct term 🙂

How To Clean Your Laser Printer And Toner Cartridges

Usually, large ink cartridges also have a plastic tube running through them. You will see a tab appear next to the ink cartridge. Hold the tab and carefully pull the tab out. Don’t pull the health tab or you risk damaging it. And you seem to back off a bit when you pull it out. If for some reason you’re outside or in a windy environment (like a kite) make sure the tab you’re deleting doesn’t drop. Of course, there may be dry ink on this “interior cover”. Removal is easy, but it’s just plain plastic, if it flies you literally have ink on your clothes.

The rest is much easier. Go ahead and open the slot where the old cartridge was. For the Hewlett Packard HP Laserjet 4250n, be sure to open the top slot and not the door under the top slot. It fools me every time. If you find an old toner cartridge (or a large amount of free space if the printer never had one in the first place), you’ve come to the right place.

Removing old ink is easy. Go ahead and grab it and pull it a little higher and out of your way. That shouldn’t mean there aren’t any problems.

How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge

Then, take the cartridge you just unpacked and insert it into the printer. Insert it the same way you removed the old one. It will fit nicely and quickly.

The Message

If you have applied the ink correctly, the opening/door will close quickly. If the printer does not close properly, you might not have removed the ink cartridge properly.

After you close the door, you hear the printer run on its own for a minute, then stop. You will be fine going here.

I hope this helped you replace the ink on your HP Laserjet 4250n printer! Thanks for stopping by.

If you want to save money on gas, you have to shop around. Prices vary by as much as 30 cents A Gallon I have used laser printers for decades now and am always amazed at how much printing companies charge for a new toner cartridge. Fortunately, there is a quick and inexpensive way to refill your cartridges. I purchased a new Brother HL-L2300D laser printer online for $80 (March 2019), but a replacement toner cartridge costs over $50! I’ll show you how to refill your cartridges for about $5. By the way, this is the ‘starter’ cartridge that comes with the printer. Cartridges must be refilled at least twice before being replaced. With my old HP printer cartridges, I had to refill them almost 6 to 10 times over 4-6 years before the optical drum finally got really tired and I couldn’t find a new replacement cartridge.

Man Replacing Toner Image & Photo (free Trial)

Most laser printers have a large chamber called a ‘hopper’ which is filled with a dry powder called toner. The cover transfers the toner to other components which eventually press the toner into the printer. Printers have a different way of detecting when the toner is out. Some Brother printers have a light coming out of the cartridge, and this can be circumvented by sticking black tape over the ‘window’ next to the cartridge. In my case, the cartridge used a complicated system and stopped printing when the toner was low. I was able to temporarily prevent it from printing using the methods suggested on the internet.

Toner is sold in bottles that you can refill the cartridge yourself. Make sure you get the right toner for your printer. One way to replace the toner in some Brother cartridges is to remove the end caps, unplug and replace everything, and reset the gears so the printer thinks it’s a new cartridge. Sometimes you have to buy new parts to use when refilling cartridges this way. However, there is an easy and quick way to replace the toner. You simply melt the hole at the top of the hopper, pour new toner and stick it over the hole.

Using the ‘Toner refill kit’ found online and replacement toner, you can refill cartridges in seconds straight into the hopper without disassembling and reinstalling any supplies. The device is basically a metal burner that heats the molten tip in the hopper. Why not just dig a hole? Because then pieces of plastic will damage the hopper and damage your cartridge. You can also use a hot iron or hot nail to drill holes if necessary. Make sure that no melted plastic falls into the hopper. I used scissors to remove the plastic disc from the tip of the light tool. Make sure the opening is on the side of the hopper as much as possible so you can stand on the edge as you fill it. If you make a hole in the middle, you will need to keep shaking the toner from the sides to get the hopper to fill properly.

How To Change Laser Printer Cartridge

Even though the printer says you are out of toner, some of it is still in the hopper. Gently push it out of the hole you made so the new material doesn’t mix with the old. This image shows how much toner is left even after my printer tells me to replace the cartridges. Look inside with a flashlight. I bought a half gallon bottle of toner for $30 which I think has 6-8 full contents for my cartridge. That’s about $5 or less to refill my cartridges vs. $50 that the printer manufacturer wants for a new cartridge. It’s possible to find third-party cartridge makers for less, but there’s more to it than doing it yourself. I can also fill my hopper completely to the top, which may not be possible with conventional cartridges.

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If you don’t use toner, a few words of warning. Be sure to throw away the old toner and put the new toner outside. Toner gets to everything easily, so change out of old clothes. When toner is spilled, you can usually inhale it. Don’t wipe with a towel because you don’t need water

To get into the hopper. When the toner comes out of the bottle it can be a little unpredictable. Pour in the toner for a few seconds, then let the air into the bag. Don’t try to shake the bottle like ketchup or it will all evaporate. One idea is to make a small hole in the empty space at the top of the container to let air in (easy to do if the bottle isn’t big enough). It should allow for smooth and continuous pouring. Place the tape over the hole in the bottle when you’re done.

For this step, I have paid for the cartridge

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