Brother Printer Scan To Email

Brother Printer Scan To Email – Refurbished products are only available at! Web Exclusives only available at! Connect.Print.Share Enjoy the convenience of using apps to print and scan from smartphones and tablets when you set up a compatible Brother device in your home office, workgroup or business.

When you select Scan to Network, you can scan documents directly to a shared folder on your local network or to a CIFS server located on the Internet. The details required to use Scan to Network can be entered using the web-based management to pre-configure and save the details in a Scan to Network profile.

Brother Printer Scan To Email

Brother Printer Scan To Email

2. Open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) and enter the IP address of the Brother machine as http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. (Where is your computer’s IP address. Example:

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Note: If you have configured a password on your device’s network card, you must first enter the network password in the input field at the top of the screen and enter it. By default there is no password for the network card of the Brother machine.

6. Under Create a user-defined file name, you can enter additional file names to use as prefixes for scanned documents in the blank fields.

Note: A maximum of 15 characters can be entered. Deleting a field that is in use will automatically change it to a node name.

– Profile Name: This is the description you will see on the Brother machine when you use the Scan to Network option.

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– Host Address: This is the domain name of the CIFS server you want to connect to. Enter an address of up to 60 characters for the machine. (Example:

– Store Directory: Enter the destination folder where your document will be stored on the CIFS server. (up to 60 characters).

Note: The store directory path does not need a backslash before the root folder. However, you must insert a backslash between each subsequent nested folder. (eg brotherabc).

Brother Printer Scan To Email

– Filename: This will allow you to add a prefix to your file to help identify the scanned document. You can choose from seven presets and two user-defined file names. The file name used for your document will be the file name you selected and the last 6 digits of your flatbed/ADF scanner counter and file extension. (Example: evaluation_098765.pdf). You can also manually enter a file name of up to 15 characters.

Network Scan To Email Documentation

– File type: You can choose the format to save your file. Options vary depending on the quality selected.

– Scan long paper: Enable this option if you are scanning a long document through the automatic document feeder.

– Remove background color: You can use this function to remove the background color of documents to make the scanned data more readable.

– Use PIN for authentication: If you want to save the profile, check this option and enter a 4-digit PIN in the PIN code field.

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– Username: Enter the username that is registered on the CIFS server for the machine. (up to 96 characters). If the username is part of a domain, please set the username in one of the following styles: user@domain OR domainuser

Note: Using the following characters: ?, /, , “, :, or * may cause delivery errors.

The date and time on the Brother machine must be set correctly for this feature to work. You can click Date and Time to configure this setting.

Brother Printer Scan To Email

12. You will be asked: Are you sure you want to test? Click on Yes. The machine will check the settings you entered. If you encounter an error, modify your settings based on the suggestions listed on the screen and try again.

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6. Swipe up or down, or press the up or down arrow key, to select one of the listed network profiles. If the profile is incomplete (for example, if the login account name and password are missing, or if the quality or file type is not specified), you will be prompted to enter any missing information.

7. Press START. LCD shows “Connecting”. When the connection to the network folder is successful, the device starts scanning the document. Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Reddit Share on Hacker News Share on Facebook Share to Mastodon

If your Gmail account is 2FA protected — and it absolutely should be — you’ll need to create an app password.

And then check the configuration on the next page. You should receive an email at the admin address you configured earlier.

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Brother Printer Scan To Email

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