How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

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This is a question we get asked a lot through our social media and email channels and usually, as a general rule, you can extend the life of your pool filter cartridge by giving it a good rinse once a month. Cartridge. Again, this is just an estimate as the actual cleaning interval depends on many factors that we are going to talk about today. Before that, Tom gives us an overview of the pool filter cartridges.

How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

If you’re not on schedule (don’t worry, sometimes you forget to clean your filters every month), there are a few signs that it’s time to clean your pool cartridge filters. Let’s look at these signs. .

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This is one of the best signs that your pool cartridge filter needs cleaning. I hope you have the best pressure for your filter written down somewhere. Check it and if the filter pressure is at least 8 PSI higher than the best pressure reading, it indicates that the filter cartridge is clogged and needs cleaning. The explanation for this is simple. When the filter is clean, water passes easily, but when it is clogged with dirt and debris, it is more difficult for water to pass through the filter and pressure increases.

After dealing with heavy algae blooms, filters should be thoroughly washed afterwards, whether they are sand, D.E., or cartridges. After the chemicals kill all the algae, there is one place they end up. Filter.

The filter was cleaned after a summer pool party. This is self explanatory. Lots of people in the pool means the filter needs to be longer to remove the dead skin cells, body oils and other debris that may have accumulated in the pool.

After a heavy rainstorm, or if an unusual amount of leaves have been washed into the pool, vacuum by hand and then clean the filter. Even if you think you may have gotten all the visible debris from the pool, clogging the filter cartridge is not the naked eye.

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Turn off the pump. If you are using an automated system, completely turn off the main power to the pool for safety reasons. Do not turn on the pump while inserting the color filter.

Bleed air from the color filter through the air valve at the top of the filter. After this, you can safely remove the collar that secures the cover. Remember to also drain the cartridge by removing the drain plug at the bottom of the cartridge.

Lift the filter cartridge and place it in the required cleaning area, preferably in a well-drained area away from the pool.

How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

Rinse the filter cartridge thoroughly with a garden hose and spray each pleat liberally to wash away all debris. Alternatively, you can use the TechnixX Water cleaning wand to clean the filter cartridge. Think of it as a toothbrush in a filter cartridge. Multiple pleats can be cleaned at the same time, greatly reducing the time and water spent cleaning filter cartridges.

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If you have stubborn bits that you just can’t get off your cartridge filter, it might be time to dip them in Zodiac Filter Cleaner. This filter is specially designed to dissolve and release stubborn debris from filter cartridges without damaging the element. Soak overnight, then repeat step 4.

Reinstall the cartridge filter into the housing, make sure all seals are in place, secure the collar, make sure the valve (and drain plug) is closed, and turn the pump back on.

Cleaning the pool filter cartridge is a task that should never be neglected. Not only does this keep your pool water clear all year round, it also extends the life of your filter cartridge. Cleaning your pool filter cartridge is easy with the right tools and chemicals. Do you have trouble cleaning? Maybe it’s time to replace the dye! Check out our Cartridge Filter Lifetime post to find out if it’s time to replace your filter cartridges.

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How Often Should I Clean My Pool Filter Cartridge?

$10 off your first order of $99 or more Hear about sales, exclusive offers and helpful DIY tips from our pool experts. There are several different types of cartridge filter cases. The photos used in this article are of basic capsule style housing. Some have a band clamp in the middle, some have a wing nut on top, and some have a series of small cartridges. The cartridge cleaning procedure itself is the same.

On a flat surface, rinse the dye with the appropriate hose nozzle from bottom to top as shown.

Use a high pressure washer as it can damage the filter element. Continue rinsing from bottom to top, rotating the dye until it is clean. that’s it. Put it back in the housing and turn on the pump.

How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

Tip: Always watch your pressure. If it goes higher every time you put a clean filter back in, it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced. There are several ways to extend the life of your cartridge.

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The filter is made of pleated material. Over time, pleat creases can accumulate residue that cannot be easily removed by rinsing. If you open the pleats and look inside, you may see some discoloration and residue. When this happens, you know you need to clean your filters more often.

This residue can be broken down by soaking the filter in trisodium phosphate, available at your local pool store. Full strength hydrochloric acid in the stain can work very well.

Note: Only do this if you want to replace the filter and let it filter for a few more days. This is not suitable for filters. Pour the acid directly onto the filter cartridge covering as much of the element as possible and allow the residue to erode for 3-4 minutes. The fumes can be overwhelming and can damage the filter, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan to replace it soon.

There is a good reason they are on the filter. Depending on a variety of things, you will see “normal” or clean pressure of about 12 psi with a clean or new filter. Again, this may vary from system to system. Of course, you need a new or clean filter to determine this. Once the pump is on and fully primed, check the pressure gauge. It should be between 10 and 15 psi. Let’s say 13psi. The rule of thumb is that a reading 10 psi higher than normal or a clean reading indicates that the cartridge needs to be cleaned. In this case, you should read about 23 psi (10 psi more than 13).

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Cartridges can be cleaned, but will eventually need to be replaced. In my experience, if even after cleaning with acid the filter does not flow and the pressure rises within 10 minutes, it is time to replace the filter.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. The Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for personal or professional advice regarding business, financial, legal or technical matters. The answer to the question about how often to clean your filters is simple. A pool filter needs to be cleaned

Example: If you bought a new filter cartridge and the psi was 10 when you first started the system, you should clean the filter when the pressure reaches 18 psi. You should also clean the pool filter when:

How Often To Change Pool Filter Cartridge

Most people replace their filter cartridges every 3-5 years, but don’t rely entirely on the past. Instead, evaluate the filter’s performance or contact your pool service company for an evaluation. Time frames may be longer or shorter depending on cartridge demand. Cartridges do not have an expiration date, so it is important to recognize the sign that they should be replaced.

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First, let’s look at the bond. These bands are not throwaway bands, unlike any you may have heard.

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